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  1. I will infer that the Templar is a more offensive tank(a la Swordmaster, Warhammer Online) who employs sword feats for both offensive, defensive, and utility purposes.
  2. I'd be quite pleased if this is the Witchhunter incarnate from Warhammer Online.
  3. In a sense, leaving a safe zone is consent. Hire player bodyguards if you do not excel at martial combat I say!
  4. Leveless and classless system is the way to go but not so restrictive as to not let dungeon crawl or craft successfully day one.
  5. As other's have said, players should be able to police themselves with the assistance of in-game features.
  6. I think Ultima Online had a great balance of economy when it came to gain and loss and it encouraged players to be more responsible. Yeah you could lose everything but nothing you lost had anywhere near the weight of a super drop from modern mmos. The obsessive itemization going on now is more of a weakness than anything. It poisons every aspect of a game.
  7. During launch a GM came down and hosted an event. The player who 'won' was given a truly unique ring which I promptly relieved him of and put it in my stash. The odd thing is I never used it, it was only a trophy. Running with a rag tag bunch of new players through the highlands to seek the perfect spot for a guild tree, I stole the seed and felt instant remorse. Only I couldn't admit that I stole it so I handed it to a friend of mine and accused him of the wrongdoing. His protests fell on deaf ears. Now I'm in a guild.. in the bank. You know how in real life hiding behind an open door is the oldest trick in the book? Well I did that and had gotten so deft at theft that I would steal from guild mates as they came in. What better trove than to target people full on loot? I think the resulting confusion was the best part. Though I was later found out and ran out of town. We must understand that sandboxes work because the players will police themselves. What are your stories of general grief?
  8. I am called Elektrum. I started out playing MUDs mostly Diku or LPMud based. Soon after I moved to Ultima Online and enjoyed the heck out of it. After that moseyed on over to EverQuest to Dark Ages of Camelot to Shadowbane, had a brief stint with World of Warcraft before spending a lot of time in Warhammer Online and dabbled with a multitude of other titles. I've been excited for Camelot Unchained and hope to find another breath of fresh air with Crowfall.
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