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  1. victurus, i felt the same way but eventually succumbed to watching a ton of videos on youtube. i think, technically, CF is still considered pre-alpha. there are a lot of quality of life changes that NEED to be implemented. i just started on weds and have a bunch of reservations as well. but, watching big pvp battles makes me think i just need to play and learn and just deal with a lot of the things i don't like/find different.
  2. I've read this before but couldnt figure out what it meant...until now! LOL When you go to skills (Press K) theres 3 slots to the left where it displays each of your bars... you slot the passives here.
  3. new player here...just some feedback. 1- Map. I use the map alot in MMOs, especially PVP centric games. i noticed when i map in, it takes a significant amount of time for the map to render (5-10 seconds). while this may not seem like alot of time, in a PVP game, that could be life or death. is there a way to speed this up? 2- Inventory and Paperdoll when looting when i hit F to loot, half my screen is taken up by my paperdoll, my inventory, the mob's loot box, my tray bars, and the left side menu icons. if i forgot to X a previous window, i think that also pops up i
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