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  1. Most MMOs I've played, allowed you to rotate the camera with the mouse while having your inventory open. If you right click outside the inventory tab, the cursor has different properties.
  2. OK, I guess I'll look for it. But shouldn't this option be the default?
  3. Hi. I've been waiting to play this game for a while now, and I've just joined with my beta group. In all honesty, my experience was not pleasant. I liked the core gameplay and the direction this game is going but there are a lot of things that need to be redone or be removerd in my opinion. Keep in mind, I'm just a new player and my suggestions are made based only in my few hours of gameplay. Some of the are: 1) Maps: Needlesly large maps, with huge distances from one place to another. I've met only a few enemy players on any map, I had to travel great distances (creates dowtime) to get to other maps (to get to a portal), most of them feel somewhat empty, and I offers nothing but a waste of time, especially when only a few players are playing. If making the maps smaller isn't the best idea, at least fill them with more things to do. 2) World transfer: Although not a bad idea, I suggest not locking items on GvG worlds. I've returned from a GvG world with nothing on me. Not even my horse, and I wasn't properly informed how imported items work. This falls on me mostly though, but overall not a great idea to me. 3) Loot: After 2 hours of game today (30 minutes being me traveling) the loot I got wasn't so great. I guess I have to craft the appropriate items, but not even decent loot was dropped throughout my game time. And the funny things that I looted most of the things me and my friends got, so I can only imagine how bad their loot must be. 4) Timers: Every timer I saw on any map (for sieges and etc.), the countdown had at least 2 hours left. I've logged in on many different times, and nothing was ever available in less that 2 hours. I'm not sure if this needs to be changed, but the game felt less fun since we couldn't do any of these activities. 5) Social: Not place to find people to play with. There should be an LFG panel allowing people to find other players to play with. It would help a few players find people to play/explore with and probably have more fun. That's not so important though (at least to me). 6) General: Let people open their inventories while moving, make the map be transparent, make players teleport to the statue they want to go instead of flying there (at least give them the option), make portals (to many different maps) more accessible instead of having them on the other side of the map. These were a few suggestions I have as a new player. More will come up while I play. Feel free to correct me where you think I might be harsh or wrong regarding the changes I've suggested.
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