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  1. I thought Ragnarok 2 had some really funny moments in it. I know you can still play it, but it's using architecture from 2005 in some places. A full redo of the game with some additional SWTOR-style cutscenes and missions would interest me greatly.
  2. Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaa! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPuywU_XUAog13f?format=jpg&name=large
  3. What if a healer could, prior to battle, queue up a list of units in their squad. Then heal those units by clicking on their names. But, if those units die, the connection is broken and the name goes away. But if the player who died brings a new unit back to the battle, the healer could add this new unit to their list of names.
  4. So, I get it. This game is 99% about slaughtering randos with big swords. Not my thing, but I get the appeal. I'm here for the other 1% of this game -- smashing rocks as a way of remaining calm in real life. I'm one of the six people who saw the promo videos for this game and thought, "Yes, exactly, I want to beat the poorly made socks out of that rock for an hour and then sell what it craps out so I can buy a huge town and become a mayor not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn" and then plunked down fifty bucks to give it a shot. If this game is going to make my dreams come true, here's what I need ACE to add (listed here in order of importance): #11: If I fall six inches, don't take half of my life. The words I am sparing you on this issue are stunningly and unconscionably profane. This is rage inducing. #10: Put some of the ore/stone/wood nodes on the side of Mount Juliet so I have a reason to explore. #9: The dodge mechanic actually has three charges but only shows two in the nav bar. Also, sometimes you can use all three at the same time and at other times you only get two and then have to wait three seconds for the third one to finish charging. But there seems to be no rhyme or reason for why this changes. Gatherers need a solid four dodges. #8: Correct the descent time on a floating Fae. These are creatures with wings. If you're unwilling to let them fly (and I still don't understand your point of view on this), then at least make it so my Fae doesn't plummet like a stone while gliding. Even better, make Fae the slowest walking race and speed them up why gliding. #7: Gatherers need a class. Call them "Lumpers" or whatever, make them available on every race (especially Fae), and instead of being great with a sword or a bow, give them a leveling tree based around gathering, selling, exploration, dodge regen time, and building towns. #6: It should take sixteen (16) whacks to end a node. No more. Just change the quality and quantity of the ore that comes from those sixteen strikes to scale with level. #5: Stores are absolutely broken. After I spent an hour building one store, it turns out it costs 2,100 gold per day to run the thing. It's impossible to make up that cash selling ore. So now I've got three-thousand ore and no way to sell them. Build one universal trading board where anyone can post (limit 20 unique items, buy more slots in the account shop) what you have and how much you're selling it for. I found one purple amputated hand that is desperately needed by the necromancers and it's doing squat right now. #4: Add "resources" to the inventory sorter so I can see only ore/wood/stone. The other way to do it would be to change "Limestone" to "Stone: Limestone" so they'll naturally sort themselves alphabetically. #3: You need to shave exactly two seconds off the regen time of ore/stone/wood nodes to make the LVL 5 island work. #2: For the love of God, let me turn more than two ore at a time into ore concentrate. Mulch, gravel, ore concentrate, and like six other things will only accept two base components at a time during crafting. That's insane! I need to turn 1,400 logs into mulch to make a town, but can only process them TWO AT A TIME!!!! I've got all the logs; let me put them into a hopper and come back in an hour. #1: Give gatherers experience points. I'm trapped at level 22 because I'm a gatherer, not a warrior. Everything in the game should grant 1XP so that I can convert 1,000 ore to 1,000 XP and join everyone else at level 30. The idea that someone buying 6,000 apples and jumping straight to thirty is somehow cheating is crap. Who cares how you get your character to thirty? And if someone does trash all those apples, congratulations: you just solved all of your game economy problem. Anyway, those are my thoughts.
  5. I mentioned this briefly in another post, but I really think this game could benefit from portable hang gliders that you could take with you and deploy from high areas to travel great distances. Along the way, if there were thermal updrafts (maybe from the campfires), you could boost yourself back into the air. Of course, Fae wouldn't need such things since they have the wings. Just a thought.
  6. Well, what if you could stealth, steal someone's armor (or throw it on the ground), then scurry away. Or if you found someone mining ore, you could snatch their resources and vanish.
