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  1. OK, so looking to play with friends, Angel and Captain recommended you all..... So here I am applying. If you will take me.
  2. *grabs his nacho cheese flavored popcorn and mountain dew to watch the show*
  3. Here is link to minor and major discs, might be slightly out of date Discipline option table - patch 23rd Oct 2020 - Google Drive Link to talent calculator Communauté de l'Arbre Clair (arbre-clair.fr) Self explanatory Crowfall Base Stats for Every Race / Class Combination – Studio Loot Not saying these end all be all or up to date with descriptions but good sources I found, and none of my creations.
  4. Your guild exploited? Some other guild exploited? Core mechanics is what we need to be testing not a he or she said someone did.... Though you are part of a zerg guild that benefits full wipe cause you have more players to harvest after a full wipe, no?
  5. Not sure what this Dergs thing is people keep talking about, but assume a juvenile spelling of Dregs.... They don't need full wipe, just wipe elements that are changing. Not that hard to wipe specific elements if your system is advanced enough.
  6. although druid to kill took an assassin and a duelist to kill naked stoneborn.... so +1 to druid over duelist that couldnt solo a mob in video clips!
  7. least druid kills in video..... duelist cant kill a basic mob in its video....
  8. Good idea. Also be nice to be able to explore the talent tree at creation. Lastly I would also suggest when looking at your created characters, their equipped gear shows as well as add final promotion class in the character title.
  9. least the animation shows Myrms killing unlike duelist..... yet over all nothing super impressive that makes me want to roll a Myrm. Didn't like class before and still nothing to make me feel need to roll one. I'll stick with champ, knight, dirge for melee over the *yawn* Myrm 6.2 update....Next 6.2 class please. 😛
  10. not yet..... i know im tabbing out from work hitting refresh button every 15 or 30 mins to see what pops up!
  11. Soft "cap" siege timers. By this I mean every fort and keep is vulnerable from let's say 4pm to 10pm MST, 5pm to 11pm CDT. The kicker would be if it's not the set siege timer for keep/fort then siege weapons only do a quarter damage of what they would do during the "hard" set timer. However need to possibly add in a system message that pings guild chat or something to that effect. You can say something like your guards send out a messenger pigeon warning their masters they are under attack. I also think they need to add trophies to least the big Keeps. Something like what DAOC did or ESO,
  12. Correct, stun on pepperbox was a bit much. They could have given it a slow effect or any number of things instead of stun. Curious what Zybak's thoughts are since he mained one for long time. After 6.2 launches though you will probably see a crap ton more assassins though with their abilities buffed up. People in every MMO i have played hate on stealth classes.
  13. Part of their damage or ways to do damage was the redirect, to lose 55% retribution is a big hit. For some unknown reason they also have a short range, for Slayer with talent points spent they go from aprox 15m to 24-25m range add another 5 from self buff they can get about 30m range. The armor pen icon you are seeing is something they already get. Far as the crit strike buff from Lean Buff oops Keen, I am already sitting at 29% crit chance, using plain white vessel, I am sure from a good blue or epic vessel I would be pushing another 100+ dex and that's probably another like 3-5% c
  14. might be Yoink, looks different then current +range icons currently though.
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