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  1. I would really like to see a Armour style of fuedal japan 😄 Just a suggestion
  2. Where Can I Keep track of upcoming CrowFall Updates? Is there a road-map of what is to come? I feel kinda in the dark..
  3. BillyTheTort, truly one of his kind. One with nature. One with the world.


  4. I got a 980 Ti, 24 gigs of ram, I7-6700k @ 4ghz same issues as op... game is just un-optimized right now 🥺
  5. Sorry for kinda forum spam recently, Just trying to get involved more with the commuinty! 🤠

  6. Red Dead Redemption blew my frickin mind back in the xbox 360 days. Needless to say, Red Dead Redemption 2 did not dissapoint.Pre-ordered ultimate edition on xbox one, but have been playing PC recenty and having above 30 frames and a bit better graphics is so much more awesome. Two games, that I will never forget.
  7. Oh my god. One of my all time favorite games. Had three amazing summers of roleplay. Even though I hate the devs for leaving it, Reign of Kings was the best 20$ I ever spent. PS: I met Archaos on ROK lol.
  8. Halo Master Chief Collection is on steam right now for Prepurchase!! I bought it and it is scheduled for Dec 3 release. looking forward to playing Some Reach MP!
  9. Guys, Sea of Thieves has come a LONG way! Infact, they are adding a Fire mechanic coming this wednesday (20th). Cant wait!
  10. Man, its about time we get a Warhammer 3 announcement! I Have been faithful on both launches of Total War Warhammer I and II. Infact, I have to thank CA for introducing me into the Warhammer universe, AND 40k. Apparently, they are bringing back the old Word (pre End time Warhammer) so.. HYPE! im sure the guys at CA are screeching because we are gonna demand more from them now lol!
  11. Hey just enabled Status updates! hurray lol

  12. Hi I put in a application on your website! nice infographic man I like the Roman style this is pretty cool lol
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