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  1. I was there.. The whole Siege
  2. "When people are playing the same character for months on end with no sense of progression or advancement it get boring." Killing people, Building an awesome EK, Killing people, and the fact its not ***** ** ******** oh and killing people is enough for me. I don't need grinding levels or level cap increases or more power to make things fun...
  3. Some of the most fun I had in Sb was playing Dagger/BW scouts and tracking down thieves me and a couple friends actually ran a scout assassin and thief in Sb the thief would go around and find other thieves and work with them let us know where they were and we would go kill him and the other thieves then all meet up later and split the loot LOL " I guess there really isn't any honor among thieves
  4. I leveled a single character in EQ and SB , DaoC but many in WoW and Rift I think the main difference is the boredom factor, Don't read this as me saying WoW is a bad game its not however the content cycle is rather slow for my tastes so I need more stuff to do IE make an alt and level it etc. I'd much rather have one really progressed and well known main. And I hope crowfall will bring me back to this playstyle tbh
  5. They have already said this wont be an option, as well as saying that they are making their game for the people that are interested in that style of game and wont be changing the core vision for random reasons. I guess this being the case there are really two options at hand 1) get used to the system that will be deployed 2) or put Crowfall in the category with Tera and Wildstar and avoid it. personally I am happy they are sticking to their vision and even more thrilled they aren't going to be making concessions like other games out there. I realize you saying its not that big a deal to add this feature but its the start down a slippery slope of everyone saying but its just this or its only that and I personally hope they stick to their guns
  6. H1z1 voice would be terrible in CF honestly, look at all the times you are trying to do something and some random guy is blaring the gotta go fast song or the theme from rocky through voice. Or that guy you are pairing with thats baby is crying in the background no thanks...
  7. Has more to do with greed and numbers than imitation and flatery
  8. We could always take the other route and kill you in your own church , while your personal cow-guard is outside grazing... Elrynth S'Variel...
  9. Intel i5 4670k OC@4.5Ghz NZXT Krakken X60 Loop MSI Z87 G45 Gaming 32GB DDR3 Gskill Sniper PC1600 MSI 4GB GTX770 OC Edition Kingwin Mach1 1k watt PSU full Modular 256GB Samsung 840 evo SSD 1TB Western Digital Black Asus 24.5" LCD Planning a New build currently haven't started yet though
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