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  1. Only to our enemies. We're looking forward to the conflicts ahead. Glad to be here.
  2. Thank you for the kind words and salutations. We're looking forward to becoming better acquainted with players and guilds alike in this Crowfall community. Cheers.
  3. Indeed. I saw this concept art, looks like the Crowfall artists were inspired by Legionary-esk looks. Thank you for the kind words, Yumx. Hey Staff, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'll follow-up with you privately.
  4. Great to hear. You'll be contacted via Discord soon regarding an interview. Thank you pamintandrei, much appreciated. We're glad to be here to support this exciting and ambitious title.
  5. 🚨 Please click the image below to view the static infographic. 🚨 If you have any questions regarding the ROME application process please reply to this thread or feel free to send the OP a direct message. Information regarding other inquiries: πŸ‘‰ROMAN PROSPECTS PLEASE APPLY HERE
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