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  1. Yea and try to pvp or farm without good gear and get ganked so your current gear breaks and is unrepairable. You cant damage other players and they absolutely destroy you. It is a system design that revolves around having a huge guild supply chain or being in a hopeless struggle. And its this massive design flaw that overshadows any good qualities that crowfall possesses.
  2. They are withholding shadows until they finish making some changes. Taking bets.... My money is on new shadows campaign having Faction locking and population balancing as well as connected territory conquest where the frontline is easy to find wars at and theres no siege window times! My friend bets the new campaign will be more of the same old grind infested, cant find a fight, unbalanced teams, poorly made shadows with one minor change to something stupid like import tokens. What do you think they will come up with?
  3. Lol those blasted mats! They did ruin new world when they removed anti-grief scaling.(after alphas and closed betas with anti-grief scaling on, they removed it recently to favor the tryhard griefer bullies and twitch streamers who complained about getting owned by low level twinks \o/ ) So it is now just customary there to pve until end game and then get into the pvp action --- nw has aaa budget pve and envrionment. However, nw is also just a crappy ocarina/dark souls melee combat system mixed with a sort of third person shooter ranged combat system. (Nw's ranged combat is where it excels because its skill based lead-your-target to aim like darkfall instead of hitscan aiming, except heals.) But still the 3 ability per weapon bar is basically mobile phone gameplay and is a downgrade from eso/gw2 combat which were already downgrades from tera/bdo action combat systems and downgrades from tab targeting mmo pvp sophistication like wow/eq/ineage2. Thats why im saying crowfall could be better as a pvp game if they drop the dang pve workload requirement. But the motive behind their design appears to be grind less bad with vip sub. Nw, meanwhile with no sub requirement and a repair button anywhere in the world, with worse combat has won the day. Players make it obvious what they prefer to do with their time.
  4. If cf focuses their core gameplay loop around fun fair pvp, it would be successful. It still continues to be a "you cant compete without high tier crafted gear that takes huge amounts of grindwork to achieve" instead of just a pvp-centric game. Cf has decent combat but you cant experience it because its buried beneath mountains of grindwork. Such a simple obvious flaw that could easily be fixed. New world, you just flag pvp on and you can do a few pvp quests and then get faction gear that allows you to fight anyone near your level. Its simple and accessible to casuals. In cf, people kept telling me to just join a large guild and they would hook me up with gear. But i am not the type to ask people to spend hours grinding for gear to give to me. Cf is so easily fixable but they are too proud of their systems to just say forget them. Shrinking gear stats disparity gap, removing damage aoe caps, and making territories required to be connected like a conquest map should be..... Would easily save crowfall. But thats too much to ask apparently. 3 easy fixes and I would play cf over nw. But oh well. Elyon coming out tomorrow. Will be there too now!
  5. Quality game design would make the pvp skill based and shrink the gear stats disparity gap so that you wouldnt have to worry about being ungeared in dregs. You would effectively be able go focus on pvp, using talent and skill. Grinding to craft top tier gear would be for cosmetics and a *slight* advantage. Maybe a 5% max difference in gear stats. This way all players can fight competitively and win even without gear. (Like in planetside 2 faction wars) Instead, its not a pvp game with skillbased/talentbased combat, its designed so that grinding for gear makes you unstoppable versus someone not kitted out. Ironically this pve-centric design forces players to only focus pvp during siege window hours, and the rest of the time, grind pve for viable gear.(and the pve is horrendously mundane, so the game should have players focus on its strong suit, pvp combat. Except they cant bc they get 3 shotted by geared players and they cant damage them back. Aka pk griefing.) So its a pve grind to win game where quality pvp is rare and unachievable without grinding like a second job. Shrinking this stats gap would save the game, but no instead we keep it unfair, unfun, for everyone and this happens------ Obvious solution for crowfall. Let players just focus on pvp without mountains of required grindwork to compete!!! Its pvp game design 101. How many times do we have to say this? 🙄
  6. ttack from below. Blackfeatherco is such a shill for this game. Even an obvious exploit such as this that requires fixing ......blackfeatherco swoops in here and says, "dont change my perfect game!"
