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  1. I'm looking forward to the next patch going onto live and a better new player experience with harvesting and seasons. We're still looking for more cool cats to join us to test Crowfall and play other games with our community.
  2. Weird, it should have been set to never expire. Thank you for letting me know though and I have updated the link.
  3. We're still around and looking for more cool folks to come hang out and game with us. At the moment we're jumping into Bless to get our large scale PvP fix while we wait for Crowfall soft launch.
  4. We're playing Sea of Thieves, PUBG/Fortnite, Vermintide, and a bit of WoW while we wait for Crowfall, Ashes, and CoE
  5. Order at the moment until the dregs server goes live.
  6. It's good to be back, I had handed off my crowfall division to someone when I was still in Pax, so that I could work on CoE. Since my group is no longer a part of Pax, and since Pax also no longer exists as a community, I figured it was about time to jump back into Crowfall again.
  7. Discord: https://discord.gg/uSvvYEm Our values Our motto is classy and sassy, this defines how we interact with the larger community as a whole. We keep things respectable, we don't trash talk, but we encourage folks to be sassy and to include as many jazz hands as possible. We hold honoring our word above all else, because we realize as a community all we have to bargain with is our word and our reputation. We listed ourselves as Semi-hardcore, for two reason. 1) We believe that one hour of play time a week, is one more hour than we would of had before 2) We believe that anyone can be taught how to play a game better. This means that we look for folks with a good attitude, an ability to listen and follow directions, and to be able to handle constructive criticisms. These are the people Cremoria wants, those that have the right attitude, not just skilled players. How we play Our core membership are Pvpers, but we realize that in order to hold territory to any significant degree, that we need gatherers, and crafters. We are pragmatists and not simple gankers, instead we take the political game seriously, and do not go to war lightly. We operate on restraint and clear cost benefit analysis before deciding who and how we target folks. What we're playing Currently we're heavily invested in Ashes of Creation. Outside of MMo's, we run weekly games of Stellaris, Smite, League, board games , and PubG.
  8. Looks like we'll be playing some Albion Online, while we wait for Crowfall.
  9. At current with every ability being basically an AOE, any amount of clumping is just a terrible idea anyway. You would end up killing your own team mates if you just traveled in a large mass. Traveling like that means when you do get attacked, you will suffer immediate losses, while your team repositions so they aren't hitting themselves.
  10. To compliment Freeze's point if you institute a perma death system, whats to stop me from registering my entire guild on the first day, and then not playing at all until the last day? Sure you might have better gear/better position, but the amount of people you have left is almost negiligible in comparison to my entire group that hasn't lost anyone since we haven't played. At that point, whoever and whatever is left is just easily mopped up, and the person who didn't plan has a drastically increased chance of winning to the person who has been playing? Whats the counter to that? You could create mandatory play, but that's easy enough to exploit. The only counter would be Rust's sytem of having bodies there even after logout, but bodies + perma death, is just nuts. You will bleed subs with that model, because it encourages the night raid, as remember not everyone will own a castle. It means all the mercs and others who do romes would be killed the first day, leaving the game in a way more boring state. tldr: Perma death works for short campaigns, as battle royals almost, but never for extended campaigns. Permadeath as an extended campaign type is far too easy to exploit.
  11. That's a fair criticism, though I guess a follow up question would be, given that the game isn't out yet, what other feasible requirement could there be? Since Darkfall doesn't exactly play like a Moba [Which crowfall, really does.] What sort of way can player skill be measured, to give an accurate account of a player's ability? You could try Smite, since it has a similar combat system, but then you lack FF and larger group sized combat tactics. You could try DF, but it's combat is radically different, same with Shadowbane. I would even say current Crowfall plays radically different than future Crowfall, given how fast paced the combat is vs how much slower combat will be with the inclusion of FF. Overall, my view is that skill and unit cohesion can be taught, provided one has the right attitude. So some arbitrary requirement doesn't really change much. If your meaning is, do we include non PvP people? Of course, even the most pvp centric person still needs crafters, perhaps not for gear, but certainly to build siege equipment and fortifications. I would say our hardcore nature comes more from the use of squad based tactics/roles/EVE fleet command support. We also play to win, fun is sort of a bonus, rather than the goal. However if you don't find that hardcore enough, than fair enough.
  12. Yeah, we have been running Smite Nights again, so you need to stop by TS and join us for those! I'm looking forward to seeing how the Champion plays in the next Pre-Alpha test.
  13. Hell, why not. Send me an invite please.
  14. I'm wondering how many stuns each class will have available, given that we haven't seen the promotion classes or disciplines yet. Though 2-3 second stuns with a ttk of 40 seconds or greater is pretty good, and doesn't seem terrible to me. It's more a question of access, since we don't know if this is the only stun this class or any class will get, and I would rather not see a character with 3 or 4 different stun abilities.
