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  1. Hey Sycon! TSG and SW are still kicking. Not sure about those mangy mutts' plans, but TSG is laying low until one of our playtest windows opens. Then we'll be slicing it up for the Mother with a vengeance.
  2. I am all about the idea of a permanent player city, built with the sweat and blood of you and your guildmates and defended against all comers. Two weeks is definitely not enough for that kind of experience. Not even a year is. But I could see getting that same experience, and perhaps an even better one, by building that same city across many worlds - as long as there is a purpose to it. It seems not so much different than when your city is sacked and you have to rebuild, maybe even start from scratch somewhere else. As long as you believe a there's purpose to doing it all over again, it will be fun. Most SB players had lost that purpose by the end, even before the plug was pulled. I think the fact that each world will be unique is important to create that sense of purpose. I think it would also be a big help if there are different kinds of victory conditions, so players have different reasons to fight aside from just being the best and collecting the most. For instance, trying to stem the tide of Hunger, and saving mortal souls by transporting them off-world, instead of taking the world for all its worth. This might even be hinted at already. The idea presented above, that we are all "Divine Champions" sent to (it sounds like) essentially assault, pillage and exploit the native mortals of dying worlds for our holy masters seems purposefully skewed towards being one particular perspective, one perhaps with a victory condition that gets you more loot and "trophies" but at the cost of some other victory condition and reward representing a more altruistic path. If this kind of dichotomy is not represented in the mechanics, the players are probably going to make it themselves, anyway. My question is what happens if no kingdom emerges victorious at the end of winter when a world is consumed? Would a reset take place even if no one is in position to claim victory? What if the going's just getting good?
  3. Seriously excited about this. One of the coolest parts of Shadowbane that never got used was the idea of traveling between the different shards (servers) of the destroyed world. It feels like that idea has new life and is now center stage. Can't wait to learn more. I hope that like finding Shadowbane itself or making Aerynth whole, there is a Holy Grail-type meta goal that will probably never be reached, but could still be dreamed of. I hope the lore will offer kernels of hope to think that the Hunger could be destroyed and even a single world be saved. I think The Sundered Guard will be working towards that goal, either way.
  4. I think there's an important difference between crushing opposing players in a game and interacting as civil people in a community for that game, especially when we're participating before there are many opportunities for real rivalries to develop between players and guilds. I agree that extending wars to the forums and engaging in heated political "discussion" is a good thing and can be a game unto itself, but there will be a place for that. General discussion forums and the like should be places where we can all be constructive in helping to craft the game we'd all love to play. And just because I may crush you in the future does not mean we can't be friends!
  5. This may be true but they won't help much with the wayward part. I swear the lot must drink as they do just to mimic the sway of their ship. Eladamri!! You scurvy neiu! Great to see you trot out of the shadows.
  6. I have it on good authority that the producer of this show has an unhealthy obsession with theorycrafting and speculation. You people shouldn't encourage him.
  7. It warms this weary ranger's heart to see the banner of his old allies on the horizon once again, and he will continue to hope for the day when the elves of the Court embrace all the Great Mother's children as their equals, for none are low or high in Her embrace.
  8. Smite and Star Citizen's Arena Commander. In Smite as Vorous, SC as EldaTSG. Always happy to reminisce with people who used to kill me.
  9. They didn't call it forumbane for nothing! Though seriously, I think what is driving all the SB-related activity right now is that unlike the other games related to this one, their fanbase hasn't been cast adrift looking for another game like it for years, and the chance that something like it may actually get revisited by this team is irresistible to us all. Plus anyone who was around then knows that the SB pre-release community was almost as much fun as the game itself, everyone was so excited about the possibilities. It's fun to see something like that again now.
  10. That's cause she was left so disappointed by the experience it broke her heart. Now Braialla will take your Maid and spank her til she's more than salty for the insult! And I'm Twathedilion so the only green skin here is your own sea-sick hull.
  11. Lol! I, too, have fond memories of lunch with Meridian and Tangent at GenCon in 2002! Meridian never stopped talking, it was awesome. Also met my wife at that Shadowbane booth that day Here's to lunch with the Shadowbane team.
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