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  1. Can't seem to get to leave feed back section so posting here. Passives from Disc's: Preparation, supposed to recover 1 PIP and 1 every 30 seconds. It doesn't not, tested on assassin. Pound of Flesh: +15% dmg on health above 90%, testing on assassin, no noticeable difference when I back stab. Should work, mob is afterall fresh and above 90% health. Found Resources: 2 PIPs upon entering stealth. Tested on assassin, when I enter stealth I don't get any PIPs.
  2. Please help the healers, any healing circles the graphic should stay up for the duration of the effect. This will allow group members to know where to stand to receive some of the heals. thanks,
  3. I capped out at level 5 and found this gate thing Rune Gate to Earth Temple and nothing happens. What am I missing besides a very bad tutorial?
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