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  1. Just want to thank the developers for actually listening to the people. I know some of you were fine with the archetype idea but I found most people that were ok with it would also be ok if they went with characters and races. I think this is the first mmo i have played where the listen to the people. Thank you developers for making the game 1000 times better!!! characters and races FTW!
  2. Are you really this intellectually challenged?!?!? It appears so. Look man, I explained it too many times already, you keep believing I am caught up in the cosmetics, with those people who what half a brain have already figured out where my issues are and they posted intelligent replies back. Unfortunately, there is always that one person dare I say the T word. That just wants to keep post crap to piss off the poster. You my special friend fall into that catagory. So do me and everyone else on here a favor let it go man...
  3. You were pretty good up until the your wrong part. Your #1 pretty much supports my argument that they are limiting the character customization. You keep looking at things from your cookie cutter classing. You said "A Druid isn't meant to wear fine silks or a suit of metal plates, just the same way a Knight isn't meant to be a Berserker in a loincloth." what I say is you are limiting your class to a cookie cutter. So everyone that plays a knight needs to play with heavy armor and a sword. Come on man, where the hell is your creativity?!? why can't I make a knight with heigh
  4. As I said in a previous post. I believe they will change things before launch but the core of the game I believe they will / can't change. The archetypes have always seem to be the core of there game, I do not believe they will change them. just my .02 i hope I am wrong.
  5. So I am still trying to figure out at what point what I said turned into cosmetics? I was talking about the customization for character creation... the only comment I made that could possibly be considered cosmetics is that I said the game looked cartoonish. That is a small thing, my major complaint is the lack of customization. In other words (all cookie cutter characters)
  6. Keep telling yourself it will all be better. I personally don't think they are going to change the foundation of there game but hell bro, I hope you are right because currently from my stand point it looks like the game is lacking same major character customization.
  7. Did you even read my post?!?! Also if you are not going to add anything useful to the thread please reframe from comments. What you said was pretty much blah blah blah blah... I have nothing useful to add...blah blah blah. My whole post was about the lack of customization... not sure why I am wasting my time explaining this to you.
  8. I don't disagree with you hear , but I strongly feel like there are certain things in the game which are the "base" characteristics of the game itself and can't be changed without having to redo too much of the game itself. When it comes to the characters and there archetypes I believe that is a "base" characteristic of the game. Maybe I am wrong... I will continue to hope I am but I don't think I am. I just don't see them getting up and changing the base of there game. at the end of the day, it is what it is and if it says like this I will be off to back Camelot Unchained and pl
  9. Like your unintelligent reply here Apok. Thank you for adding anything to this thread. Oh wait... you didn't add anything. Apparently, according to the monitors in this forum I can't call someone one a troll because calling them a troll is considered trolling. So maybe one of the monitors can tell me what the hell Apoxs reply is??? if this is not someone trolling, I don't know what is. His reply said nothing useful what so ever! And called me a child 2 times. Its ok Apox, stick with your simple game... god forbid you need to be creative and make something other then a coo
  10. Wow.... even worse. I dont know about you but for me customizing my character is one of the biggest things for me. You play around with different builds (full defense build, super speed build, meat toon build) until you find something that works for you. This seems like it is headed in the direction that everyone is the same for that archtype..... not the way I was hoping it would go at all. Very sad.
  11. So my reply here is simple not all races can be all classes, only certain races can be certain classes. Its a mix and match but by doing it they way they are doing it here it limits the customization so hard. I just expected more from the developers of Shadowbane.
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