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  1. LOL its not ego. Back to original topic game could use little more friendly fire. Siege weapons for sure should be dumb fire, hits anyone and everyone in radius. My guild does often prevail when out numbered. Not a matter of sucks at recruiting, logistics.....any guild can guild every tom hooligan and harry form the largest in numbers. Crowfall can claim first kind of game.... I can also write my own bible claiming im the messiah and I died and rose from the dead. Simple matter of fact CF has yet to demonstrate their PVP will be above all other PVP army/group PVP games before them. That said im stilling have fun. Also waiting on Dregs, to see those mechanics, hope it answers a lot of concerns for many of us that have come from many other PVP battle games.
  2. Why can't it be both? Why do we keep allowing game company after game company to be lazy and dictate biggest zerg wins? We also have every PVP game before this one showing massive battles fail utterly due to lag and eventually people stop playing cause of the lag.
  3. Yup, need or least I would like, this game take a step towards distinguishing itself from every PVP MMO before it by adding some friendly fire. Otherwise it's just a copy of DAOC, SWTOR, Warhammer Online, BDO, I think I missed several other games.....
  4. accidently hitting,... I get that, but implement it and people will make it work or work around it. Either thru com's or other communication it can be worked around. There will always be random asshats that try and spoil things with no "flag up to kill someone" mechanic.
  5. Many people been asking for it, many people want to break up current meta of pvp games that rely to heavily on boring zerg mechanics. ideas.... 1) all siege equipment should be dumb equipment. A ballista or what not should never distinguish between friend or foe and damage everyone equally. 2) all AOE abilities should effect everyone. This won't be a popular idea. To balance the care bear zerg guilds.... maybe add diminishing returns vs friendlies. So an AOE hits enemies full intended effect, but splash damage to friendlies is 25% or 50% damage. just a couple thoughts to help CF separate itself from every PVP game before it that turns into zerg v zerg game.
  6. So read thru posts after my post. My understanding.... 1) Can anyone craft a blue, epic or lego major disc? Is there a need for dedicated crafter ( someone that bought an extra account to focus on it...) What if any benefits is there for Runemaking passives trained up that apply to Major Discs crafting? 3) Re-read everything again. To make a blue major disc requires 3 blue souls 3 soul essence.....make a purple requires 6 blue souls 6 soul essence, Lego is 9 blue souls and 9 essence? Since it is said thralls only drop blue souls?
  7. Also will upgraded majors get a % benefit from being crafted? Currently crafting a blue major disc gets a +15% boost to bases stats. Will that be a thing? Will % be based on color, crafter skill? Or no benefit just forced PVE to collect appropriate souls? To make orange major disc or heck even a blue require multiple souls or will crafter skill come into play like other professions, they would just need appropriate soul (one) make blue, purple and orange?
  8. I'm just shocked Mandalore hasn't made a post on this thread about how much money he/she spent and would like all racials for what ever race picked. But excited to see this new patch in effect and restart theory crafting for some min/max stuff!
  9. there's lots of Thursdays in a month.....
  10. I skimmed thru most, but LEARNED THURSDAY! Everything changes THURSDAY! <shadowstep> from Pann's wrath. Side note and if it doesn't take away resources away from focusing on what the masses want, will they give developers a special skin, or Pann, and do they plan to run special events in future? Also please consider adding in Campaign relics for Factions or Guild's to fight over. Like maybe the Ancient Malekai Statue, adds something minor to Faction/Guild owning it in their claimed keep for a minor buff. For Malekai have to be something tricky, stealth bonus damage of 3% or something along those lines. More incentives to get out defend or assault over then just bragging rights in the end. Could also add to dynamics of XYZ guild to powerful so 2 or 3 guild alliance to take down the all powerful Antarctica Guild.... or what not.
  11. Will consumables become equipped far as loot rules once slotted onto the consume buttons. If not lootable, could counter with cap of 5 consumables tops per button. Forces people to restock in their city or not care if they in a PVE area cause we can just hit B for bank and grab some more. Turns consumables into our batman utility belt with limited uses. If no survival tray rez option....possible to reduce the cast time if players sacrifice a hot key slot for it? How will armor decay work with no survival tray? Is it programmed to only decay if game considers you truly in combat and actively fighting? random thoughts while im at work today....
  12. Hello all, In game friend recommended you all. Looking for home, I would like to main a Confessor-Inquisitor. I will build out another toon or two for PVP needs of the night. Far as PVP come from DAOC, ESO, BDO. Been in good and bad PVP, but mostly interested in quality over quantity. Hopefully Crowfall adds those mechanics.
  13. Coming soon.... I am going to run my own event. Geared more to new players to help them but will be open to all Guineceans. Level wont matter, gear wont matter, just a little fun side event. Just open to Guineceans and will take place in Joveth Earth Temple. Watch for future details. 1st place is 99,999 gold stack 2nd place 50,000 gold 3rd place 25,000 gold *I have no ties to ACE or any current guild affiliation*
  14. Please look into the Bard, as skills as a class..... as a note, Bard speed in combat, it says 10% speed, but its currently not noticeable. It might need to be buffed to feel effect of speed? maybe 15% in combat. Out of combat is fine for the speed boost it gives. 2nd point, for the future, a full bard class could be awesome addition. You have the ground work layed already thru major discs and minor passives. Im thinking EQ1 bard in base terms.... Just my 2 cents. Love idea of a hybrid class and then picking bard disciplines.
  15. Has anyone figured out how damage is calculated. So we can figure out certain min/max upgrades. I started to do some basic testing and I think it is: Weapon Equipped damage range: ex; 71 to 95 Attack Power ex; 910 and 10%=91 Damage Bonus ex; 20 Think it is weapon range, +10% of attack power, + damage bonus= weapon damage so say weapon damage lowest is 71, it will be 71+91+20=182 Then looking at skill, might say it does 60 to 90 + 75% weapon dmg. so it would be 60 to 90 + 75% of weapon dmg (136), so this basic attack would hit for 196 to 226, using the low end of weapon's base damage 71. That is before plus crushing, fire, piercing damage, and not counting for resists. Just a crude calculation, and still half asleep haven't had caffeine yet.
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