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  1. Just quickly, in game where you use talent points for fighting, u have the major discipline section but it doesnt have a skill tree, is that just something in future that will display in game from where i just did what u told me in lobby? like is there any reason for me to save my talent points in game for crafting, or just spend it on fighting?
  2. Thank you so much, never knew about this section LOL
  3. Thanks so much for this, just to go a little further, im trying to train leatherworking and skinning i have leatherworker as my major discipline and am yet to have a 2nd. how does the game dictate what skills will passively train up, it is what major disciplines i have set? as my skinning does not seem to improve outside me using dex, and im unsure if my leatherworking is infact increasing passively either.
  4. Just a couple more things, 1.How do i improve my crafting/gathering ability outside of stacking say dexterity/int/strength. 2.is it true also my skills improve over time?? how does that work? 3. How do i learn to craft better items? is there patterns i can find or purchase? or is it skill based, as i improve skill i can just make them? 4. I am still in there pve zone, when i go to campaign mode are the resources more rare in comparison to the starting area?
  5. Thank you Arkade for the very detailed response, it has helped a lot. Miraluna thanks that also cleared some stuff for us, we might try a run without combat and go exploration/crafting. I guess now while in early access it’s the time to try these things and figure what we will do by launch.
  6. Hi guys, my partner and I have just purchased crowfall,it is downloading as I type this, I was hoping to get some tips. I have been reading through the forum and just want to double check a few things in case i am misunderstanding some of the posts I have read. 1. firstly we are interested in gathering and crafting and as far as I can tell it’s best to have a fighter character that gathers, is that correct? Is gathering in this game designed where anyone can do it and building a fighting character does not mean I’m sacrificing how good a gatherer I can be? 2. Also it looks like having a gatherer/crafter on the one character is not the best way to go? I’m assuming u need to be a fighter when gathering to defend yourself or deter attackers. Ideal setup for us being players who are not all that interested in pvp other than self defence would still be one character with fighting and gathering capabilities and another that is just a crafter who sits in the city and receives our materials to craft with? 3. I saw someone mention you can only level one profession at a time account wide? Is gathering considered a profession? Or only crafting options considered professions? I’m hoping we can gather on one character and still level the crafter when we send stuff over. 4. Group gathering, as a duo can we gather everything in that game? Although we might lo9 to join a guild is it possible to do it together by ourselves if we want to, and I mean like higher end stuff not early game play. 5. Do you factor good anti ganker characters into your gathering character selection when creating? Or do you purely go for stats. I assume at the end of the day if u want to be the best u can be then u go str/int/dex or whatever is best for u over a character that might be better at fleeing? But I still assume some characters might naturally have best of both worlds? Perhaps a run down if not too much hassle of good race/class combos for gathering would be appreciated and maybe why certain classes or races might fit well survivability wise. Apologies for that long winded poorly constructed question. 6. I see vessel being thrown around a lot, am I to understand u start as a blank slate character u pick a race but not a class, then u eventually pick a class which is your “vessel”? This is confusing to me, if someone could explain that to me like I’m a 3 year old, I would really appreciate it. 7. When you setup a store in the city, is this something where your character goes AFK and sells or a npc that does it for you and you just top it up with goods? 8. If there are any mature aged guilds recruiting we are a 31,36 year old couple who will likely be looking for a guild in the near future. 9. I think that covers it, I’ll add more if I think of anything, any handy additional tips you might have would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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