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  1. Knight ultimates place enemies on the floor above inside of the castle
  2. I understand that we are close to launch and the idea of a 2000 person general chat may seem like a problem but every mmo has a place for new players to ask questions. You've completely removed an element used to help new players. As toxic as general can be removing it is the wrong move imo. Edit: I'd also like to add that your actions in general chat are an essential part of the game of thrones, act a fool in general for the world to see and find out the penalties.
  3. There are successful solo and small man players in crowfall. What are you asking for exactly?
  4. If your a man of science then your vod is a theory, theory's must be proven. Please post crowfall pvp videos proving your theory and the trolls will stop I'm sure
  5. Solid points blazzen, keep defenses heavily favor defenders as is. Right now with the maeve statue, R10 confessor guards can just cleave down entire raids.
  6. For a small time investment it removes a ton of risk, I agree it should be removed.
  7. I think the biggest issues with forts right now is the lack of investment or strategy put into keeping forts for your team. Yes right now its who shows up with the biggest force in the last 10 minutes win, but instead of having shorter or multiple windows force players to commit to a resource. Force players to rank up a fort for any sort of return, like a level one fort will provide only white resources level 5 green etc. Remove dust/gold forts entirely and add them to the loot table in very small amounts. And as far as attackers go, force the attackers to derank your fort prior to takin
  8. With how often a spec can change paying real money for respec tokens is a hilariously bad idea
  9. I like tying outposts to fort production, outside of the guards de mounting your adversaries the outposts feel pretty worthless. Random timers on forts sounds like a recipe for more circle standing over the pvp
  10. I dive for kills on my confessor
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