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  1. I'm going to try it out, don't mind buying a pack to help support FFA open world game development. I see there is an NA server now too
  2. Enjoyed seeing these highlights all edited and with narration - especially the close fights and fun physics. Looking forward to more game-related content from the Dregs in the future!
  3. In the Hungerdome 1.0 testing, I heard a rumor there was one secret invisible chest with the highest level weapon in it. I never found it but I knew someone that knew someone that did! I like the idea of some fun treasures to find in each new campaign world. Not anything super powerful to mess up balance, but more of a weapon with a unique look and name, etc. And a flashy special effect that makes you a big giant target when you equip it!
  4. After playing some of the Blade & Soul alpha, all I can say is thank the AllFather I don't have to see a bunch of furry-tailed lolis in lingerie armor in Crowfall. I suppose we could end up with hamsters in bikinis but that doesn't seem to be the art direction so far.
  5. Check out this cool social stream wall for all sources in one place: http://thedregs.net/social/
  6. So much fun seeing all the creative costumes! Congrats to all entrants for braving the social media maelstrom to spread the word of Crowfall
  7. AE blind + AE suppression sounds scary - can those be applied by multiple champions? Need some cleanse on support!
  8. Anyone that owns an epic beard should definitely be crafting a giant hammer!
  9. I did notice in Hungerdome 1.0 testing that you could see players moving in the open from far away, and you could hear battle sounds from far away, but nameplates didn't show until you were quite close (or in combat with?). Hopefully the map designers will give us alot of interesting terrain (hills, valleys, rocks, shrubs, trees, rivers) to use strategically in pvp situations.
  10. I was expecting Legionnaire to be least played, typical for a support class because more people like the DEEPS . I enjoy playing support though, and had a blast with it in the Hungerdome! The overall archetype concept of a centaur "melee jouster" with knockbacks, shouts, and auras to help the team was definitely working for my fav playstyle of action support. The rage mechanic on Legionnaire might be a factor in power usage numbers compared to knight as mana user. It was great seeing the progress on server performance over the course of the 1.0 testing, looking forward to testing the improvements in 1.1.
  11. Yay, Legio gameplay - good job! I really enjoyed playing this class in Hungerdome. I hope #2 power gets a rework
  12. Guinea pig cosplay is hardcore (RIP Lucky and his awesome armor): http://www.businessinsider.com/guinea-pig-armor-worth-over-24000-2013-6
  13. I have no crafty sewing or hot gluing skillz, but I hope someone creative picks Yaga - would be a perfect Halloween costume
  14. Haha, ArcheAge had the best beekeeping I've seen in a game! So sad for how the rest of that mess turned out. In Crowfall someone would just smash your beehive
  15. It was like watching all the blood and betrayal of Game of Thrones, except at a fountain
  16. I hope that most of the player's time will be spent in campaign worlds. However, I do think the EKs are a savvy part of the business plan for the ongoing health of the game. Since the CWs will be a set time (3 months for example) and destructible (voxels), the EKs provide some of the permanence and persistence we like in MMOs. They can be the forever social hubs that serve as guild halls, rp taverns, merchant malls, fight clubs, and personal monuments of glory . Selling parcels, buildings, and decor is a great source of revenue that doesn't mess up CW combat balance.
  17. UO/Siege Perilous we used a forum on BattleVortex for all the political smack talk It can work on a player-run site, we just don't have enough of a game yet.
  18. You killed my horsie! The pvp is fun, looking forward to seeing the game development in the coming months.
  19. Pure comedy when you are a giant horse whose rear can barely fit into a doorway, and you get flung like a doll off the keep wall xD ! I do love the direction ACE is going with the Legionnaire as "action" support. I played most of my test matches as Legio and felt it was challenging and so fun trying to improve my gameplay with it each testing period. Look forward to seeing how the archetype develops
  20. Not sure on the plans for consumables, but I have seen a "Hunger Resistance" stat listed on armor in the current pre-alpha testing.
  21. That was a crazy fountain brawl, I remember that fight - nice win Valor
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