  15. Howdy folks! Nice to see you guys finally make a post on the official boards.
  16. Artcraft? I mean it was one of the kickstarter stretch goals.
  17. How is that different from the normal day to day activity of these forums? I wouldn't classify antagonizing others as good sportsmanship, so using that logic we can safely say having forums is also a bad idea that results in a hate fest of poor sportsmanship.
  18. Actually there is a tangible prize, an invitation to the tournament level campaign.
  19. Then if you don't care about winning, perhaps this game isn't for you? This game has clearly defined win conditions, and people can objectively win this thing. If you don't care about epeen or winning, you can play an actual sandbox that lacks win conditions, like every other sandbox ever. Also the topic of windows of opportunity, directly relates to winning and or not winning. If you don't care about winning, then windows don't matter, because nothing matters, rendering everything in this thread moot, and really all future discussions about anything moot. And if making assumptions about what I think this game will have is no longer okay, than whats the point of the forums? No one has concrete information about anything, and yet there are hundreds of threads of just speculation and assumption.
  20. What is being discussed here? If you don't care about winning, the loss of anything becomes irrelevant in anything but an epeen contest. Though I mean you get to then say you kept your keep, but also you lost the campaign, so that feels like a loss of epeen.. Which means you don't get to go to the super epeen tournament campaign. So I'm not sure what is being discussed here, but I'm infinitely curious to know.
  21. It's not an issue of not having round the clock PvP, it's the issue of what PvP strategically helps me win? If the only thing that gives victory points are Keeps, you can have round the clock PvP all you want, but that's an exercise in futility. At some point random pvp, will have diminishing returns. That point will be when the guild has far too much of a surplus of gear, that the PvP then shifts to objective based. You might get the lucky caravan haul, but I wouldn't count on that with any regularity. The problem is that the things that would give you points/score/what have you, wouldn't be up for attack nearly as often as they should be. Not with a 3 day system anyway, especially in any campaign less then 3 months.
  22. 1) I think this is a weird argument, people in WOW raid 3-6 hours every 3-4 days and aren't exhausted by it, but you are? Why are you setting your thing to start at 9pm? Is it the time that it ends that is problematic? Seems like you should set it to a time that is more convenient for you. And if playing the game and PvPing often is exhausting, I don't even know how to respond to that line of thinking, so fair enough? 2A) Going to tackle power first: Not necessarily, this is a problem the real world runs into all the time. It's how we have the idea that throwing more people on a project, will make that project go faster, but what actually ends up happening is the project becomes more complex, longer, and convoluted that it never ends up working well. Y Similarly you can throw numbers at an opponent, but it doesn't necessarily mean you will win. That larger number group still needs effect cohesion to mitigate friendly fire, needs well trained people who won't break rank the second things go south, You also need those players to be effective at targeting the correct people, those who can react well enough to new and changing situations as combat progresses. You have more damage to worry about as a smaller group for sure, but there are many ways to mitigate that. Here are some to consider! A) Surprise attack, windows allow you to attack them, when they might otherwise not be ready for it, giving you an advantage that could potentially turn the tide of battle B )With better cohesion, and better targeting, keeping friendly fire to a minimum, and dodging attacks, since attacks need to be aimed can result in the mitigation of a lot of damage. C) Better strategy, bait them out of their holding, and set up an ambush, this will force them to change formation to deal with the new threat. D) Use underground tunnels to do hit and runs, slowly whittling them down, knowing when and how to disengage, and setting up good plans for disengagement, can lead to a lot more damage to them. E) Get more numbers that are well coordinated, the well coordinated part is key, more numbers doesn't necessarily mean more power, but rather the potential for more friendly damage. Instances where numbers are better is if they so vastly outnumber you that they can legitimately trap you inside their formation, given real physics, you won't be able to get out. Though for trapping, you would need to make a tactical faux pas. F) Get their allies to turn and betray them, through whatever means possible, use politics to your advantage. G) You are not alone, there are clear victory conditions, and everyone will be playing to win. If you are playing this like you are considering it's just you vs another guild, then that is incorrect. It's always you vs the server, because you are going to try to win, which means everyone loses. Anyone who pulls ahead will have a target on their back the second they are in the lead. 2B) You need to reward someone for taking risk, people do not take additional risk for the lols. If you rewarded them with nothing for taking increased risk, than there is no need to even bother with the entire system from the get go, and we end up back in the same problems as before. Now these rewards don't need to be and shouldn't be so gigantic for a 24/7 guild or even a 12/7 guild that no one can ever catch up. They should be decent, but not to the point where they become unstoppable. For example: Minimum vp per hour is 1 Every additional hour is .1, it will add up over time, but it is not impossible to catch up. 3) Your example here was that numbers didn't matter for defense, you are saying that you would need to recruit to go up from 20, which implies that numbers matter for defense. And yes, you are playing the wrong game if you have 20 dudes, your forces regardless of skill, will be stretched too thin to be able to compete reliably. If the time to travel from one side of the map to another is greater than a half hour, it means many many fights/resources/etc you will always be unable to go after. If you decide to go after more things, you will need to split up, causing even further strain. I can't give you what would be a great number to shoot for, it's certainly not 20, it depends on the size of the map. But if the size of the map is small enough that 20 people can reliably and easily compete, than that is problematic on many many new levels.