  7. I dont think its the dev team's fault. I think whoever is in charge of this operation doesnt give a flying BLEEP about this game and is out of touch with reality. Probably made hundreds of thousands of dollars off it over the years, though. Probably laughs about it. Probably laughs at how crowfall forum autocorrects the word shpoop into "poorly made dregs". (Ironic) If ace replaced this lead director or designer or whoever it is calling the shots with me or anyone with a passion for fair and fun gaming......i'd even take the job for no pay.... This game would have at least 10k players by february. But nooooo they continue to make the dev team look bad with their horrendous decisions. Crowfall is the sad reality of the gaming industry. Most games are now designed by business suits and not gamers. There is absolutely no way I could believe that the lead designer of crowfall actually plays crowfall.
  8. I have suspected that its not the dev team's fault, but rather the leader(s) of the project that make horrendous decisions. Budget and development employees and time were all there but the guy(s) making the decisions.....is(are) the worst.
  9. You took what I said out of context. I didnt say that at all
  10. Don't disparage the game yet. There are thousands of us just waiting on standby for this game to be slightly different and then most of us will return and play. The combat is there. It's the spine of a promising game. But they do need time to do something big like (i.e. make shadows into a fun romp gearless pvp connected territory conquest or something different than the campaigns they've tried so far.) And its tough to work on a big change when they have mounds of minor issues like this flight stuff to code. The devs are doing well but I still hope they focus on a real game saving change to the core gameplay loop design before they run out of time. I feel like a broken record. ðŸ‘ĒðŸĪš
  11. Just saying crowfall's best trait is its combat, small, medium, or large. But its buried beneath mountains of work and bs. And people couldnt enjoy the combat without doing tons of work bc the gear stats disparity is far too great and wholly replaces skill/talent if ungeared. And they wont scrap the overloaded work system bc the old rivalry guilds might leave the game. But everyone else left the game. Its like back to beta numbers in there. We just want the fun and way less work. On these forums i among others have offered many ways to achieve this. People take the scoreboard too seriously and theyve sucked the fun out and thats why over 90% of people who bought cf dont play and are just waiting for the real launch of it. But the real launch requires real changes to the slog core design. For example: planetside 2 has a 3 faction war simulator. But people just play to push the warfront border forward to try to conquer the entire zone. They have fun doing this, it involves always easy to find small, medium, and large scale combat because you just go to any captures along the warfront border frontlines and you can 24/7 find fighting and its fun. And anyone even on day one can jump into the action....any time with no lock windows or hours of grind work to enjoy the fun. CF can do this with shadows, no scoreboard just a fun glory filled conquest campaign that ends when one faction conquers and then we procedurally generate the next campaign. and keep dregs exactly the same with scoreboards and whatever. And i would bet tons of players would come back for shadows if they did. It would be inexpensive too. Anyway thats just one suggestion of many.
  12. Wrong, the game needs to supply fun for player retainment. Modeling treasures and toys is expensive development that they cant afford after this blunder of a soft launch. We need to do away with the scoreboard and make the game about conquest, fun and glory. People should log in to have fun. Not log in like theyre clocking in to a second job to earn a paycheck. We want fun! Make the game less serious.
  13. And....... What are the scoreboard rewards for winning in new world? There are none. Your reward in that game is fun and glory. Crowfall needs to be about fun .. not a serious work scoreboard grind. Change the blasted game! Its not expensive to do! New world has almost a million concurrent players....go figure!
  14. This scoreboard crap is lame af. Who really cares about these shoddy rewards? The ultimate reward for playing the game should be fun and glory.....not snowballing rewards for winners to become uncle bob witch each new campaign. This scoreboard is probably the main reason most buyers quit the game Its not fun. Its not glorious. Its not rewarding. Its work.
