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  1. I think it is all a matter of perspective, one person’s good is anothers evil, or maybe alignment to a patron god, only accepting contracts on worshippers of other deities. Possibly an "evil" person posts a bounty, but as a merc, would you have allegiance to good or evil?
  2. Let me ask you a few questions Is there a player that is a thorn in your side but are unable to defeat them in combat? Have you become prey whilst collecting resources and had your profits impacts? Have you had a scavenger loot a foe you defeated but tired from the battle and unable to do anything about it? Has your guild started a rivaly, is cashed up but requires greater combat support? Are your forts constantly under seige and want to hire some additional muscle? Do you wish the gods would smite them for their crimes? Well the gods are rarely that fair, but player justice can
  3. Hello Everyone, I must say that I am excited to be a part of this community and game, like a lot of people I have gotten busy in life and have a nostalgic pang to get back into an MMORPG and what better MMO than Crowfall! Like a lot of people I joined classic wow, but don't believe it will have a steady customer base with the release of a new retail expansion in the future and the 'newness' feeling of the old content will eventually fizzle; then I thought hmmmm I really enjoyed WvWvW in Guild Wars 2 with the tide of battles swinging chaotically with bonebrain tactics that somehow wo
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