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  1. Still recruiting? New-ish player. Learning the game. I've mostly been leather farming and catching hell in PvP. I like the idea of a mercenary guild. Seems like it would work well for Dregs. I'm fine to farm while I upgrade my skills.
  2. Keyboard intermittently stops working in game. Escape and number keys seem to work. No movement or hotkeys. Logging out and in once or twice has fixed it so far. 3 or 4 occurrences over the last week.
  3. Mostly new to PvP and looking to learn. Fine with being a resource slave while I figure out the ropes...which may include the best way to gather resources, cuz this "everything is Rank 1" poorly made socks got old quick. I'm not a 12 slots/12 characters player. I'm going ranger. It appears I'll need another vessel to gather resources. That's gonna be about it.
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