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  1. .....They just changed the word troll to the word player in my post.....what the hell?! Troll isn't a curse word....it's a descriptive word. Instead of Troll I can just write out "Someone who is trying to get a rise out of someone because they have nothing better going on in their life" but we all use a know accepted word for this sentence. Why are you already censoring me? Good sign of things to come I'm sure! also headlight....that wasn't even a very good "attempt to get a rise out of me because you have nothing better going on in your life"
  2. Oh I get it...you're a troll. You are just looking at singular parts of the discussion to make your point. I don't need the "spartan" character I'm talking about to actually kill babies in the game. I'm also talking about the lore. So.....either a troll, or......you're just bad at comprehending a full idea.
  3. Did you read the Fae backstory?...Jesus....they ARE putting baby killing in the game. It may be in the lore, but the lore is part of the game. That was the point.
  4. Technically I'm not trolling. I was basing it off the start of the movie 300 where if a child was born win an obvious weakness they left it to die. In 300 they made it look like they threw it off a cliff, but that couldn't have been the case since that one hunchback guy was picked up by his mother after he was abandoned. Anyway not a troll, and I wasn't originally going to add in the baby killing part, but it popped into my head when talking about the Spartan male dominated society because of the movie.
  5. I hope they make a society like the spartans. That would give us men that can also kill babies (not that I'm into killing babies...just that it would fit lore), and although their women are tough for women they aren't allowed in battle. This would make a Male dominated society to counter the female only society. Then I could roll something else, and kill them both because I am for fairness between the genders. I wanted to say Humanism, but there are a bunch of races so I can't say that, and racism doesn't really work lol. I say fairness because to me the genders aren't equal. Women are better at some things, and men are better at other things.
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