  7. I was a HUGE fan of Firefall. I thought it had an interesting premise and tons of ways to explore and enjoy yourself. I feel like this game is on a similar path and would like to point out three things about Firefall that would really fit in well with Crowfall. 1) Gliders. I absolutely LOVED gliding from one end of the board to the other using jump pads and gliders. The idea that you could coast the ENTIRE LENGTH OF THE MAP without ever touching ground to get an achievement or race to a grouop event was a blast. 2) Random Events. Occasionally, a small army of enemies would spawn in one place and draw the players in the area together. I think "rift events" would work well in Crowfall. Obviously, PVE needs no explanation, but PVP could also be interesting if an NPC army suddenly invaded just as a major battle was getting underway. 3) Miners. Firefall had this mechanic where you would drop down a mining apparatus in a desirable area and it would do all the mining for you then reward you with the goods at the end in one big bundle. But there was a catch. Because the miner "disturbed" the local wildlife, dozens of creatures would swarm to attack it and anyone else in the area. So you had to guard the device. These miners were audible from a significant distance away, so they also gathered together others in the area to help defend and share in the wealth. My thoughts. I miss that game. - Mayhem.
  8. Well, I can see where many of you might think this is quite embarrassing for me. Luckily, I'm driving into -- tunnel-- call you -- oh no-- dumptruck...
  9. Not if you're matching rune signs or some other kind of non-alpha-numeric symbols. Robots can't understand pictures yet and hacking depends on how clever the devs are.
  10. While I'm not on board with ditching combat from the leveling system, I really like the idea of having a " group bonuses" passive tree to go along with "combat", "crafting", and "exploration". These nodes would be specific to "group" situations, either via participation in a guild (that's one branch of the tree) or via having people physically within X meters of your avatar (a second branch of that tree). this would be huge with group mining. Additionally, as Crowfall is obviously interested in having people recruit their friends, having an entire tree dedicated to giving you "group bonuses" would further encourage recruitment.
  11. I love this idea. It would be great if you had to solve a puzzle with multiple steps, so that each step represented a level of success in the final product you were crafting. In this way, if you spent ten minutes solving all the steps of the puzzle, you would have earned a legendary crafted item vs. someone who only spends thirty seconds earning a white common. In terms of the mini-game: - Imagine you had a series of "logs" that were attached to a maze of tracks. - You also have "end points" which give you points if the correctly labeled "log" comes to rest there. - The tracks also have "switches" that change the path/direction a log in motion will take. - You have to click the switches on the tracks to get them to point in the correct directions so that when you hit "go" and all the logs start moving, the logs end up at the proper end point. Lower level recipes could have three (3) logs/endings and nine (9) switches whereas the highest level recipes could have fifteen (15) logs/endings and 45 switches.
  12. I'm concerned about how this game will survive after launch. I think they should look to Path of Exile for applicable solutions: 1) sell costumes and dyes for costumes and hair 2) sell special effects like particles and such 3) sell inventory tabs and force all users to work out of the account stash so those tabs fill up quick I also wouldn't mind a pet bunny. Just sayin'.
  13. I feel like this game could really benefit from a more dynamic leveling system. Every level up should grant the user one STAT boost and one PERK. Leveling still ends at 30. Options for STATs at any level: - +5% reduction to tool damage - +5% reduction to crafting time - +25% reduction in crafting failure - +5% chance for x2 ore drop - +5% chance for x2 wood drop - +5% critical chance - +10% damage to ranged attacks Options for PERKs at any level: - Can now harvest Yew trees - Can now use LVL1 recipes - Can now double jump/float/use paraglider - Can now climb ropes and vines - Can now pry open doors to underground vaults - Can now add/remove items in Account Bank - Can now make chat box retract so you can see bottom left-hand corner of screen If there's 100 PERKs and 100 STATs, it really encapsulates the "think about your build" mentality that this game seems to cherish. Right now, I'm debating whether or not to waste two levels worth of points on a "dropping apples" node because there's another node behind it that reduces my harvesting tool depletion. That's rough.
  14. As a new player, I would love to right-click on an object or crafting resource and choose a "See Recipies..." option that lets me see what I can do with this new resource I just picked up. Right click on "slag" and have it say "this is a basic ore" and then "basic ores are usable in..." then "- metal belt buckle", "-metal nails", etc. In the case of an object, there could also be a "See Ingredients..." option to break down how to go about crafting this object by showing a tree with all the resources you'll need and the steps you'd need to take to craft it.
  15. +1. I've only been playing for two hours or so, but one of the things I've been thinking about the most is how great it would be to have a loot vacuum.
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