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  1. Yes, no doubt about it. That doesn't mean they need to adress them NOW.
  2. If I'm not mistaken they aknowledged that it was an issue and that their "fix" didn't actually work and that they'll adress it in the future... I can totally see why that's a big issue, but I at least rather see them work towards releasing the game than hotfixing such a problem.
  3. This is the first Q&A I've seen, since I just recently bought the game, and it was really cool; you guys do this better than you seem to think. The passive changes to disciplines sounds great, and it's great to see that you already have a balance pass to classes and disciplines scheduled for later on. Besides that, props on the "this is a testing enviorment, hold up a little and let us make progress towards release" attitude. It's the right mindset imo.
  4. EDIT: GOT A HOME ❤️ Guild criteria: Region: America-East Coast (GMT -3). Language: Spanish/English (I'm latinamerican, but I'm used to playing with english speaking groups). Atmosphere: I'm looking for a mature group of players (not age-wise), with friendly and helpful people aiming mainly to have fun and help eachother. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual, it's not that I don't plan on taking the game seriously once it launches, but I'm 34 y/o, have a toddler and a full time job... so that seriously restricts my playtime. It also prevents me from being on comms most of the t
  5. Hello everyone, first post here so please be nice! I recently got the game and started testing, been loving it and I see a TON of potential, which makes me happy; but I would like to point to a few quality of life improvements I'd like to see: 1) The launcher should have an option to remember my account name at least, and an option to "trust this device" regarding the 2FA. 2) The talents tree could have better UI regarding what the new powers and abilities each new talent unlocks, it's not so clear or intuitive. 3) And not sure if this is even possible, but could we get the
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