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  1. If you have to be at max crafting skill to be "useful", it doesn't matter if you gain the skill actively or passively - the only factor that counts is time to max skill. I don't think the problem is active vs passive, the problem is crafting not being "useful" enough at lower levels of skill training. Either not enough items to create at low skill that have value, or the power curve not flat enough. In EVE, as a new player you can manufacture something easy and useful like ammunition, but you aren't going to be crafting capital ships anytime soon. Passive training accomplishes other goals like equalizing some progression between hardcore and casual players (good for attracting a wider audience), and creating some role specialization (good for attracting dedicated crafters and building a diverse community of players). I do not want CF to be a game where everyone has a stable of easily-created crafting alts they only login when they need a new piece of gear. As a newer guild you want to be in legendary gear right now so you can compete against the veterans in the same testing environment. In a post-launch situation, newer guilds would be moving from GR > Factions > Dregs over time as they learned the game, and passive training, gear quality, and economic status would increase at each stage as well. W/HoA will be in the Dregs, and if new players jump in there at the start, they should get crushed.
  2. It's not irrelevant. IF the passive training to max blacksmith took 1 week to complete, would it still be an issue? The reason people want to "actively grind" the skill is not because grinding of worthless items is fun - it's because they want it to go faster, and braindead grinding is easier than putting effort into learning complex systems, building a crafting character, getting properly geared, and working up the supply and economic chain. All of those things I consider to be the more important parts of being a "great crafter". So the core of the active vs passive issue is how long should it take to max your skill tree?
  3. How much time do people expect it to take to be a great crafter?
  4. At level 5 in GR, everyone is Earth faction πŸ˜› Most of the F functions now are press (not hold), with Runegates being an exception. I assume this is to create a time delay for porting that can be interrupted by combat? If so, that is a good thing to have for Runegates in open pvp zones or FFA ruleset Campaigns.
  5. Try sending email with the problem to support@crowfall.com - they can figure out why the name doesn't show in your search.
  6. I think there are fun possibilities like this example the devs could do with the Infected persistent world. Making it focused on more fast-paced, short duration pvp objectives in an open-world setting (as an alternative to the Campaigns).
  7. Warhammer Online is the one I was thinking of as an example of this issue. The open world pvp was fun and it had a territory system with capture objectives, but it was way more efficient for XP/char progression to just grind instanced BGs - so that is what players did instead. Ultimately having BGs is not a solution to a poor end-game design in a sandbox style game. It works better in themeparks because it's an additional ride to keep players busy, and it doesn't compete with the main endgame (pve gear progression).
  8. No, most of the backers only login briefly to check out major patches or are waiting on beta/launch - the majority don't even care who is trying to win prealpha All of these issues of hardcore vs casual are 20 years old though and happen in all open-world pvp games. ACE obviously recognizes the potential problem (hi Uncle Bob from KS video!) and is at least being proactive about designing tools and rulesets they can use to help solve the problem.
  9. This would be a cool idea for a progression reward in the future. Something like you have to accumulate enough Campaign points or meet certain in-game goals and then you are able to make an Aracroix character.
  10. I don't like the idea of queued, instanced BGs for Crowfall because I've seen that kill open-world pvp in other MMOs. I do think the Infected world ruleset could be evolved to fit that role in the CF universe with some additional changes. Keep it open-world, and focus the siege play and map design around more fast-paced, short duration, accessible pvp. Anyone that played DAOC at launch might remember Thidranki zone. It was a persistent zone with a small map, and one center Keep - it was intended to be the tutorial for mid level players on siege mechanics. It was so fun though that many players (including myself) kept a character at that level range just to play it if there was no action in the frontiers.
  11. There was a screenshot of UI improvements that showed a typeable field for Vessel Name, so work-in-progress coming SOONβ„’?
  12. When you say solo, do you mean playing without a guild (entirely possible in the Faction ruleset), or do you mean 100% self sufficient? 100% self-sufficient will be difficult in CF, but if you are willing to at least trade with other players you can get gems and minerals that way.
  13. Usually running as Admin fixes that error so IDK, send email to support@crowfall.com so they can help troubleshoot the issue.
  14. FYI in case you didn't realize, you can sell most stuff you farm off Wartribe mobs to npc vendors for gold then use that to buy better gear from crafters.
  15. Not usually a schedule published in advance for Campaigns, seems to depend on patches and dev stuff that is very unpredictable atm. God's Reach is always available though for leveling or farming.
  16. Campaign and event rewards like badges and tankards have been added at the account level, so they go into the "Purchases" tab that you access from the Lobby. There is usually a time delay from the end of the event to when the rewards are distributed, and if there is a full data wipe your rewards will be reset and available again in "Purchases". I'm assuming it will be the same process for the Decapathon Skulls, and we will get them at a later point (and not need to export them immediately).
  17. The CF Community Discord has a #trade_bazaar channel, can try posting your wtb there also: https://discord.gg/ESr5KPj
  18. Yea, that's definitely an issue in GR and 3-Faction rulesets - it needs some improvements because you want to encourage people to group in an MMO, not discourage because of loot drama.
  19. This is where I think some improvements can be made in the progression process - making sure that even new crafters have something they can craft in their specialization that is needed in a mature economy. Maybe it's a component to trade/sell to veteran crafters, or a consumable that pvpers want, etc.
  20. Ever feel like someone is staring at you while you are trying to work? Playtesters be like...
  21. That is one of the goals, and I like that aspect 😁. Other goals for the passive training are role specialization (short-term) and permanent account progression (long-term). All of these are important for an mmorpg, and the community-building aspects of the game. In a themepark mmo, you won't be joining an end-game dungeon raid in your first week of play. MMO players expect long-term progression, I don't see why they would quit over it. The real issue is not passive training, but how long do players think it should take to max out a skill like Blacksmithing? A week? a month? 6 months? If you spend 6 months grinding out bad swords that no one wants and trashing them, that's not a better system than passive training for 6 months.
  22. Conq Blade combat specifically, it's fun but I don't think it would scale well to 100v100 (for both performance and playability). It works very well in it's 15v15 format, and the npc troop system it uses fits that siege gameplay very well. I don't think you can say what would be "best" combat in an MMO without some context of what the game design goals are focused on and the level of performance the engineers are able to provide. Also players have wildly different views on what is best for combat, every system seems to have it's fans and it's haters (ESO πŸ˜›) I do agree with some of the comments in the thread about CF combat - ranged should be tightened up more and require more skill, and melee might be too hard right now without more performance improvements.
  23. CB combat is fun, the major difference in that game is max player format of 15v15. Using the troop npc units makes it feel like a larger siege, but npcs are not the same as players. It's really hard to make that scale to hundreds of players fighting in an area.
  24. Hmm, technically cloth would be basic/intermediate and advanced armors are leather, mail, plate. So experimentation on it is most likely not intended - I haven't even tried to craft any for awhile so I don't remember. You can post it in bugs forum though for awareness: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/168-pre-alpha-5100-playtest-bug-reports/
  25. Yes. All of it is performance client/server related, so I assume they need to test different iterations and collect data to figure out what is going to work.
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