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  1. I am a little excited about the druid. It will be nice to play as the gender I prefer. That said, I will be more excited and return to the game when testing is less...Boring. I get it. It's Pre-Alpha. But I have to ask...Shouldn't we be in Alpha yet? What denotes the shift to Alpha? I am certainly not a game Dev, but this certainly feels slow. Like very slow. Still excited about the game. I just hope I get to play a Beta before 2018.
  2. While I can't speak for other streamers, I am happy to speak for Pixie. This will make her so damn happy. The major reason the two of us have not been online as often as we would like is because our schedules seem to always conflict with the testing time. Looking forward to when this goes live. I think we will see quite a few more streamers return to testing.
  3. @Keaggan It's great that you are setting this up. I will talk to Pixie a bit more to see if we can join in on the fun. We should be able to do Friday/Saturday as she will be streaming both days.
  4. If only you could have heard my reaction and our laughing as Sugoi fell from the sky like death was raining upon us. Nice match last night. See you in the next one...hopefully before it is too late.
  5. Just re-watched that portion of the stream. The gents state that the V-Sync was turned on to combat some odd coding errors that occurred when they allowed the option to be a checkbox. They said that they could certainly turn it off, but right now it is about making the best game possible as soon as possible. I don't think we need to put our console tinfoil hats on yet. And I also took the 30fps comments as, "Look how great our minimum FPS is with a mid-tier GPU. They even stated that internally they used the Intel Integrated GPU and received 25fps. Nothing to be concerned about just yet.
  6. @Tinnis Thank you for constantly creating these types of resources. It's a tremendous help
  7. Do me a favor tonight...when you see me, kill Pixie instead. Thanks. See you tonight.
  8. If this happens there will be blood. I still have not forgiven NCsoft for City of Heroes. I may never
  9. This ruined DCUO's combat. Ruined. RUINED. Please don't let this be a thing, Blix
  10. Love the new icons. Very intuitive. Thinking from the perspective of someone who joins all of us at launch and never touched an alpha or beta, it should allow them to gain a better understanding of the character quickly. @Tinnis My understanding is that version 2 exists in order to later allow us to move our skills around. I am not particularly fond of it. Perhaps we could find something in the middle. The less something takes over my screen, the better.
  11. Very excited to test her out. Definitely like the AoE aspect. The swap looks smooth, too. Gimme
  12. I have to agree with this as well. The spinning FX are abut much. Smoke looks great though
  13. Going to be hard to heal when I can shoot a bear at someone...but then who would save Pixie all the time?
  14. Wait. Hold up. Tunso? As in Tunso from DCUO? My hype for this game just grew like the PoT ticks on my sticky bomb.
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