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  1. mourning server sounds familiar. and no that all centaur guild does not look familiar. I think my centaurs name was thgein. I do believe udl came to our server after a certain amount of time. was there more than 1 RP server?
  2. Remembering some names as im reminiscing. the guild leader for blood of the kin was a guy with a char named feng and he was a total d-bag lol. also met a very nice lady named collis in game from the all elf guild. I had two accounts, one with a druid for powerleveling and all maxed chars. my centaur had a special GM awarded spear that had a life drain proc on it.
  3. I don't remember the name of the server or the name of the characters I played. I do remember that we met in an all elf guild called blood of the kin and then went on to form an all centaur guild that dominated in PvP (forgot the name of the centaur guild). A guy named james and his girlfriend kim flew out from the east coast and we met up with another player from a guild called OPP (order of the pink pansies?) in santa Barbara. The server also had an all dwarf guild and a mostly minotaur guild called morlochs vengeance. I think my first characters name was gromph beanre
  4. I have seen other threads showing that this is possible but when im looking at the store now I am not seeing anything that confirms I can do this. How do I gift this game if possible?
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