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  1. I didn't say the word "winner." Also, we're not even talking about the same subject. I'm saying that a rating system is unnecessary because there is a system already in place, that can't be exaggerated by a large guild or sabotaged by disgruntled players, as can happen with rating systems.
  2. All good points, but as I said, EKs will already be more visible the bigger they are. If they're big, it means far more effort has been put into building them, and it's very likely populated.
  3. You may not care, but people who are interested in EKs might. They're certainly not the game, but they're a part of it. All I'm saying is that a rating system would be redundant and useless when we can already find the larger kingdoms more easily than the smaller kingdoms.
  4. This is just asking for a few large guilds to dominate the EK scene. That could get boring. Larger kingdoms are easier to find than smaller ones anyway, we don't need a rating system on top of that. "Having a larger parcel (like a Mountain Citadel, or an Imperial Palace) added to the World is highly valuable to any Monarch, especially one who is trying to build a mercantile empire, because it offers very efficient use of build space (number of available contiguous building lots), increases the concurrent player cap of the World, and increases the Kingdom’s visibility for other players wh
  5. The great thing about EKs is that they have appeal for both PvE and PvE oriented folks. PvE players will probably enjoy building up their own kingdom, and PvP players will be able to craft and train in EKs to make themselves perform better out in the campaign worlds. Don't want to build an EK but want the advantages? Go to a public EK. You don't have to put work into your own EK if you don't want to. Honestly, what is there to complain about?
  6. These updates just keep getting better! I have never been so excited about a game, and I'm so happy to support ArtCraft! Keep up the amazing work, you wonderful people.
  7. I don't think they need any more credibility than they already have, honestly. As for realism, this is only one of many archetypes, and this one is a Knight. He looks like a Knight, I'm pretty sure that was the aesthetic they were going for. There are plenty of archetypes, such as Frostweavers, Druids, and Stalkers that will have armor that is completely different and more exotic. As it stands, their design is cohesive in everything they've shown us, in my opinion the Knight fits in just fine. I hope they continue to avoid the goofiness that is WoW. I've played that game for many year
  8. I LOVE the customization! Games in which looks aren't tied to gear have a special happy place in my heart.
  9. Does anyone else find it amusing that in a game where killing is encouraged, a race which kills on the basis of gender is being berated? I am avidly against this ideology in real life, but in a PvP game it seems so silly to pick on dark, cruel lore because it's sexist. How many other players are your characters going to end up killing? And to what end? To gain land and resources? Some of the eternal champions may be "good," but in games, it's ultimately about power no matter how pretty the cause looks. (Unless you have a fantastic RP story, in which case I salute you.) In short, it's ju
  10. I love the idea of the assassin, it'll probably be the first archetype I try. I'm curious to see how support roles will impact this kind of game.
  11. This. I'd consider myself a hardcore roleplayer, and I couldn't agree more. I love the lore behind the Fae, it's new and refreshing. They aren't one of the same boring races we generally see in other MMOs. Now, I AM female, so I suppose I can't say much about males not liking the fact that assassins might only be female, but I will say that the character I loved to RP and to play most was male in a different MMO. To me that isn't unusual, shameful, or weird in any way. I loved his story and I still do, and amazingly, I'm still a lady in real life. If any of you really want to play an as
  12. If our only options are hair style, color, and face customization, I hope we have many options for each. It's already been said, but I find it quite important to have a character that looks different, especially in an MMO. If they want to spice up their VIP incentives, they could always add to their customization as a perk for being a VIP. Sure, not everyone wants to subscribe, but I'm certain that people would be willing to pay for a month or two if they really care about their character looking the way they want their character to look. This way people who care about their appearance are
  13. I love the idea of costume items, and I'm in support of any idea that promotes RP. Has Artcraft mentioned anything about costume items or is this your idea? I think having costume items, or maybe more options for said items, would be a great incentive for VIP membership.
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