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  1. Do me a favor tonight...when you see me, kill Pixie instead. Thanks. See you tonight.
  2. Were you able to play on Friday? I heard the net code was much better, but I was unfortunately working and will be on Sunday, too.
  3. It was rough, but fun. Team work is definitely more necessary now than it has ever been. I love that aspect but I fear how these matches will go for the solo players.
  4. Hey gents! How are you enjoying Black Desert? Or are you still enjoying it? Look forward to seeing you all in Siege Perilous soon...and then Throne War
  5. Happy to have you with LW. Looking forward to coordinating some tests together soon.
  6. Welcome to all of those members who were unable to post here. I look forward to meeting you in the guild site and in-game.
  7. Duuuude. I just started playing again too. US PVE? I would play on the PvP server, but apparently it has been deserted. I really love the "feel" of that game. If only it had action combat like DCUO. Is Crowfall out yet?
  8. I do not have the technical background necessary to asses the planning of the site, but I certainly look forward to the features. Happy to be a part of such an organized guild
  9. This isn't a bad option. We do also have Blade & Soul, which has been announced and will be come to the US in the winter. It has similar fighting to Tera, so there may be some similarities to crowfall.
  10. As a trained actor who mostly portrayed Shakespearean character, I have a deep appreciation for those who can make a cerebral movie engaging. Ex Machina does just that. I highly recommend it. Edit: Spelling...cause phone and fat thumbs
  11. 'ello Ladies and Gents, I submitted an application to the guild and my fiance's will be incoming shortly. I really appreciate your outlook on the community. One of the things that I miss most from CIty of Heroes was the community. For the most part, everyone was there to lend a hand. Yes, we boasted. But we were there to help as well. I look forward to speaking with all of you soon.
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