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  1. Welcome to the game! Passive Family Tree you are only about 3% behind in defense/offence, roughly. As mentioned finding a guild is key as this game most attractive feature so far is the Dregs PVP system, which means GvGvG. Guilds also very important in that most guilds like to be independent and have their own crafters, end game player crafted gear is the best but takes some time to ramp up to making the best, like think estimate is 3-4 months to get good gear going that beats WarTribe(NPC) drops and the charity loot boxes. That said, get in, play test several race/class combo's. Can't really mess up that bad because you can just make another and try something else. Goal for a lot of people has been to just find that right class or two we enjoy playing the most so we know what we want to invest materials into for making a stronger body and gear for. Ask questions, general tab chat is pretty player friendly unless it's during active siege time that people like to talk some smack. Finally, this is Alpha, so there will be a wipe for BETA that resets everything, fresh start but will introduce more players in waves. Then Live roll out will be last wipe. Fingers crossed only two more wipes to go!
  2. I would maybe be ok with BowSin concept, under one condition range capped to 40 meters, around that to keep it fair to all the other range classes.
  3. Thank you for all you did Pann. I wish the best for you and your family.
  4. OK maybe that's the issue im seeing lately. I'll pull a bunch of mobs, get the 5 PIPS hit redirect, and NOTHING. I run force mage, so maybe that is bugging redirect. Where it should be best barrier over writes inferior barrier. In all cases Redirect will always be superior barrier. Anyone submit bug/feedback on this?
  5. two things...... NO NO NO where close to rats, rats have tails, the Superior Race Guinicean's have no tails. If you inferior species small tiny feeble brains need to compare look closer to hamsters. Secondly, no to any you inferior races. Your tiny brains can not comprehend our superior technology of pistols and the magical powder we use. Be like trying to teach a toddler how to master fire magic. If anything the Guinicean if we deemed it worthy to lower ourselves to use frost magic, fire magic or primitive brute two handed clubs then I can see that, but we would do so merely to mock you all.
  6. She forgot to post, melee classes pointless....go ranged.
  7. Final path tree should change any and all abilities to a respective melee dmg type, majors included... That said I think knight swordsman promotion should feel like a specialist. They have great martial talents from their training, they should have reactionary skills to various situations that are not tied to a global cool down. They should have chance to parry, riptose. Similar to how shield bash works, not on global cool down. What if it was changed to "counter attack" your martial prowess grants you ability to see an opening by parrying, blocking and opponent and delivering a deadly blow. Bump up it's dmg by least 50% to 75% with no global cooldown? Maybe also something like swordsman promotion grants this, just spitballing but instead of 3 basic LMB a chance proc based off what is happening to swordsman..... Could even have it do different things, sword & board deliver stunning shield bash for 1 or 2 second. Dual wield is a riptose, adds a medium bleed or snare as you slash a leg. Then maybe the polearm option we might get adds a dizzy or blind some how. Side note I think like a lot of other posters LMB compared to over DPS classes a little weak, could def use a tweak in DMG output.
  8. Or give retaliate a X% removal of a CC or X #seconds. Something knocks you down, hard CC, or stuns, hard CC, basically anything that gives no toon control is hard CC. Snares/Slows are a soft. Say hard CC, say fire tornado, knocks you down for 3 seconds. Maybe build retaliate to a base of ignore 5 seconds of hard CC, and reduce soft CC by 50%. Then apply timer on how fast you can rebuild retaliate options. IMO retaliate needs to be a mechanic people think about when and how often to use it unlike current meta mash your retaliate button there really isn't much thought into it.
  9. LOL its not ego. Back to original topic game could use little more friendly fire. Siege weapons for sure should be dumb fire, hits anyone and everyone in radius. My guild does often prevail when out numbered. Not a matter of sucks at recruiting, logistics.....any guild can guild every tom hooligan and harry form the largest in numbers. Crowfall can claim first kind of game.... I can also write my own bible claiming im the messiah and I died and rose from the dead. Simple matter of fact CF has yet to demonstrate their PVP will be above all other PVP army/group PVP games before them. That said im stilling have fun. Also waiting on Dregs, to see those mechanics, hope it answers a lot of concerns for many of us that have come from many other PVP battle games.
  10. Why can't it be both? Why do we keep allowing game company after game company to be lazy and dictate biggest zerg wins? We also have every PVP game before this one showing massive battles fail utterly due to lag and eventually people stop playing cause of the lag.
  11. Yup, need or least I would like, this game take a step towards distinguishing itself from every PVP MMO before it by adding some friendly fire. Otherwise it's just a copy of DAOC, SWTOR, Warhammer Online, BDO, I think I missed several other games.....
  12. accidently hitting,... I get that, but implement it and people will make it work or work around it. Either thru com's or other communication it can be worked around. There will always be random asshats that try and spoil things with no "flag up to kill someone" mechanic.
  13. Many people been asking for it, many people want to break up current meta of pvp games that rely to heavily on boring zerg mechanics. ideas.... 1) all siege equipment should be dumb equipment. A ballista or what not should never distinguish between friend or foe and damage everyone equally. 2) all AOE abilities should effect everyone. This won't be a popular idea. To balance the care bear zerg guilds.... maybe add diminishing returns vs friendlies. So an AOE hits enemies full intended effect, but splash damage to friendlies is 25% or 50% damage. just a couple thoughts to help CF separate itself from every PVP game before it that turns into zerg v zerg game.
  14. So read thru posts after my post. My understanding.... 1) Can anyone craft a blue, epic or lego major disc? Is there a need for dedicated crafter ( someone that bought an extra account to focus on it...) What if any benefits is there for Runemaking passives trained up that apply to Major Discs crafting? 3) Re-read everything again. To make a blue major disc requires 3 blue souls 3 soul essence.....make a purple requires 6 blue souls 6 soul essence, Lego is 9 blue souls and 9 essence? Since it is said thralls only drop blue souls?
  15. Also will upgraded majors get a % benefit from being crafted? Currently crafting a blue major disc gets a +15% boost to bases stats. Will that be a thing? Will % be based on color, crafter skill? Or no benefit just forced PVE to collect appropriate souls? To make orange major disc or heck even a blue require multiple souls or will crafter skill come into play like other professions, they would just need appropriate soul (one) make blue, purple and orange?
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