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  1. The introduction of pack pigs as events that are announced is an interesting mechanic that could be expanded to other activities to help focus and drive conflict outside of siege schedules. In general, disincentivizing mindnumbing camping and grinding activities and encouraging focused conflict through events could help with the overall feel of campaigns. Semi-regular timed events that are announced/visible to players have the additional benefit of making players feel like there are constantly activities to be engaged in. Some suggestions are included below. Pack Pigs: Consider spawning unladen pack pigs at captured outposts (or unique outposts) on a semi-regular basis. Pigs would have to be tamed, led to a quary/mine/lumber camp, loaded, and taken to a refinery. Harvesting: Introduce events that spawn clusters of motherloads, mature/elder animals, graveyards, groves of trees with improved resource yield. (And/Or) timed events that greatly improve resource gathering yield in a parcel for a given amount of time. War Tribes: Disincentivize camping and grinding war tribes and promote conflict with semi-regular timed events with better-quality rewards. Limit quality and availability of rewards outside of events. Thralls: Introduce semi-regular timed events that increases thrall drops and/or spawn rate of named thralls for parcel. Alternatively, make thrall spawning a timed event that triggers on random parcels and is announced. General Suggestions: Tie Victory cards to involvement in events and not simply grinding timed spawns 'Fuzzy' graphical indications of active/upcoming events on the map would help drive conflict Consider connecting event visibility to outpost ownership in zone. Consider making rare or better war tribe gear lootable on death. Limit the use of Recall in campaign zones. You should have to run your loot out of danger. Consider locking use of recall to near captured respawn shrines and/or outposts. Introduce crafting recipes to breakdown items (war tribe loot) - does this exist and I haven't found it? Balance between harvesting and pack pig refining needs tuning.
  2. Thank you @Yumx for taking the time to write a well thought out and measured criticism on the state of Crowfall. Really a great post 👏👏👏 . It's encouraging and exciting to see Crowfall maturing to the point where this kind of discussion can be had. It's great to see the core systems of the game come together, and start to make some of the vision for the game come to life. It's a testament to the hard work of the devs. That being said, It's important to take a hard look at the state of the game as the word beta starts to come up more frequently, and I appreciate this post for raising the alarm. Unfortunately, I think it's fair to say that, for much of the gameplay, the state can be summed up as 'not fun'. There's great potential for that to change, and I do hope there's more constructive dialog between the community and the devs to tune things in a way that makes Crowfall a more enjoyable game experience for all types of playstyles. People have floated the idea of community representatives for classes, and I would also suggest round tables with community members and guild leadership that have been active in the campaigns. I am hopeful that things will continue to improve for the better as the game marches toward beta and release, though I am wary of the impact of negative press of moving forward with beta too soon.
  3. Would be cool to have major disciplines that are connected to group leadership and the command tree that provide ultimate abilities that impact the battlefield in unique ways. I'm thinking of things that provide interesting tactical advantages, but not damage/killing. Things like: preventing visibility or movement; reducing range of enemies within area of effect, etc. Especially interesting if recharge rate can be tied to how disadvantaged a side is in a not-obvious-to-exploit way. Potentially would help make large scale fights feel more interesting.
  4. Large scale fights (larger than maybe 12v12) feel rather unsatisfying currently, and not just because of framerate issues. The 'tactics' for these fights are basically just ball up, hold W, and spam aoe. There's also the critical mass issue where, at a certain point, a group can effectively insta-gib targets. This is exacerbated by the prevalence of ranged direct damage aoe burst. It's unsatisfying because: 1) as a player I don't feel like I'm making any choices to change the outcome of the fight, 2) I can get burned down before having an opportunity to do anything, 3) the only determining factor for the outcome of a fight feels like group size and maybe who lands the first aoe spell, 4) this kind of fight makes many class/discipline/ability combos practically useless. There may be some balance things that can be done to help (adding delays or telegraphs for aoe bombs so a player has a chance to dodge at least). But, in the end, I think something will have to address the problems with focus fire or large scale fights are always going to be kinda boring. Death ball meta isn't particularly fun gameplay. The suggestion I'd float is a stacking damage mitigation buff on taking damage, and a healing received debuff on taking heals. Both would reset at a frequency of ~1 sec. This would effectively bound the DPS and HPS an individual player takes. This would potentially de-emphasize death balls, focus fire, and aoe spam. It would also allow players more of a chance to react and influence a fight, and would help with small-group vs. large-scale balance. It also implies a certain degree of catch-up logic so that smaller groups are not at such an overwhelming disadvantage. This is important because numbers advantages don't scale linearly with the number of additional members a side has, since the effect snowballs as they begin to reduce enemy numbers. Given that LOS, collision, and friendly fire aren't really a thing, there's an argument to be made for some game mechanic that attempts to correct for the lack of these.
