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  1. Until the free closed beta phase arrives, you can check out CF streamers - there is no NDA for testers, so it will give you an idea of what the current gameplay is like.
  2. Excellent use of the role-play walk!
  3. Good point, the Terms and Conditions for NA are different and do not include that particular paragraph about multiple accounts in the same game world that I can see. https://crowfall.com/en-US/artcraft/terms-and-conditions/ ACE can certainly add policies for specific abuses of multiple accounts if it becomes disruptive to the game. As an example, Albion Online added a rule because players were parking alts at dungeon entrances to use as spies: "11.2 Multiple registrations, as well as setting up and operating multiple User Accounts at our Services are allowed. However, if the User is playing the Game with multiple Characters at the same time, all of the following rules must be followed: i) the Characters may not interact or cooperate with each other if they are located outside of a player city, guild home territory, personal island or guild island, ii) the Characters may not engage in combat together, iii) the Characters may not act as scouts for each other, iv) the Characters must have active Premium status." - from SBI ToS
  4. I do like the idea of having some additional (whatever) minor choices that don't require a passive slot.
  5. Here's an example of 2 account use I find totally acceptable: - Login acct 1 at temple - Login acct 2 at temple - Character 1 initiates trade with Character 2 - Switch to Character 2 and accept trade
  6. As a tester you can give feedback on a family SUV and how you think that would work for it's target audience, even though you'd really rather buy a high-performance sports car. Giving feedback on how to make the family SUV more like a sports car isn't really what the testing phase is about
  7. That's a negative viewpoint of potential faction players that I don't entirely agree with. A group of 5 that plays together regularly might be experienced veterans and good pvpers, but choose to play on factions because they only play a couple of nights a week, or they don't want to merge into a high-commitment, hardcore Dregs guild. I think CF can provide a good experience for that type of player too. It doesn't need to be a "grand strategy" that involves large team organization or complicated map planning, it's about giving players more fun choices of what pvp-focused activities they can do when they login.
  8. This video has an overview of all the classes and their promotions. Promotions really change how the class is played so that is important to note for your character building. In addition to Ranger and Assassin for stealth, Duelist might be of interest to you (depending on how you feel about playing a guinea pig 😄)
  9. That is a good point - there isn't much map strategy involved when the spreadsheet tells you where to go. Makes it harder for small groups to have any impact. Edit: IDK what the solution is for that, maybe some wildcard objectives or some activity to force a vulnerability window to open?
  10. Having a schedule system for objectives is good, and it does help with the nightcapping issues that is so frustrating in Survival games, or any territory control scenario like GW2 WvW. This issue though is really a hardcore players problem: I'm not sure that casual players have burnout, and for that segment of the playerbase it's more important to make sure there is fun content available when they can play. Once the Dregs is open for hardcore players (and 3-Faction has it's intended audience) ACE can tweak the schedule again if needed. It might turn out that nightly sieges are better in 3-faction but hard to tell with low testing pops. Either way, now ACE has a nice tool they can use to make the adjustments.
  11. This is funny to me also. If blue is what is needed on the power curve... why is it so horrible that players can import one set of blue gear? Won't that make it more fun and competitive for everyone? Disorganized groups or new players without knowledge will still be at a disadvantage. If imports limit how much you can bring in, and decay is high enough to require additional gear then players will farm in the CW. Or if the power curve is flattened even more, then the starting point can be lower. Or if there is more risk on equipped gear (full loot), that would change how players make that cost/benefit decision. Not all risk vs reward activity needs to be focused on individual gear power either, CF would be better imo if more risk was put on open-world activities like building up Forts/Keeps or capturing relics that could impact winning Campaigns. It's all complicated balance stuff, and trying to make it work perfectly in 5.100 isn't realistic.
  12. I think they should get the Dregs and other systems like embargo, refining, caravans into testing first - and then do the risk vs reward balance across the game as a whole. Waste of time to try to fine tune it right now.
  13. It would be really helpful if there was a transparent mode for map that you could open while moving. Edit: also a "pin" feature where you could mark a spot on the map and it would show on the compass
  14. You only need to stay in the first newbie area on "God's Reach" with the spiders for a short time - hit M to see the map, and head to the Runegate to get to the Temple. Start exploring the outside Temple area, there will be some Wartribes around (marked on the map) to kill for magic gear. As you level you can runegate to even higher areas. Eventually they'll add a better tutorial to guide new players, it is confusing when you are just starting.
  15. I really don't think this is intended, you can post it in the bugs section: and/or send email to support@crowfall.com for more clarification.
  16. Yes, it was mentioned on a livestream that the looting system is something they are working on (no details announced yet). Needs to be something that can work for safezones, factions and guild-based as well as for PvE and PvP. Open-world PvP looting works better with a FFA system, so they might have to split the design for best results.
  17. https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/accessories-how-to-win-the-malekai-crest/ For now you can only get them by participating in the pre-alpha Campaigns - sounds like there will be other ways to get similar stat items in the future.
  18. Run as administrator? This fixes alot of download/login issues. Also, did you set up 2-factor Authentification that requires a code? You can check your settings for this in Account Profile from the main website page (upper right corner) If you are still stuck, email support@crowfall.com - should be a fast response and they can do more troubleshooting.
  19. I really liked that in UO and SWG - when I asked a very long time ago for the Q&A the answer was "no". 😭
  20. What I said was if it used something from the CWs, I wouldn't see an issue with it - and that would be great if guilds worked together in a CW to get items to export to build up a community EK. I don't think it would be good for the game if every player maxed out an individual account EK for unlimited resource farming, and that is what min/max players would do Edit: 20 accounts, even more resources? Would get labeled as P2W most likely.
  21. I think they could, IF it was a crafted limited spawner that required something from a Campaign to keep the loop going. Having a private instance with unlimited resources isn't really within the community-based concept of Crowfall. GR (NPE) and beachhead (starter or fallback point) both have gameplay reasons to exist and the designers can always control the type and amount of resources available in each.
  22. Loot doobers from PvE, yes! This would solve the open inventory/close inventory annoyance going on right now.
  23. If you are still stuck, send email to support@crowfall.com so they can investigate.
  24. I think it's that Necromancy and Jewelcrafting are the "advanced" crafts, so the resources for both of those take a bit more game knowledge to access.
  25. If you are a new player right now there really isn't much else to go on! You can't even see population numbers or a guild list prior to choosing.
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