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  1. I'd like to see a higher upper end as well. It's about the distance my mouse has to move to get 180 deg swing.
  2. Hey, hey... I had the same problem. Someone told me, "don't equip the ring until you move along the quest line." No guarantees, but last time I ran it and it this worked, no problems.
  3. Skill Tree Basics The current rate of acquiring Basics in the Skill Tree feels very spare (ie: meager, paltry, deficient, inadequate, you get the idea). I'm talking feelings here. Baring my soul, so to speak. I vote for giving the ticks per unit time a solid boost, at least for Basics. Cheers!
  4. Recipes vs Soul Gems Previously there was a recipe (Seasoned Button Mushrooms?) which gave a 2% buff to getting Soul Gems while mining. Currently that recipe is gone and there doesn't appear to be another to compensate. So no Soul Gems until we manage to creep slowly into the Skill Tree passives? I vote two thumbs up on getting the recipe back.
  5. Beautiful guide, well done! A noteworthy service to newcomers and vets alike! Thank you! I remembered +15% to in-combat movement speed when twisted, so I just double checked and confirmed it on Test -- D'Orion's Accelerando. Look forward to seeing you and W in Dregs! Cheers!
  6. Minotaur 360 stun immune, not just "Front".
  7. In Dregs Campaign during a fort siege, our attempt to cap while standing in the control circle was contested by a Fae on the roof. I can't imagine this is by design, I report it as a bug. Meanwhile it's a great exploit. I wonder if it can be done while stealthed, the would-be cappers might take it as a bug and give up!
  8. similar gray bar... everything functions... just gray, cant' tell active or not, no cooldown.
  9. Champion Hurbat Bug If your champion is out-of-combat and moving left or right, ie: not in the direction of your reticle (or camera), when you put your reticle on the target and activate hurbat it's sent off in the direction you're moving, independent of your reticle and target. Humorous. Clip --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XaDlrzJ5V2A2XJ70gCo4Yo-wRe5kdN9F/view?usp=sharing It also happens if you stop moving just before shooting (ie: move sideways, stop, then shoot in direction other than last moving). Forgive my report of a bug that has likely already been reported.
  10. Maybe it's just me, but I think this is true wrt everything right now, not just mobs. Like where do I get green or better minors? Specific green or better majors also very tough. Degradation of gear over time and from deaths seems higher. Food ticker seems to be going down faster, requiring more attention to getting food. Certain critical ingredients for food(s) are painstaking to acquire even in spring or summer. Lack of gold earning vendor space has been mentioned (although there may be better solutions than single player vendors). Quite a few serious bottlenecks in every direction, while ability to relieve them is spare (lean, lacking, unavailable, meager, sparse, scant). It has me beginning to question my limits. That is, how high a percentage of my overall game time am I willing to devote to survival? As a matter of curiosity, where do the designers envision their "ideal" for "percentage of player time required for survival"?
  11. Second both your points, bro! And in passing, let me say that the link provided interesting reading. TY!
  12. Indeed! Who wants a steady reversion to the mean (ie: mediocre).
  13. Test has been crashing to desktop for me. This was true earlier, before "v2", and again just now with "v2". I don't recall crashing for quite some weeks, so this is unusual on my machine. The circumstances during which the crash occurs are varied: porting through a gate in temple, twice farming war tribes, etc. Can usually play for an hour or so (varied) before it happens. If there's any way I can help let me know!
  14. BLOCK vs DODGE OK, how does making block vs dodge an XOR choice benefit either the game or the player experience? Cleric and Knight are distinguished in part by having been granted the ability to block. Block sets them apart, helps define those classes. Other classes have their standout, defining features, here's one for Knight and Cleric. Vis-a-vis game design, does having both make them too strong? Create balance issues? When gameplay rewards intelligent positioning, but in-combat movement is distinctly diminished, dodge becomes emphatically valuable. Hence, the XOR becomes a severe limitation. Designers acknowledge this to a degree by giving Knight the Pursuit power. Still, where is the balance problem here in allowing both dodge and block? And if it does present a balance problem, aren't there are other design alternatives to handle it? Converesely, we have the player perspective. Does the XOR choice nudge his experience in the direction of "more than adequate", "very strong" or "OP"? Or does it bump it the other way? I'd like to see a poll, but I rate it as below "less adequate", yet above "inadequate", certainly not "worthless". And those dodge pips are gone away, vanished, deleted, it's all on stamina now -- I miss them. So how about it, where are the benefits to game design or player experience that justify the XOR? I'd love to see an official poll. Power to the Crows!
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