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  1. They're passionate and competitive about their game. Once the game is released, show them. Actions speak louder than words. Not sure you'll last in a hostile community with the mentality of "people were mean to me, I'll show them they're toxic by leaving!". Exactly what they want. That's the bottom line.
  2. I'm all for trash talk when it's valid, it motivates people to get better. However I don't think it's fair to bully a group, before their skills are evaluated. After they've been tested? Sure, go right ahead. Assuming things based on their game history before the details on Crowfall are released? Not a fan.
  3. And that's the bottom line.

  4. MOBA's are my thing, and here's my opinion on them: I can't label any game or genre as hardcore, as that's the player's dedication. In all games, there's dedicated players, there's casual, and there's anywhere inbetween. The same goes with MOBA's: there's the players who study the metagame, analyze detailed aspects of the game, and there's the ones that play just for fun. I'd say hardcore players, are ones that are willing to invest alot of time into getting a better understanding of said game. The community is generally based off of the professional player's opinions on things, which most people agree with. Disagreeing will just get flamers yelling "You suck, you're low elo and you think you know more than someone better than you?", so there's not a positive way to share your opinion. Streaming is gigantic in the genre, as again, professional players dictate the scene. My general conclusion is that more people watch someone, than do it themselves. Hardcore? Wouldn't say the entire population is. Definitely dedicated into improving their play? Absolutely.
  5. Seeing this unfold is going to be like watching the stereotypical goody-two-shoes work together with the school bully. Will make for great entertainment, to say the least.
  6. I'm assuming the core design of the game is already decided. While I don't think the process is even close to being finished, I wouldn't think we'd receive beta invites for a game that hasn't even begun coding, or brainstorming. My guess is maybe late 2016? I couldn't imagine we'd be invited 5 years before the launch of the game.
  7. Characters in different classes/schools normally play and quest together, so there's no real identity between your character. Would be great to feel loyal and belong to your class, and others would be considered enemies.
  8. Assuming we have to choose between a variety of classes, I'd rather us not mingle between ourselves, and rather contribute to our race(or group, whatever you want to describe it as). It's more fun to play a game where you work towards a common goal amongst your members, aiming for top prize, rather than our identity meaning very little.
  9. joshy


    Hoping if magic is in the game, it's summoned through something other than a simple hotkey. Also would like changing terrain as spells(if possible), rather than some bland cast able fireball. Well they did say they'll try different things, so only time will tell?
  10. I disagree on free to play games being sub-par. It's all based on the company and their decisions, not the model itself. I'd actually argue that pay to play is a more damaging model, as many advantages are given to players with better wallets, which is unfair. You need to successfully implement ways for profit, but not completely alienate all players who are unsure if they can afford a subscription fee.
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