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    Streaming @twitch.tv with friends
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  1. Dear all, here are some of wrong german translation on Page first: erweise deine Freunde zu Crowfall Kratnog crowfall.com/join/Kratnog Chaque ami que vous parrainez et qui s'inscrit avec votre CODE CROW bénéficie d'une réduction de 10 % sur l'achat de tout pack de partenaire financier ! The fat made part is the wrong language ^^. This is france not german. The at the My Guild Clan Members (Clan Mitglieder) there stands Bewerben if i want to Promote a member ^^ The right word would be Befördern. In Game i got one i am keep in mind and this was
  2. Thanks for not letting us in the dark ^^. And the team should take the time to make it more greater as it already is 😉👍🏼
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