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  1. Will 5.8 finally let us drop our Fallen Colossus??? And where can we buy that hat Todd was wearing in the Q&A November video???
  2. A daily cap limit would be fair......But they have more testing and time to figure it out.
  3. You cant please all of the people all of the time. I am more than pleased on how CF is turning out....
  4. There are quite a few old SB players waiting for Crowfall......
  5. Full looting PvP....that's what makes Crowfall different, and the reason most of us are here.
  6. So I assume that the size of the house dictates how many vendors can be placed in them? Cottages get one vendor slot? Villas get two vendor slots? A Manor gets three vendors ?? Is this about right?
  7. Thanks for putting up the math! Well done to everyone!
  8. The more I read on the time bank, the more its appealing. I think 24 hours is more than fair. Besides, it only takes a minute or two to train once a day. Small price to pay.
  9. Been gone for a little while. Can someone give me a link to the explanation of the new skill training and time banks plz? Been searching the forums and cant find it. Thank you!!
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