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  1. I'd rather see the final ring not fully close and then do something like slowly tick up PDM and PHM debuffs on both value and cap.
  2. Really though, can we just get rid of pack pigs? Consider replacing with something like the following: Pig spawn locations (camps) become neutral control point objectives. At times when pigs would spawn, wartribe mobs (elite/captain lvl) spawn in camp, and camp becomes open to capture. Players go to camp, kill WT mobs (objective lights up on map), flip objective ownership (should be relatively fast). Players do some nominal harvesting activity, or even just interact with minecart/boxes, to gather building mats. They get on mount and carry where they want. If
  3. I think this is broadly true in games these days. The drive of winning is fun for a little while, but the drive eventually wears off without something else, even if the gameplay is pretty addictive. That something else can be cosmetics, working towards something (progression or ranking), introducing new features, maps, classes, etc. This is the reason BRs have been so successful, they do all of this on top of really fast-paced, addicting gameplay. Crowfall, on the other hand, seems to be struggling on several accounts. Gameplay tends to feel extremely grindy, Dregs is a lot of work, and I
  4. Ya, it's not a single point problem for sure. Keep sieges still have issues, and hopefully handshake will help a little. Forts do drive fights, but it's still mostly just at the end of the window. Outpost POIs rarely lead to anything interesting. All of it likely needs different things to 'fix'. I think you could make some minor changes to the conquest game to help make it a little more interesting and maybe drive a little more conflict: Have only groups of outposts come active on a rolling basis. Have outposts and forts provided more conquest points on a faster tick rate during their act
  5. Reflecting on the recent Q&A, iterating on Events and introducing Hot Zones is a good step towards addressing some of the common, and frequent, criticisms about the available activities in Crowfall. However, I do want to provide some feedback, even prior to seeing a concept in game, to try and avoid what I think are easy traps to fall into. From a player's perspective, what I'm looking for these features to do is the following: Draw players into a specific locations, at specific times to better control density and promote interaction. Provide a specific competitive object
  6. A couple relatively "modest" suggestions for the conquest game that might spice things up in the shorter term: Consider having groups of outposts become active on a rolling hourly siege schedule, and others be inactive. Have outposts yield conquest at a faster tick rate, multiple times during an active window. I think this would help localize competition, lead to more conflict over outposts during their active period, and produce less circle capping. It also makes this kind of a multi-point king-of-the-hill minigame. Consider having forts yield conquest points at a fast
  7. Siege activities withstanding, the emphasis on mindless grinding really just doesn't make sense to me. Making everything feel like work is one way to make sure your economy doesn't implode, I guess. But everything right now feels like it drives players to avoid conflict instead of pushing players into conflict for fun and rewards. At best, you're doing PvP to ... have the right to farm mobs? At worst, you're actively trying to avoid other players. I get the need for PvE elements in an open-world PvP MMORPG to ensure a kind of minimum level of engagement at low-pop times. When done well, i
  8. Suggest adding the quest dialog windows for this and many of the other NPE quests and explanatory books to a section of the Crowpedia. I mean frankly, why stop there? What are buffs/debuffs and their icons? What are the forms of CC and what do they do? How do I level up disciplines/vessels? Where does xyz resource come from? The Crowpedia has the potential to be the best resource for learning the game, and providing players with a helpful in-game FAQ. I hope it gets built out to be far more substantial
  9. Welcome to Crowfall and congrats on reaching level 30. The best way to learn the ropes and get involved in the 30+ gameplay is to join a guild. If you haven't done so already, take a look at recent posts in the Guild Recruitment forum. There's a new Dregs campaign coming online tomorrow which will give you lots of opportunities to be involved in PvP, advance your character further, and compete for rewards in a Guild vs. Guild campaign: You may also consider joining the Sun Faction for the upcoming Dregs campaign if you'd rather not commit to a guild. Generally speaking though,
  10. <Question> What have been the lessons learned from the wealth of recent new player feedback?
  11. I don't think the intention with HD is to replace Faction vs. Faction or any other campaign. It's Crowfall's answer to the MMO Battleground, and has mostly been described as such in the Q&A sessions. The focus on HD that we're currently seeing is a marketing push. It's much easier to promote HD than it is to promote a a multi-week long campaign. This might be short-sighted in the end, though, as it may just give people the wrong impression of the game. HD does kind of remove the Crowfall-ness from Crowfall in favor of a generic BR experience. I kinda wish they would have found a way t
  12. An alternative option for increasing incentive to fight is to change scoring. Obviously this won't happen for this tournament, but awarding points for match placement and kills is better than just match placement. For future tournaments, assuming we get there 😛, I would recommend having tournament placement determined by overall scoring, and award the last-man-standing of each round some 'bounty' reward like in-game currency, cash, or swag. Also, anything less than 3 games is basically just decided by RNG for a BR. But, in the end, this is a marketing event and not an esports event, regar
  13. Really wish they would stick with the nomenclature of 'Toxin' meaning a buff applied to you (i.e. Deadly Toxin instead of Deadly Poison) and use Poisoned Status and Poison Damage to refer to what is applied to the enemy. So Diffusion would then read something like "Deals damage to your target scaling with the number of Toxin buffs you have." Would also very much help the Contagion domain skill that spreads "poisons", which apparently only means poisoned statuses. You can do this if you bring up your inventory to release the mouse. The buffs should shift over to the left of your charact
  14. UI suggestion: It's much more natural to move items you want to use from the inventory to the character sheet, and not form the inventory to the power bar while having skills tab open. I suggest adding the quickslot bar slots to the character sheet.
  15. Fort guards are occasionally teleporting to unreachable areas in the roof of the fort, making the fort unable to be captured. This may be related to pull abilities teleporting targets to the floor above the user, I'm not sure. This happened to a group of us in Infected at Joeil Dawn's Fort in Skypoint. A ranger guard got teleported to one of the covered nooks of the roof and was not targetable by spells and abilities. The ranger could still shoot out, however. P.S. the teleport bug is pretty horrific and is having an impact on all forms of play including the ECS.
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