  15. Meanwhile ive had more pvp fun action in a week and a half of new world than i did in months of crowfall. Abolish the unglorious scoreboard that the boomers take too seriously and make the game about fun territory conquest instead of a scoreboard manipulator/watcher!! ðŸ’Ŋ
  16. Hes not leaving the game, he is suggesting we make them own up to their promises until they pull their heads out of the sand. The scoreboard system is garbage. Its not fun and its taken too seriously by the largest guilds with 20 year old rivalries. If the devs said forget these old farts that theyve listened to all these years and just made the game a: PVP TERRITORY CONQUEST WAR SIMULATOR OF FUN rather than a scoreboard manipulator simulator that people take too seriously and is mostly work with no play..... People would enjoy the game and support it. But no, cant have fun. Must take the scoreboard seriously so as to not upset the large old rivalry guilds. Who cares if the majority of the playerbase quit......lets just keep catering to the poorly made dergsty design favored by the large old boomer guilds and forget about providing fun for everyone else. People who bought it wont return until they change the game so that its fun and say forget the old fart feudal serf guilds, their way clearly is not what works. The steam launch needs bigger changes than just free to grind.
  17. Its a slap in the face that theyve spent months remaking the npe to trick free trial players into buying the game before realizing its fatal flaws. And they dont seem to care about 90% of us customers who bought/backed the game and dont log in to play anymore because they sucked the fun out of it to cater to the large boomer guilds with 20 year rivalries from other video games who would rather play a second job feudal serf grind to win and park more players during siege window to win than just a fun thrilling action throne war. Instead of just making some simple tweaks to make the game more about pvp conquest and thrills and fun ...they just double down on their long dreary slog to grind and craft and wait for siege windows then stare at the scoreboard with very little consistent or fair pvp action going on. Most player feedback since launch has been 'we enjoy the small, medium, large scale pvp but we cannot find enough of it because its too much work and not enough play.' The npe wont keep players long term. The lineage2 style grind wont keep players long term. FUN is what keeps players long term!!! Stop trying to trick new players into buying so they can then quit after 2 weeks. Stop catering to these guilds with 20 year rivalries and start catering to your 90% of paid up customers WHO STOPPED LOGGING IN. The irony of it all is that their own forum filter autocorrects curse words like poop into the phrase ----- "POORLY MADE DREGS" Like they are aware their own design is poorly made and they just laugh at us for caring.
  18. With 7.2 comes changes to the NPE....why? The new player experience just showcases the middle and end game experiences....The majority of people who bought the game quit after experiencing the middle and end gameplay experiences. Why on earth are you wasting development time and resources on a new player experience when you lost so many players who made it past the NPE and were wholly unsatisfied with the core design of the game? New players are not what you should be focusing on. You should be using your time and efforts to bring back the majority of customers who already bought the game but refuse to play because the core gameplay design is a boring, unfair slog of grindwork that rarely involves skilled, thrilling action. Look at all the reviews of this game and believe them. Stop wasting time on the npe and change the blasted game! Or give me a refund because this random scattered capture, non-territory based, score board watching, zone parking filler grindfest where stats cant be beat by skill or talent and strategy ultimately boils down to nameplate blob zergs of short windowed battleground instances owned by uncle bob is not the pvp throne war originally advertised when I backed it. ðŸŽŊ🏌ïļðŸ™„
  19. Lol, dead game is dead. It's the players' fault!
  20. Yea i just got issued a warning by ace for non constructive feedback in a post, when all i said boiled down to "crowfall is all farming and no action." These people really should issue refunds to backers. I dont want to be here anymore. I just want my money back for supporting this ek parcel sale mmo. Bunch of incompetent sellouts. The game is all farm labor and no action. That is my constructive feedback. Jerk store.
  21. Thats when it hits you......gamigo...i mean ace* designed the game to be a slog with gimmicky eks just because they wanted money for the eks. Sellouts > passionate game design.
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