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  1. Updated information and recruitment begins again. We are multi-gaming guild and we invite our members to join us in Crowfall and other upcoming MMOs. - Updated website and recruitment information. - New discord server with organizational features/bots/etc.
  2. @ghosthog @Flashman Hey guys, we are still around. I'm currently updating the website and I'll be sure to update the post to reflect that once everything is finished. Right now we're a relatively small guild, 15-20 members or so. Most of us are simply waiting for Crowfall to go live or get a little closer to a finished state before we jump in and give it the attention the game deserves. We're still excited for the game. We're mostly focused on playing tabletop games right now and few other games that come out before CFs main release.
  3. @BastardDM Based on the type of gameplay experience you're seeking, I think you'd make for a very good fit within the IC guild!
  4. @BastardDM That's something related to PC games where RP is the primary focus. It's not going to end all be all of our rulings on how things work in the games we play, but it is for a lot of the games that we've been in. Our guild is an RP-PvP guild in Crowfall, but the RP isn't going to be nearly as involved as it has been in other games we've played. Basic lore centered around our EK and just trying to immerse ourselves in the game world.
  5. @BastardDM Our applications are open. You can check out our application here: http://ironcirclegaming.com/tic-recruitment/
  6. @betaguy Hey man, thank you! The website is right in the middle of a new design and a lot of links are still dead/not working. I appreciate the feedback. Everything should be good to go and running in a week or two.
  7. New website is live! Still working on it, but the foundations are there. Still recruiting dedicated crows.
  8. @monsterfurby Yes indeed, we are a US based guild. A lot of us are in the CST timezone!
  9. Updated information. We're still around and recruiting for both contributors to our Eternal Kingdom and guild members!
  10. I think it'd be more interesting to get to choose between the two, have a portable version or take the statue to have it in your home. I'm mostly interested in the statue as a center piece. Ruby and beyond should def net all rewards! I promise I'm not just saying that because I'm a Ruby backer.
  11. Nice, might put in a spot for an alliance. Those rarely tend to work out in games like these, but here's to hoping!
  12. Very cool concept. As the leader of a RP-PvP guild, I'm very interested! I'll be on the Discord at some point to hit you up with some details.
  13. I'm not really a fan of this. I've never been the guy who enjoys piecing things together, just because it always ends up looking like trash. I have a small castle/medium castle that I'll be getting these pieces for, right? If that's the case is there any way for us backers to actually keep the pre-built land parcel? Because if not the biggest draw of buying these bundles is basically a complete waste for me at this point. I don't mind the module design being there, I like Dwarven Forge tabletop terrain as much as anybody, but I don't really want to build a castle like that.
  14. Much appreciated Gizmaul! Glad to be a part of the growing community and certainly looking forward to more testing days.
  15. Maybe you're in it for the coin. Maybe it's the excitement. Maybe, just maybe, it's because you know you'll be pushed beyond your limits and brought to a moment when you must either destroy your weaknesses utterly or be broken. It's inconsequential. The Iron Circle calls to you. Those who join the guild are trained in well-guarded techniques, stances and disciplines. As a result, they tend to think and act differently than other adventurers. The Circle's full-blooded members are relentless huntsmen of the battlefield, often singling out and isolating individual enemies before joining to quickl
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