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  1. Harvesting doobers often land in unreachable places (e.g. behind walls, inside motherloads, etc.). This is especially frustrating when harvesting in canyons. Please fix the clipping, increase the collection range, or have doobers fall in a fixed direction relative to your facing so I can at least mitigate this.
  2. Minotaur Bull Rush is knocking NPCs 30 feet into the air. It's not uncommon for NPCs you're fighting to get stuck on rooftops or in other awkward locations due to this.
  3. We really need a sort inventory button, and better inventory/bank management tools in general.
  4. When I pick up harvesting doobers with a full inventory, they seem to be auto deleted. Shouldn't these go to a limited size overflow inventory or not be picked up if I have no space for them?
  5. I think you need both, honestly. It would probably be a little too disruptive to try and do what you're advocating for everywhere, in every zone, for every keep. It might actually end up chilling a lot of the PvP action, due to the larger investments required, to the point that no one does anything but flip forts on a nightly basis. That would be bad. I could see ACE implementing something like this as a PvP objective that is larger scale than the current keeps. sequestered in their own zones, and not active at start of campaign. Effectively these would function as replacements for the te
  6. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to level in infected at 17 opposed to sticking in the GR zones.
  7. Please consider making the Assassin ability In the Zone a pip generator instead of a pip consumer. I think a cooldown based self-buff (possibly flash cast) that generated 2 pips might improve the feel of the Assassin rotation, and allowing it to be used in the stealth bar would make that bar feel a little less empty... I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to then requiring pips to use blinkstep or disengage/engage with appropriate cooldowns. This would also add some incentive to disciplines that generate pips in stealth (do those still exist?...). To provide a little more context... I
  8. Vandal Assassin Backstab does not seem to apply suppress when performed from behind (at least when done on a stunned target?). Seems to be working in other situations. Is this intended?
  9. Likes: Regular pace of updates has been great. It's encouraging to see the progress being made lately. Concept for Campaign and Victory card system, even with some flaws, is unique and exciting. Building up of keeps adds nice depth to the campaign, and adds a sense of investment. More personalization options would enhance this further. Small to medium scale PvP feels good and keeps me coming back in hope of finding those 'gud fights'. There's a lot to enjoy about the flavor of the Crowfall world: environments, art style, races/classes, and lore. It's been a joy to
  10. Pushing people into dregs for leveling doesn't solve any problems. It is a slim minority of 'hardcore' players that would put up with that abuse. It's not healthy for the game as a whole. @BucDen's point about the 80/20 split is spot on. The most likely to succeed, and healthiest way to support a hardcore play environment is to ensure there's a healthy population of less-hardcore players and entice them with rewards for wading into the more-hardcore areas. It gets off-topic for this post, but... The problem with dregs isn't that there's not enough opportunities for imbalanced PvP and
  11. I think the other thing worth pointing out is that those resource/discipline grinds require people to be out in the campaign worlds where they put themselves at risk. PvE leveling advanced vessels doesn't do that.
  12. The passive training should pass these 4 tests: (1) Provides meaningful specialization, (2) Provides meaningful progression, (3) Doesn't discourage or overly disadvantage new players, (4) Unlocks feel fun/rewarding/interesting. The current system often fails these tests. In general, the most successful passive training systems have been those that allow for quick specialization in a role/niche for newer lower skill point (SP) players, while adding breadth slowly over time to provide a sense of progression on a longer time horizon. Combat: The combat trees fails most of these tests.
  13. Cleric Strength In Numbers healing is far too low to justify taking the ability. I have to spend a talent point to take this ability, give up my dodge ability for block, and actively hold block while in combat to make use of it. Holding block also opens me up to block punish abilities. Strength in Numbers needs to be a whole lot more powerful to justify so many penalties. At the very least, heal number should be based on pre-mitigated damage or the % should be increased. Would be a more interesting choice if blocked damage charged an AOE heal that cast on releasing block (or a combo like
  14. Bombs always felt streaky, inconsistent, and mostly just '4theMemez'. Lower damage output would be fine with me if it was just more consistent. For instance, if blight exploded new orbs placed in the field as opposed to already present orbs, then targeting would be more consistent and it would effectively punish stacks for not being observant. I get that this would be doing damage while in life tray, but shouldn't an archdruid be able to blur those lines? Alternatively making blight convert life orbs to death orbs that were proximity traps? It just feels bad from the druid end - inconsist
  15. Master of Focus / Chaos Orb doesn't really feel usable right now. It's almost a decent stack busting ability but it moves a bit too slow, and does not consistently damage things due to it's tiny radius. Suggest increase orb speed a tad and making it a pulsing aura like emitter. Also needs to deal something other than piercing damage. Would make sense to make this a branching 2 part combo that does either fire or ice instead of a charged ability.
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