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  1. Why do some attacks go by reticle, and some attacks go in direction character is facing. This is pretty awkward.
  2. How is logging an alt out at every thing you own, a real proper strategy? Have none of the developers every played GW2 WvW?
  3. When equipping Rapier / Pistol, I'm assuming the off hand pistol handles all the attacks. But when duel pistols do all attacks use main hand, or do the same attacks that used the off hand before still use the offhand? Or do all attacks now fire off main hand damage? Which hand does which pistol go for burst or dps?
  4. I think they need to do away with the Joveth / Infected thing all together. R1-5 Joveth maps, no pvp, no chiefs. Elite / Captains only R6-8 Infected Maps, pvp, no loot. Elite / Captains / Chiefs R8-10 Pvp, Inventory loot, Elite / Captains / Chiefs / Kings R1-10 can all be faction based. And then have separate Campaign / Dregs / Whatever maps for everything else. But the main area is persistent.
  5. You're going to see why this is a factor when the wipe comes. When it will be months before decent gear can be crafted, and all the good gear will have to come from heavily camped chiefs / kings. There's going to be a lot of great opportunities for good pvp in Infected and Campaign, and Dregs however those rules work but Joveth is going to be cancer.
  6. 2 seperate spots on the talent tree increase personal healing. The only healing I can find that a Vanguard Scout will do, is from regen.
  7. I've been going through all the abilities that a Vanguard Scout has, and I can't find one that does healing other than Spunky. Am I missing something?
  8. While I support the skill heals, I also believe this game needs more smart heals where a healer can hit a skill on cool down and it heals the lowest party > guild > faction member in range. Targeted heals are great tests of skill, but landing it through traffic on the one that needs it, is very difficult. if not impossible.
  9. I feel like some zones are so full of fog that I often forget how beautiful the game really is. I feel like there's to much fog in the game, or it lasts too long.
  10. Is there any where in Campaign with an artifact table for converting artifact scrolls to binds? I've been running around looking for one. Can't find one.
  11. This game will never have an even playing field because of time gated passives. This is probably the most new player unfriendly game ever made. Your passives transfer over to the campaign, and it takes very little time for someone with full passives to gain everything they might have had outside of campaign in campaign, except new players will be locked into campaign and won't be able to harvest / craft until they've waiting x amount of time to compete with older accounts. The import / export system makes no sense in the way you described, and only rewards older accounts. You can transport over naked and get full geared up relatively quickly provided your account is old enough. How does this in any way help balance new vs old players?
  12. One thing I like about Albion, is the Blue > Yellow > Red > Black zones. One world. Where everyone logs into. Where all the resources are shared and if you want access to better items you have to have the greatest risk. What is the reasoning for Joveth > Infected > Campaign? What's with the "token" system for going back and forth between Campaign mode? Why dilute the player base so much? How does this improve anything when it mostly just makes things more difficult all around.
  13. Exactly, you know there are going to be players who sit in newb zones ninja looting kings/chiefs I mean why wouldn't they?
  14. Ok well hopefully ACE learns why no other company has loot like this after years of other companies gathering data on this. Player loot being FFA is ok, mob loot being FFA, is just weird outside pvp zones.
  15. Each player gets their own loot. Like every other modern MMO, I could even support one loot table being locked to someone on the aggro table.
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