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  1. I realize this is a proposal to rework attributes again after an attribute rework just went live... But I think there's good motivation for it. If player choice is a goal of the attribute system, then the current realization of the system is not supporting that goal. The problem is that attributes are primarily seen as a way to optimize stats and not as a way to distinguish your character. This is partly driven by the AP/SP mechanics and partly by the fact that attributes grant effectively overlapping bonuses (damage bonus, crit, crit damage all = damage). This leads to 'correct' and 'inc
  2. I probably missed this discussion when 6.400 was on TEST, but... It's not clear to me that the attribute rework achieved the stated goal of creating more variation in player builds. The reason for this being that AP is still tied to primary stat, SP is still tied to Spirit, and HP is still tied to Con. The effect of this being that there is almost no way around building a character that maxes primary attribute (or Spirit for support), followed by Con, followed by a tertiary choice for which (based on my intuition and not any math...) the optimal choice is determined by your primary stat (
  3. Aborting alt+p portal occasionally causes SFX to stop playing. Music continues, but all SFX are lost until restart. Edit: This seems to be more frequently than only on aborting alt+p. Seems to have happened once on quest turn in at Tinker Camp? Can't really pin down the cause. Might be related to alt+tab?
  4. Weapon barrels in wartribe camps are occasionally double spawning. So I can fully loot one barrel, and another barrel, full with loot, will be there when I exit the inventory. Edit: this seems to be all containers - bookshelves, etc. as well.
  5. The game really starts to lose focus for me at level 30. I feel like I'm confronted with this massive grind and little to keep me engaged. All the components seem to be there - caravans, outposts, forts, keeps, divine favor, campaigns, wartribes, gathering, crafting... - but it just doesn't hang together well. I'm left wanting an extra layer of depth, variation, polish to add more entertainment value in these activities. It's missing something to make it all feel like a cohesive game and not just a collection of concepts and placeholders. There needs to be a clearly presented, constant flow of
  6. The 1-30 experience feels pretty good to me now. The NPE in GR and Infected goes pretty quickly. Leveling through infected feels much improved over the old GR zones. I generally like the layout of the new Infected zones, but it is kind of a nuisance to go back to the temple to sell stuff and clear my inventory. Traveling to the temple and zones further out is rather tedious I think it would be beneficial to do more show-and-tell of PvP aspects. I also think it would be a great motivator if there was a way to introduce players to PvP sooner in some power-balanced, smallish, faction batt
  7. Dropped items from thralls, elementals, and harvesting appear to be deleted when picked up with a full inventory. I posted this back in 6.300 and got a confused response out of the QA folks, but this still seems to be a problem in 6.400. To reproduce: Fill your inventory with anything that isn't something you'll be picking up. Kill a thrall or elemental or do some gathering. Attempt to pick up the dropped items. The items will disappear from the ground, you will not get an item collected notification, and the item will not appear in your inventory (because it's full).
  8. I think it's worth taking a broader view, and trying to see some of the consequences of the interaction of the game systems. If the incentives aren't correct people will either quit doing the activity (or game entirely) or bring an overwhelming force. Then the title of this post will be: "There's Nobody to Gank (Nerf Uncle Blob)". Also, what's the desired outcome? It seems like it should be: more people, more activity, more conflict. Some things I think are worth keeping in mind: Crowfall is a game. Most people play games for entertainment. People are generally risk averse. L
  9. This is why I don't log in regularly anymore. This is the last 3 builds going back to October: 6.200 - Talents rework, Domains introduced, other stuff 6.300 - Removal of passives, other stuff 6.400 - New lobby, new vessel system, new attributes system, other stuff I'd say on the balance that the changes represent forward progress. But what has caused me to lose interest in the development of crowfall is that in the last 6 months (and honestly probably much much longer than that) there has been no real discussion on making the game fun. Especially with the last 3 builds
  10. Why make another one of these posts? Who knows... But, below is my two cents on what would make Crowfall something I would want to play at launch. Summary - Many of the core systems are functioning well enough to imagine them working for launch. Still many areas need significant improvement for Crowfall to be a game I'd want to play at launch. These mostly boil down to - Need more entertaining activities that also can drive player conflict. What's working: Finite campaigns with rewards - provides a nice cadence to competition. Would like to see more personal rewards for everyo
  11. Seems like this wouldn't be a big problem if you didn't get resources for killing pigs, but had to kill guards around pigs, tame, and then run to a refinery or fort of your own. Essentially intercepting pigs would be equivalent to what running pigs is now. The benefit of owning the fort would then be a passive income that is not guaranteed and can be harassed. I'm not sure that locking the payout until the next siege window is necessary given that pigs could be harassed by flipping objectives or stealing the caravan. Adding some additional active component would be nice. For example,
  12. Free or Passive, whatever you want to call them. They're a resource reward that circumvents harvesting, and reward activity in a rather narrow window around their respective timers. Certainly there are more interesting and better ways to drive sustained player engagement and activity than chasing timers and handing out resources. As the OP suggests, forts/outposts could provide other benefits that enhance activity or allow for new activities to be completed within their area, and don't simply result in chasing timers around the map for lootboxes. Forts, Outposts, Chiefs and Pigs (to some exten
  13. The fact that you need to give out free resource for people to care about forts and outposts is an indication that something is wrong with the design of those objectives. The free resources aren't a fix for the system, it's just a bribe to convince people to not ignore them.
  14. Ya, itemization in general is pretty boring. To expand on my, perhaps, overly terse post... A core component of many other MMOs or ARPGs is the depth of itemization options. Having gear choices that bend the rules of an ability, a class, or the game to some degree enables more interesting build options and greater depth. I don't get the feeling that gear choices in Crowfall enable unique or interesting builds. Gear is just a bucket for stats. I can't say I've ever been excited to loot/craft something, even nice quality stuff. It's mostly just, oh great more numbers to X stat.
  15. This has been my soap box lately. Too much farming, not enough fun. Maybe these suggestions don't count as 'low development time', but... Wartribe Shrines - Horde / King-of-the-hill style activity that spawns in wartribe camps. Players hold the objective and fight increasingly powerful waves of NPC mobs while defending from PCs as well. Relic Sacrifice - Items looted from special legendary animals that spawn in forests, canyons, etc. Carried to in-zone god statue and sacrificed. Courier is highlighted by runegate-like beacon. (this basically exists for that one specific victory card
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