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  1. Thanks... I managed to find another thread with the same problem through google search, and it actually was legitimate. Was fun playing tonight, had some good laughs chasing all the other newbies around
  2. Email: Crowfall - Welcome to Pre-Alpha Testing! From: The Crowfall Team support@crowfall.com via mail52.suw13.rsgsv.net I ran it through Virus Total. - All except 1 says it's clean... The AV: Jiangmin says patcher I downloaded is: "backdoor.Generic.Aiba" Help is much appreciated. Edit: Furthermore, Windows Smartscreen warns me about running the Crowfallupdate.exe
  3. The Little mermaid, Copenhagen, got a visit because she backed Crowfall.
  4. I only see the pack pig in store right now... But I have a 2015 Nightmare mount in my shopping cart. I don't know if I should go ahead and buy it.
  5. Thanks for your reply. I really hope it will work like this, because I would like to wait to Feb. to purchase the mount.
  6. Will the 2015 Nightmare Horse mount be removed tomorrow? Or will it stay in the shop for those of us who are already signed up? If it does get removed, what will take it's place? A recolored (2016) version? I would really like to know this, because I'm thinking about buying me one. Oh, and happy new year to everyone at ArtCraft, and to all players and supporters! Stay safe tonight.
  7. I personally don't mind the progression system, I think it is pretty cool. But I agree with your second statement, I will find it hard to get attached to some kind of mist, soul, or smoke, that enters vessels. I like to be able to identify with my characters, imagining that it is me running around in this fantasy world slaying beasts, haha. But I don't know, guess I will have to just wait and see how it plays.
  8. Ahh ye, good points. I wouldn't have enough money for Amber anyway, I was thinking in the price range of 150-200 bucks, but that would of course take value away from high end backers, which is not what I wanted. I think I might just buy a mount skin to further support crowfall.
  9. Hey What are peoples opinion on Lifetime Subscriptions? I would actually like to see this, because for me personally there is nothing in the pledge packages that I really want, except the game itself, but I wouldn't mind supporting Crowfall even more, and a lifetime sub would be something that could potentially lure me to spend some extra coin. Interested in hearing what people think about the idea.
  10. Was on the forum a little bit before it got locked to 'backers only'... But now I'm here! I can only afford the tiny package, but I'm just happy that I could get a pack at all. (Very first time I've backed anything!) Good to be here, and looking forward to see what Crowfall will bring us.
  11. Telegraphs on the ground makes the game look like a disco when there's several combatants. They could make it so that if you mouse-over your ability, it will show you the telegraph of that spell, so that you can learn where it hits. But no telegraphs at all during combat.
  12. I too played Runescape in my younger years.. And I couldn't agree more OP, I've been looking for games with similar system, because everyone was different.. No one has the exact same stats. Remember all the highest ranked players? Maxers: Zezima KingDuffy Suomi Pvp'ers: 3 hit u Elvemage ...And there were many many more. Those people put effort in, and the hope that I would be like them one day, and have 100's of people follow me around like I was some kind of god would push me to play way more, and it was fun! I want people to be better than me, I want people to look up to... It inspires me to try and do what they did, and even if I never get as high level or skill as them, it would still push me to advance my character and I'd have fun doing it. Passive training is kinda bad in my honest opinion.. There is no incentives to go out and train a particular skill, just put that skill in your learning queue and log off.
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