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  1. I purchased the layway gold package a long time ago, more that a year or so. I now come back to my account because I want to pay the rest of it and I can't find that option anymore. I can see my older transactions (some payments I already made on the package) but no option to complete my layway. Is it that I just can't find it, or was it moved to some other place in the website? Thanks in advance.
  2. Come to KDS! Been with them since 2009, couldn't ask for a better gaming community
  3. Wondering though, how will they approach marking stuff on the map - will I be able to mark stuff for people in my party / guild / alliance? Hopefully yes.
  4. From what I read so far, VIP status only gives 2 more skills to be passively leveled up. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. "Players will often need to fight NPC monsters near resource nodes, gain access to points of interest, scavenge for food and equipment, and often to simply survive." I wonder what they meant by that - either offering equipment drops from mobs or it just sounded like a good addition to the text when they wrote it.
  6. From my own experience, trying to fill it up with NPC's just wont work good enough. They will either be a minor inconvenience or even a non-factor in sieges. Will they be spawned according to how many attackers? how will it know how many attackers are there? if so, how strong will the NPC's be? It might be off-putting for some players, but placing a set hour for sieges by the attackers (like dropping siege stones in DF) will be the fairest choice for everyone.
  7. Well, animation will be fine actually, but anything beyond it will be pretty pointless. It's a sandbox full-loot MMO, messages and timer would be beyond the point of the game, sounds are ok if it's implemented right.
  8. I also think sieges should go as naturally as possible, without putting it into phases etc. But with that, I don't think sieges should be available to commence 24/7. People need to know they're being sieges at a certain time, be given some kind of a warning prior to the siege, as Darkfall acts for example, so they could prepare for it. If not, then some groups will siege the enemy's castle at off-hours (mornings / late-nights) when there won't be any defenders online, thus earning the zone for themselves without any resistance. That would be a stupid siege mechanic for sure.
  9. I disagree about the need to make looting special with sounds / timer / messages. It is what it is, it worked great in other full-loot MMO's. Darkfall's style I think suits it best - you loot whatever you want (via drag n drop / double click), no questions asked, scavengers (battle-looters) will do whatever they want, just kill them or punish them in some way if you don't like it. Be creative.
  10. Hey, My point was more about physics-wise than character type-wise. I remember a while ago they had a newsletter concerning how physics will work in the game, so that's why I asked. When you think about it, spells will probably work very differently from arrows, physically (anyway, if that's something they wish to do).
  11. Looks great! I'm not sure if the screenshot sums up what archetypes will be in the pre-alpha, but I'll say it anyway. I think you should at least add another archetype into the mix, one that focus more on the ranged part (Ranger / Stalker), so you'll get more data on that aspect as well. You have Knight (Melee), Confessor (Spellcaster) and Centaur (Support / just for the fun of it?).
  12. I understand what you're saying Hammer, and It's a decent suggestion I guess, could help in making calls in combat. BUT - I'm not sure it's implementable with the system they're going for. Not sure you can really "highlight" any targets. Of course none of explored the game yet, so I might be wrong. Just saying it might be an option which is simply not viable within the gameplay ACE wishes to achieve.
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