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  1. I'm looking forward to the next patch going onto live and a better new player experience with harvesting and seasons. We're still looking for more cool cats to join us to test Crowfall and play other games with our community.
  2. Weird, it should have been set to never expire. Thank you for letting me know though and I have updated the link.
  3. We're still around and looking for more cool folks to come hang out and game with us. At the moment we're jumping into Bless to get our large scale PvP fix while we wait for Crowfall soft launch.
  4. We're playing Sea of Thieves, PUBG/Fortnite, Vermintide, and a bit of WoW while we wait for Crowfall, Ashes, and CoE
  5. Order at the moment until the dregs server goes live.
  6. It's good to be back, I had handed off my crowfall division to someone when I was still in Pax, so that I could work on CoE. Since my group is no longer a part of Pax, and since Pax also no longer exists as a community, I figured it was about time to jump back into Crowfall again.
  7. Discord: https://discord.gg/uSvvYEm Our values Our motto is classy and sassy, this defines how we interact with the larger community as a whole. We keep things respectable, we don't trash talk, but we encourage folks to be sassy and to include as many jazz hands as possible. We hold honoring our word above all else, because we realize as a community all we have to bargain with is our word and our reputation. We listed ourselves as Semi-hardcore, for two reason. 1) We believe that one hour of play time a week, is one more hour than we would of had before 2) We believe th
  8. Looks like we'll be playing some Albion Online, while we wait for Crowfall.
  9. At current with every ability being basically an AOE, any amount of clumping is just a terrible idea anyway. You would end up killing your own team mates if you just traveled in a large mass. Traveling like that means when you do get attacked, you will suffer immediate losses, while your team repositions so they aren't hitting themselves.
  10. To compliment Freeze's point if you institute a perma death system, whats to stop me from registering my entire guild on the first day, and then not playing at all until the last day? Sure you might have better gear/better position, but the amount of people you have left is almost negiligible in comparison to my entire group that hasn't lost anyone since we haven't played. At that point, whoever and whatever is left is just easily mopped up, and the person who didn't plan has a drastically increased chance of winning to the person who has been playing? Whats the counter to that? You could
  11. That's a fair criticism, though I guess a follow up question would be, given that the game isn't out yet, what other feasible requirement could there be? Since Darkfall doesn't exactly play like a Moba [Which crowfall, really does.] What sort of way can player skill be measured, to give an accurate account of a player's ability? You could try Smite, since it has a similar combat system, but then you lack FF and larger group sized combat tactics. You could try DF, but it's combat is radically different, same with Shadowbane. I would even say current Crowfall plays radically different than futur
  12. Yeah, we have been running Smite Nights again, so you need to stop by TS and join us for those! I'm looking forward to seeing how the Champion plays in the next Pre-Alpha test.
  13. Hell, why not. Send me an invite please.
  14. I'm wondering how many stuns each class will have available, given that we haven't seen the promotion classes or disciplines yet. Though 2-3 second stuns with a ttk of 40 seconds or greater is pretty good, and doesn't seem terrible to me. It's more a question of access, since we don't know if this is the only stun this class or any class will get, and I would rather not see a character with 3 or 4 different stun abilities.
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