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  1. Tend Wounds should heal x4 times, but on Test it healed only x3: I assume this is a bug. Note: I've seen this before in earlier versions, on live as well as test, but it usually goes away for some unknown reason, but it did not go away this time out. Cheers!
  2. Fly You Fools passive in Field Surgeon major fails on Human and Elken (all 10m dodge races?), but works on Centaur (likely all 20m dodge races). Funnily enough, the 30s debuff/cooldown appears whether it restores a dodge pip or not, in all cases. This strikes me as a bug as it precludes subsequent activation even when no dodge pip is restored. Lastly, it does not restore an extra pip on Centaur (or Elken, Human) if dodge is fully charged. I've heard this used to be a thing, but not sure if this is as it should be or a bug.
  3. PixFix Bug Pixie major includes the passive PixFix, which is supposed to stop the decrease in heal amount when a chain heal "chains". For example, running Pixie and Sun Worshiper on a Crusader (at 1375 SP), the respective heals on those majors, Soothing Winds and Chain Heal, give heals to the targeted ally and also the healer via "chaining" if within 10m. Thing is the initial chain beneficiary gets 70% better heals than the original taget, rather than equal (ie: no drop-off). So Chain Heal yielded 477 to target, but 836 to initial chain recipient, while Soothing Winds yielded aggregate heals 1305 and 2191 (adjusted to normalize crit heals). Everyone likes videos, so here's a short demo of the bug...
  4. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). the overall vision for GvG in open world, with ownership and its benefits No tab-targeting, LoS/positioning and group composition are important alliance system Top 5 Crowfall dislikes and how can we make it better? the weighty play-feel of basic combat mechanics: long animation locks and a particularly heavy and frequent cc break (Retaliate), there has been some improvement since I started a year ago there's currently no support for visual organizing in larger groups, in particular need ways to quickly id and locate leadership – impress us the UI is barely average, even older mmorpg's allow for reposition, resize, optional styles, etc. for UI elements, also for monitoring specific, vital buffs or debuffs. campaign progress and siege time info should be directly and quickly accessible, esp. without needing to go through the ponderous and difficult to use map; in fact the map itself should be easier and quicker to use on the fly in a PvP game and not have to worry about running into an abyss balance is perhaps too often achieved via nerfs back to the mean, there should be dangerous or disruptive potentialities among the classes, especially wherein coordinated skill is rewarded. Top 5 bugs on LIVE.. Performance is still a problem, and may be the holy grail of mmorpg's, some nice progress has been made, we're on your side block will cancel an ability if activated before that ability's animation has completed, but you still get the cooldown; I liked the recent animation cancelling, but maybe the current implementation is by design UI lag is a serious problem, for example finding yourself dead with significant health left on your bar, and the only saving grace for ability use in general has been the visual and auditory feedback of a successful ability cast, which occurs well before the bar confirms it When was the last time you logged into Crowfall? Today. Probably 6/7 days this week. Feedback for Tiggs on this weekly forum post if any. TY for listening!
  5. Beautiful guide, well done! A noteworthy service to newcomers and vets alike! Thank you! I remembered +15% to in-combat movement speed when twisted, so I just double checked and confirmed it on Test -- D'Orion's Accelerando. Look forward to seeing you and W in Dregs! Cheers!
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