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  1. Building costs from Blueprints and mats can also be considered
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/SmellyDreamyOilMau5-jikHVTFsM0J77brr https://clips.twitch.tv/DirtyInquisitiveWrenchNononoCat-_oxa7AFhgzz7EFqO https://clips.twitch.tv/BreakableAstuteMonkeyPermaSmug-FjYscvw6QqB7OrkE CrusaderW is right, its starting to become a problem, the links provided showcase some instances of this macro abuse, some of which are one the Official CF Twitch.
  3. Don't listen to the haters man! Your build is revolutionary! I can tell because I graduated top of my class in GAMER SCHOOL! Lets show these haters who have been testing the game for approximately 5 years how REAL GAMERS make builds.
  4. Likes on Live: -The progression is literally saved, no longer need to wait 2 months after a wipe to actually start testing. Dislikes on Live: -Crafting Dics drops seem brutal in comparison to the amount of Materials needed in some crafts. -Mobile banking: In regards to the recent discussion and the poll posted in this very forum, I think its absolutely clear what the community thinks of it. -Pit Fighters are not tanks, they're extremely tanky damage dealers who can escape almost anything, Mobile, Good damage, Immortal, and picked by people who don't wanna fight/die. -Frostweaver Ultimate for some baffling reason keeps getting buffed, it gives the Invulnerability for way too long and charges really fast so it can give the FW Invuln again for way too long.
  5. Don't forget Infected being a safe haven for farming during campaign and Unlocking characters from campaign to send their loot to the bank then rejoining for a 100% safe resource Transport
  6. It makes all the sense, game needs more risk, all the Warstories of people defying odds and getting the loot to the temple will start flooding in.
  7. NO! Stop! This is too convenient! I want crafting to stay a soul crushing tedious experience that breaks my mouse and makes me not want to craft until its absolutely necessary!
  8. I have never fought over chests, we need a reason for harvesters to get out in war parties.
  9. I have NEVER fought for the Fort chests, not even the Neutral ones.
  10. As we discussed on Discord, I'd much rather we tune the current mechanics to generate more pvp instead of implementing points for the sake of points, Equinar's latest podcast had some good ideas regarding forts and such.
  11. That's the thing, this is Winterblades, they're going to use any advantage they can get, good luck convincing them not to use it is what I mean, or good luck convincing the devs that its bad for the game 😁 Edit: When I said "Its an advantage" I didn't mean that its a good thing, my guild is not big enough to split up like that anyway.
  12. You see, lets say that DIS (Sun) found a king before W (Moon) could make it there, W would have members in Sun who could Ninja loot the king and DIS would not be able to do anything about it. In other words, its an advantage to have people in more than one faction.
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