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  1. Want my autograph since you have this man crush on me?
  2. This thread will get good in time.
  3. Combat that will appeal to a larger crowd will bring in more players and keep them around longer which by doing so will give the game a longer life span. I would rather not see this game be a ghost town after 5 months of release because they went with a combat style most people can't tolerate. Obviously without a tab target system the game is gonna have to play like a Tera/Darkfall for combat but hopefully it's not like a Quake fantasy game by the combat being as twitchy. .
  4. MMO's are like what around 90% combat correct? Also, have you noticed only DFO players are the ones that really enjoyed the combat? So why put in a combat system that most people aren't going to be fond of in CF?
  5. That is Darkfall players for you man. They think the world revolves around them and Darkfall is the best thing to ever happen to MMO's but you see how that is working out for them right?
  6. The issue is it really only appeals to former players who are still into the DFO mindset. There is a larger player base in Crowfall that comes from other games outside of Darkfall and the game also has to appeal to them as well.
  7. You people need to let go of DFO and stop with the illusions of grandeur about the game cause it's getting old and people are finding you silly at this point.
  8. I am actually looking forward to the Druid as hopefully being my main class.
  9. I think it would be sweet to see a Centaur Lady.
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