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  1. Hm. These rare spawns i'm thinking of from my experience from before wasn't a problem with "goldsellers" or "asia grinders". These goldsellers did things more profitable (like grinding). Simply because: 1. The spawn rate was too rare 2. And/Or The drop rate was too low If there's a problem there's a solution, they can't be too valuable/common. Make the droprate for example 10% on a mob that spawns in 2h windows, that's an average of 1 drop in 20h, just as an example, simply not too common/valuable that it'd be a "shortcut" through your progress or economically too profitable (other
  2. Aha..! Would be nice with information about that then. Maybe some kind of tooltip "Only usable once" or something...
  3. I'd wish to see more information during character creation. Racials, starting stat bonuses, class descriptions and such.
  4. I want to give my support to these suggestions. It's like you read my mind! ❤️
  5. It doesn't have to be gear, it can be whatever, obviously it'd have to be within the realm of relative to balance. Maybe ingredients for +1 crafts? Even gear? Disciplines? It can be whatever. The droprate wouldn't have to be high either, this could also vary. It's the hunt that's fun! And there wouldn't be no hunt if it isn't something worth hunting for. If there were some out in the world it'd also attract for world PvP. Edit: I also want to add that if each zone has 1-2 rares even travelling will become more interesting. Since you can keep an eye open for these while traveling. Obviousl
  6. One of my favourite things to do in MMORPG's since i started playing MMORPGs in 2003 is camping rare spawns in FFXI (not FFXIV). I know this is a PvP oriented game, but it wouldn't be a hard thing to implement. There could be rare spawns spawning once every hour/2nd hour, Maybe some spawning only once/twice each day, maybe some spawning once each week, maybe some spawning only during some seasons etc etc. Maybe have them spawn in PvP areas, easier soloable ones and maybe some that actually requires a small group to kill. People would have to fight each other in order to claim the spawn. M
  7. Very small thing, also very simple to fix: I specced ambush on my duelist with pistols, thinking it'd be usable with pistols too. I found out first when i tried using it "Only usable with a Rapier" Just add a tooltip/info text on the talent when speccing it: "Requires a Rapier" Or melee weapon, or whatever it requires This little detail is something that'd actually have me reroll seeing i can't respec.
  8. Cool! Thanks both of you I found your discord now, serves the purpose of one-line questions that i don't really feel like deserve a thread on the forum. And also the section you mentioned, i hadn't seen. This is all i was looking for! Thank you again
  9. A section on the forum where you can ask anything. For now i'm (as a newbie who just started) wondering where i can start sacrificing. I read something about a Sacrificial fire which i suppose isn't a normal campfire. Where can i find the first Sacrificial fire?
  10. As the topic says. I shouldn't need to go via survival mode to enter stealth mode if i'm already in combat/melee mode. Also, while in stealth mode; If i've only got guns equipped i should be able to pop out of stealth by just clicking the shoot button.
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