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  1. There is a "Recall" power that you can slot on your Harvest out-of-combat tray.
  2. Impact of racial choice on character building is one of my fav things about CF - thanks of the update!
  3. Thanks for the free shinies!💖
  4. So I don't think it's time quite yet to hype people that aren't already interested enough to jump in, wait until we get 5.110 on TEST at least.
  5. You've got my vote on this!
  6. Email support@crowfall.com with your issue - that's the best thing to do if you have technical issues that block you from playing. A few common things to try: 1. Run in Admin mode 2. If it's been awhile since you tested, delete all CF folders and redownload the latest launcher https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client 3. If not using Windows 10, run in Compatibility mode
  7. What is this "Proof of Fidelity" 👀
  8. The crafting could definitely use a more intuitive interface - at one point they showed a concept of a possible "project management" type UI that everyone loved but it hasn't made it into the game yet (probably due to engineering priorities). Hopefully we'll see something like this eventually!
  9. You won't be able to do everything in Crowfall solo - there is definitely fun content and things you can accomplish solo without committing to a hardcore guild. Example from another tester: And the video discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRh5Ya5QewM
  10. I agree - I think this would be more fun, I especially would like a Racial power slot like the Class ultimate. Prob not likely for balance reasons (forcing choice) 😞
  11. There is UI lag (looting, opening talent tree, etc), most likely not been optimized yet due to UI is still a work-in-progress. We saw some new concepts coming next build with how trays work, for example. Hopefully that will be improved in the polishing and optimizing that comes after 5.110 when UI becomes more finalized.
  12. What do you mean specifically here? It's not fair to compare CF to multiplayer arena games with matchmaking systems, but GW2 and ESO are reasonable standards to meet. Some specific examples of how you think the skill ceiling could be higher would help. If it's about hit boxes/raycasts and aiming, I think that is constrained somewhat by performance atm but could be improved in the future.
  13. Wondering about all the other powers (besides mount and recall that get their own slot now) we used to put on Harvest tray like Rez, Camo, Burrow, Foreman etc?
  14. My opinion is that CF is not a twitch-based combat with precise aiming like shooters (or Darkfall for mmos), it does have raycast or cone style aiming and blocking/dodging so that is a different feeling than tab target. GW2 is the closest thing to me, but CF has more of a group focus than GW2. This explains some of what is going on that you don't notice from videos if you aren't experienced with the CF group combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqkySy8FMu0
  15. I've heard kids make excellent dust farmers 😎
  16. Only way is through Trusted Trader program. From the FAQ:
  17. Fastest way to get technical help is to send an email to support@crowfall.com This forum is for players to share info. Edit: Suggestion that if you have an older installation, you delete all the CF files and re-download. There is a more recent version of the launcher that is not compatible with the old files.
  18. I assume similar badges will be available to earn or craft once the Beta Campaigns start. If it's really bothering people to have that slot empty, they could award a noob basic badge for some activity in God's Reach/Infected.
  19. miraluna


    They could do a cosmetic like the mugs we got from TEST server - a different mug (or whatever cosmetic item) each month. Doesn't impact pvp but is a fun way to customize your character look.
  20. miraluna


    The craft bag you get in ESO+ subscription is such a great convenience thing. It's a storage add-on that holds every type of stackable crafting resource in the game. You don't ever have to play that annoying slot management mini-game because everything fits. If you cancel your sub you can still take resources out but can't put more in.
  21. I've been playing MMOs for many years, and Crowfall is the first project I've followed and tested so early in development. It's been enlightening (to a player with no game dev experience) to see more of how the process really works from initial concept to implementation. I have more appreciation overall for any studio trying to make an MMO, and the "massive" challenges involved. I'm not sure ACE would want to do this crowdfunding thing ever again so thanks to the whole dev team for sharing their journey with us. Excited to start testing 5.110!
  22. It would be cool if there was some way to earn more export tokens from Campaign activities, hope we see something like that in the future.
  23. Does it affect bandages? I usually play Cleric so I don't even know this!
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