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  1. So I saw someone selling a blue Necromancy discipline that had 11.5 Assembly/exp, and 2.3 Exp points. My blue Necro disc is only 10/10/2. Are there crafting souls that drop? or is there some way to improve the stats when you upgrade disciplines? Thanks for any responses.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. I am running risk management as my 3rd minor. The result was from an epic piece of armor that ended only at 104% after 2 rerolls. It is also the exception, not the rule, I just thought a high enough skill difference would have removed the possibility of such bad results. Though by logic I should have assumed there is still a certain amount of failure chance because of the 2% assembly failure regardless of skill. It would be nice to know what those failure chances are sir developers.... You do show us assembly chances after all 😉
  3. So I'm maxed out in several crafting disciplines, and at the moment I'm a bit befuddled with the amount of failures I am getting in my rolls. My blacksmithing experimentation is 120, my experimentation reduction is 30(with bon tipper) and my additional reduction is 15.4. so tonight when I crafted a piece of armor and the experimentation final difficulty was 99, I thought a 50 point difference would be more than sufficient for great rolls, boy was I wrong. Even with attention to detail, my initial roll for 10 pips was 74%.... 4 failures out of 10. Is there a hard cap to success rate regardless of skill?? Did I waste my time getting my crafting about as maxed as it could be? Have the developers given any indication as to how experimentation skill affects outcome of the rolls? Thanks in advance for any answers to my Questions.
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