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    Merica got a reaction from McTan in Just a suggestion.   
    I'll start by saying idk how much coding or infrastructure this would take. But I think crowfall needs a guild upkeep system. The more players the higher the upkeep.
    I used to play another game a long time ago that had a guild up keep system. With clans jewels  it had a similar feature where a "siege hour" would happen at a certain time teams would gather in a room and fight over a pedestal until one team had secured a clan jewel
    Now these jewels got deposited in a bank and ur clan ate 3 jewels a week run out of jewels and ur clan was no longer. Get disgruntled at a clan and decided you don't like them? U can turn on war and begin slaughtering them anywhere at any time.
    This could be in the infected so it means something.  Right now the infected feels very meh. Plus I don't see alot of in-game politics which a throne war game should have. I like the game but when dregs arent going on feel like I just wanna log off and that's not good for retaining people.
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    Merica got a reaction from MisterMostMAD in Just a suggestion.   
    To be fair u til recently the game was unplayable. I would stop in and check on it every 3-6 months. For me it's getting closer but still feels very grindy.
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    Merica got a reaction from Zivu in Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread   
    Region: NA (USA)  Atmosphere:  New player friendly, would like to evolve into more competitive as progression happens personally. Casual/Hardcore: Somewhere in the middle. Size:  Prefer small to mid size Play-Style:   Small Scale battles. Commitment:  3-5 days a week 3-5 hours. Experience:
    Been playing mmos since late 90s.
    Best way to contact me:   Discord Darren Ortego#9084
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