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  1. Not a fan of maps that take you right to a location. Players need to get comfortable navigating to generic locations as well as target NPCs. Highlighting an area and marking the target just feels like a better plan. Occasionally having a mission where the quest is "Find Gem. He was last seen at L20 searching around the woods." goes a long way to aiding in the future use of a basic mechanic, as well as showing you areas of terrain you might not otherwise have noticed.
  2. Poisoner disc was slotted and working, pre-patch. Disc is still in place, but none of the powers are available.
  3. Thanks, Yoink. Guess I"ll just go suck on the barrel now.
  4. 30 Elken Warden. Haven't been able to get second major disc to unlock since 25. I have the pre-req skill and level. 2 points short of spending all available points.
  5. The Elken charge, at close range, pushes right through the target without effect. Having serious issues targeting Root and Suppression. Not sure if it is me or a terrain issue or the power just not taking effect.
  6. Still recruiting? New-ish player. Learning the game. I've mostly been leather farming and catching hell in PvP. I like the idea of a mercenary guild. Seems like it would work well for Dregs. I'm fine to farm while I upgrade my skills.
  7. Keyboard intermittently stops working in game. Escape and number keys seem to work. No movement or hotkeys. Logging out and in once or twice has fixed it so far. 3 or 4 occurrences over the last week.
  8. Mostly new to PvP and looking to learn. Fine with being a resource slave while I figure out the ropes...which may include the best way to gather resources, cuz this "everything is Rank 1" poorly made socks got old quick. I'm not a 12 slots/12 characters player. I'm going ranger. It appears I'll need another vessel to gather resources. That's gonna be about it.
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