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  1. For a game so early in development this feels really good. It's smoother than I expected it to be.

    A few notes:

    • I played as a Confessor, and it can be exceedingly difficult to aim. Some ability to lock onto a target would be great. It wouldn't have to be a tight lock-on that many games have, I could see how that would make things too easy, but it could be a loose sort of "keep aiming in that player's general vicinity" lock-on.
    • The Confessor's combo abilities sometimes get "stuck" on one of the combo steps. There was one I believe started as a fire shield, which then branched off into other abilities. Sometimes this combo tree would get stuck on later abilities so that earlier abilities could no longer be used. Not sure if this was intended, but I can't imagine being able to choose the ability path only once during combat.
    • Mobility is good with that right-click ability, but it doesn't seem to make a difference against Knights. They can easily catch up to a Confessor, which makes the Confessor seem extremely weak without someone else to hide behind. I could see this being intended, but it can be frustrating to be that helpless. Against Legionnaires and other Confessors it seems to come down to skill and positioning, which feels nice.
    • I saw a few knights floating in the air with arms outstretched, as though they were flying. While it was quite majestic, I don't think they're supposed to fly. Seemed to be exclusive to knights after they charged.
    • Ability to adjust camera sensitivity would be SO nice.
    • A map would also be cool. Teammates tend to wander off sometimes, and then meet horrible fates. It would be nice to be able to find them. Of course I'm sure this is an upcoming feature, I don't expect you to have every element of the game implemented this early.  :D
    • And as it's been said already, game went to greyscreen for me. It stopped showing up on my taskbar, but audio kept playing and I could tab back into the screen. Definitely seemed like more of a crash than a bug because of that.

  2. What game are you playing where you see a "winner"  in a bigger EK?  The "title" of KING is meaningless.  It will be granted to those that have a certain amount of parcels in his EK.  How long do you think it is going to take to build up a "business" in the Ek?   There's NOTHING there.  if you are worried about bigger EK's selling more stuff that smaller ones you best be asking where the stuff that is being sold is coming from.  Makes sense if those that RISK more in the campaigns have more to show for it.  


    I didn't say the word "winner."  Also, we're not even talking about the same subject.  I'm saying that a rating system is unnecessary because there is a system already in place, that can't be exaggerated by a large guild or sabotaged by disgruntled players, as can happen with rating systems.

  3. That could get boring for who?  Those that are burning things, killing things in the Campaigns?  Like we will know or care.   As I have said a million times the EK's will only be  important to those that want to make them important.  Btw;  The EK's are NOT the game.    


    You may not care, but people who are interested in EKs might.  They're certainly not the game, but they're a part of it.  All I'm saying is that a rating system would be redundant and useless when we can already find the larger kingdoms more easily than the smaller kingdoms.

  4. Sounds great. On the view of porting to different EK's you need a rating system; so people can sort by rating. Visit the best ones, etc.


    This is just asking for a few large guilds to dominate the EK scene.  That could get boring.  Larger kingdoms are easier to find than smaller ones anyway, we don't need a rating system on top of that.


    "Having a larger parcel (like a Mountain Citadel, or an Imperial Palace) added to the World is highly valuable to any Monarch, especially one who is trying to build a mercantile empire, because it offers very efficient use of build space (number of available contiguous building lots), increases the concurrent player cap of the World, and increases the Kingdom’s visibility for other players when the Kingdom is set “public”."

  5. The great thing about EKs is that they have appeal for both PvE and PvE oriented folks.  PvE players will probably enjoy building up their own kingdom, and PvP players will be able to craft and train in EKs to make themselves perform better out in the campaign worlds.


    Don't want to build an EK but want the advantages?  Go to a public EK.  You don't have to put work into your own EK if you don't want to.

    Honestly, what is there to complain about?

  6. On the topic of realism.... why?

    Why keep it realistic, what purpose does that serve?  If your just doing realism for realism sake, then your just cutting yourself off from potential ascetic designs for no good reason.  If your trying to lend credibility to your work by making it 'realistic', then you've missed the point.  All you end up doing is making your work look bland and generic.  And right now it is dead center of that.


    And lets face it, your dealing with a world that has magic, gods, an ever present evil, and animal people.  Your pretty far afield from realistic.

    It doesn't have to be WoW, but it does have to look good.

    Make a design and ascetic that looks good, that's cohesive with every part of your game, and we'll all be happy no matter what form it ends up in.

    Whether it be stylistic of realistic.


    I don't think they need any more credibility than they already have, honestly.  As for realism, this is only one of many archetypes, and this one is a Knight.  He looks like a Knight, I'm pretty sure that was the aesthetic they were going for.  There are plenty of archetypes, such as Frostweavers, Druids, and Stalkers that will have armor that is completely different and more exotic.  As it stands, their design is cohesive in everything they've shown us, in my opinion the Knight fits in just fine.


    I hope they continue to avoid the goofiness that is WoW.  I've played that game for many years, and while they have a skilled art team, some of their design choices are laughably bad.  I'm looking forward to Crowfall's art style just as much as I'm looking forward to the gameplay, and I really hope I'm not the only one.  The feedback has been mixed so far, but I hope the artists stick to their vision rather than relenting and making armor all sorts of complicated.

  7. Does anyone else find it amusing that in a game where killing is encouraged, a race which kills on the basis of gender is being berated?  I am avidly against this ideology in real life, but in a PvP game it seems so silly to pick on dark, cruel lore because it's sexist.  How many other players are your characters going to end up killing?  And to what end?  To gain land and resources?  Some of the eternal champions may be "good," but in games, it's ultimately about power no matter how pretty the cause looks.  (Unless you have a fantastic RP story, in which case I salute you.)

    In short, it's just a story.  No Fae is going to sneak up behind you and kill you in real life, and it's very unlikely that any sane human would do that either.

  8. Please don't assume that role playing and immersion is dependent on self-projection, many hard-core role-players would find nothing more boring than role playing themselves in the imaginary worlds they visit.


    This.  I'd consider myself a hardcore roleplayer, and I couldn't agree more.  I love the lore behind the Fae, it's new and refreshing.  They aren't one of the same boring races we generally see in other MMOs.  Now, I AM female, so I suppose I can't say much about males not liking the fact that assassins might only be female, but I will say that the character I loved to RP and to play most was male in a different MMO.  To me that isn't unusual, shameful, or weird in any way.  I loved his story and I still do, and amazingly, I'm still a lady in real life.  If any of you really want to play an assassin and the only thing in your way is the gender, I'd simply encourage you to give it a try before you decide you hate it, especially if you enjoy writing for your characters.

  9. If our only options are hair style, color, and face customization, I hope we have many options for each.  It's already been said, but I find it quite important to have a character that looks different, especially in an MMO.

    If they want to spice up their VIP incentives, they could always add to their customization as a perk for being a VIP. Sure, not everyone wants to subscribe, but I'm certain that people would be willing to pay for a month or two if they really care about their character looking the way they want their character to look.  This way people who care about their appearance are happy, people who don't care won't feel like they're losing out on anything important, and the game also receives financial support.

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