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    MMO's and the guilds that play them. Check out the Dragon Chasers video cast.
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    USA Baby!
  1. Thanks for the kind words man. We look forward to rolling with you guys in game!
  2. Very impressive honesty as always Gordon!
  3. Let's be clear; this game won't fail or succeed on Tab target or not. I am using the "Suggestion Box" forum to make a "SUGGESTION". Stroh = Awesome Thry = Awesome It helps for us old folks to track down the highlighted enemy in a group of mobs or PVP players.
  4. I want to be able to hit the TAB button and see my target get highlighted. I want to hit TAB button again, and see a different enemy get highlighted. This is merely a graphical way to easily see "my" target. The combat system, can be whatever they want. If the developers can't or won't do it, then that is their choice. However; this is the proper forum and place to make suggestions. Thus, I am suggesting something that I would like to see in the game. I thank you all for your feedback.
  5. Thyr, I want to be able to use TAB to cycle through targets to see and focus on them. I DO NOT want to use Tab to fight or initiate combat activity.
  6. Well, I guess I am missing the point of your comments. What I want to make sure is there is the ability to TAB target to the MOB or NPC I am attacking. I read the post that Arawulf put in there. However, I request that the DEVs consider having an option where I can cycle through my targets via TAB button. As stated, I don't like TERA nor do I like the Wildstar form of combat systems. Age of Conan had Tab Target and Hit Boxes which would or could include one or multiple targets within the Hit Box. I agree that only hitting the target Tab Targeted would be sub-optimal.
  7. I guess I haven't done the level of reading that you all have. What do you mean it is not possible? Wildstar still had tab targeting as an option. I guess I don't understand enough on why they can't have that in this game. With a "troll free" request, could someone explain or help point out where is explains that? I did read that they were trying to do a more action based combat like Wildstar. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, I would like to formally request that the Development Team consider offering TAB Targeting as an option for us older players. I for one HATED the Wildstar combat system. I want TAB target so I can cycle through my enemies and clearly see who I cam attacking. This helps for clearly identifying the NPC, MOB, or Player Character I am focusing on. Additionally, the integration of Targets above the targets head for team coordination of FOCUS FIRE should be integrated to easily identify the target that the group or team should be focusing on. Please give this serious consideration
  9. I'm not exactly sure who could afford this, but what a nice goal for a guild to get their commerce working smartly. We will have a Sapphire backed Guild level Eternal Kingdom upon which we will have some MASTER crafters creating amazing wares for purchase and Campaign support. We are greatly interested in Australian guilds to ally with to keep up Campaign support for 24x7 activity.
  10. Hey, we are planning to have an alliance with MOG Nation once the game gets a little more developed. I think they want to see how the game matures over the next year or two. We have all been burned by over preparing for MMO's that come out then burn out in like 2 months. So, we will be loosely gathering member guilds that want to ally with us against the hunger.
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