  23. And more risk of losing absolutely everything. You need to be confident that you are skilled enough to defend the point. You can gain tons of resources by having it open 24/7, but you also have to defend it 24/7. Are you saying that you can't defeat them? If not, why not? Gear has already been said to be a lower power curve than player skill. If you can take it from them, then set your window to something you are confident that you can reliably defend/make a tactical decision based on its value, then you can not only easily catch up by playing smart, but you can also win, by making good choices. Lets put it another way, if I only need to worry about attacks every 3 or so days, whats to stop me from using a large force to gain more vp/resources stuff? I bane you, send quadruple the amount of dudes you have. You have a few choices. 1) Defend and lose- I gain lots of stuff 2) Defend and win- I draw out the combat [see 1A] 3) Not Defend and lose, I gain lots of stuff [see 1B] 1A) While you are fighting, I am sending the rest of my dudes all over the map to take everything else you own, and generally stop you from gaining resources/vp in whatever forms they take. You are unable to stop me, because you have committed your troops to defend that point. 1B) While you are not fighting, you engage one of my roaming bands, unfortunately, it's only one roaming band that you have time to engage, and you are unable to stop the six others because you lack enough players to stop me. Five roaming bands, and I took the point I was interested in. With player driven windows, I need to constantly worry about being attacked/weighing the value of defense or abandonment on a consistent basis, and therefore I don't want to over commit troops to anything I don't have to. This forces me to pull back a significant amount of my forces that would otherwise harry you for my own stuffs defense. Because I pulled back, you have the option to engage me, and potentially take my stuff, or you have the option to grab things I am not protecting, or generally grabbing other valuable resources/vp that I am otherwise unable to get to because I am valuing protecting my own stuff. This allows you to play catch up in other ways, that you would previously not be able to do.
  24. 1) I'm not contesting this, I am contesting the need to worry about a battle only once every couple of days, with no surprises. 2) Regardless of windows, the larger guild in your scenarios would still lock you out, and lock you out more often, because they only need to protect for a small amount of time once every 3 days. If that,since it's based on you being attacked as the initiation. In the window scenario, you lose the fight, you can still go right back to re engage, there is no waiting, you can attack them 24/7 if they are dumb enough to have the window open that long, and if they can defend you 24/7, they are amazing players and have earned that privilege. If they are really defending something hard, you make a tactical choice for a fake out by attacking in full force at it once, losing, then while they are waiting for you to come back and fight, you go and grab something less defended. Make POI/Keep on the same window, to limit the abuse of the system, so that choices have to be made about what to protect. In addition this game was advertised as Game of Thrones Meets EVE, last I recall game of thrones is about two things, sex and politics, and EVE is money and politics. Get better at politics, if the enemy is equal or better skilled then you, or get better at combat. This is friendly fire, with action/active combat, those hundreds of dudes still need to be coordinated enough, or you can exploit their lack of formation/cohesion. 3) If you have 20 players, you are playing the wrong game. Your example is weird, you start off by saying the size has no relation to your ability to defend, then say that if I have significantly lower numbers, I'm not going to defend. This proves that that size of your guild directly impacts the ability to defend, by your own admission. If a large guild chooses to lock it down with a shorter amount of time, they are gaining less rewards/less victory points to win the campaign. There will not be only one large guild, resulting in an arms race between guilds to maximize profit, coming in second, is still being first loser. If Large Guild Y is open 1 hour a day, and gains 1 vp a day And Large Guild X is open 2 hours a day, gaining 1.5 vp a day Y loses if they don't go to 3 hours, because now they are behind however long Y has been open. Now Y switches, which causes X to switch so on and so on. However, each time these guilds have their arms race between each other, they are making themselves more vulnerable to everyone. Allowing more people, who also want to win, to now hinder them more effectively. Hell, you manage to take it from them and hold it, they are gaining 0 vp a day, and you only have to hold it for a short while each day, and maybe you can slowly catch up to what they had.
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