  5. Would be interested in joining. Looking to get my feet wet in the new campaign. Will try to find you guys.
  6. Just to reinforce the video with an example... A Templar has radiant sweep as a combo with a 9 second cooldown and censure with a 15 second cooldown. Assuming a heads up slap-fight with a defender ( Max stamina 130, 10 stamina per 2 sec base regen, 35 Stamina per 7 seconds regen on retaliate). The defender can retaliate every stun effect for minutes without worrying about stamina, even if stun lands immediately following CC immunity. This is before considering increased resolve, juggernaut, or escape artist. If a group has 1, maybe 2 people running escape artist, then the whole group is effectively immune to CC. The only effect is the 'loss' of global cooldowns needed to clear stuns. Sure stuns interrupt, but how much really requires cast/channeling? With the retaliate fixes on TEST, stun won't even interrupt a combo. On top of this, the Hard Control Intensity stat is rendered pointless, so practically all CC promotion classes are at a severe disadvantage. Adding a short charge time to CC cleanse seems like it would make things feel more balanced. This would give CC a minimum effectiveness without leading to long lock out times. Additionally changing hard control intensity to impact the time required to clear the effect would make it a useful stat again.
  7. There's a number of general issues that people have touched on. These tend to come up in every MMO. Problems: Pairing Range with High Mobility --- This provides consistent damage output and effectively extreme damage mitigation. In addition creates the problematic scenario that the only counter to Range is more Range. Can engage without risk. Pairing Range with High Burst --- Again problematic because range can kill before being put at risk. Extreme Range distance --- No hope of ever closing gap. No risk. Effectively invulnerability. Availability of tools: buffs/debuffs/cc/escapes --- Broad access to tools in specializations and broad access to major disciplines waters down identity, homogenizes playstyles, and complicates balance. What is balance if I can choose to negate all my weakness? Death Balls and Melee Assist Trains --- Generally some combination of the following: short range burst, short range aoe, survivability, movement speed buffs. Counter is typically spread out, and give ranged classes stack-busting tools and AOEs. Unfortunately, all this does is flip OP needle back to range. Stool needs a third leg which is probably where tanks should come in. Balance of CC immunity, Retaliation, Dodge, against CC effectiveness --- It's a thin line, and so is hard to balance. Hard-CC needs to be punishing when used tactically, but ineffectual when used at the wrong times. Suggestions: I don't see how to get around reducing mobility and escapes for ranged characters (potentially all characters). More attention should be required to positioning with reliance on party for protection/support. Another possibility is to give tank specs ability that trades personal mitigation and movement speed for area ranged damage suppression. Effectively allowing tanks to create space for the group. Dodge maybe needs to cost stamina. Ranged classes probably need to be high average dps and low burst except for special exceptions that make significant tradeoffs. Give all ranged specs with 30m+ range a trait that reduces damage output on targets within ~10m. Has to be tradeoff with other stats. Lower damage output at extreme range, require player be stationary to increase range, increased cast/charge time. I think a hard pass on specializations looking specifically at what tools they have access to and what major disciplines they have access to needs to be done. The focus needs to be on creating playstyles with a distinct role that adds group value for combat and siege. Suggestion is a primary grouping of long-range damage (low mobility, high avg damage), short-range damage (high mobility, high burst), tank (low mobility, high suppression). Additional grouping on top of those mentioned, Support and Anti-Support(debuffs). Give stack-busting mechanics to Tanks, high mitigation short-range specs. Give tanks strong peel tools: short range aoe heavy snares, mobility suppression, short range pulls, attack suppression. Give plate specs a trait that reduces aoe damage taken significantly. A lot of possible directions: Add a ~1s charge time to retaliate, increase stamina cost of dodge/retaliate and reduce in combat regen, reduce availability of stamina regen abilities and require active use, provide targeted specializations (supports) with short-delay hard-cc cleanse. Moving CC protection away from individuals and more toward group support enhances team play, which is a big bonus. In general, a system in which Long-Range has advantage over Tanks, mobile Short-Range has advantage over Long-Range, and Tanks have advantage over Short-Range seems to offer better flexibility in balancing range vs. melee. Helps to give each spec an identity and role to fill as well.
  8. Even applying a quickfix of diminishing returns on training into a tree would be a welcomed change. 3/s until 33% completion 2/s until 66% completeion 1/s to 100%
  9. I would +1 that in its current form passive training is not fun. It feels heavily discouraging to new players that see right off that passive training is SLOW, and can calculate that they are literally months of real world time behind more seasoned players. This compounds the longer the game is out, and seems antithetical to wanting a healthy mmo community that steadily attracts new players for years to come. I don't see skill tomes and active methods to advancement, as discussed in the recent Q&A, doing enough to move the needle. On top of that, players will wait several weeks to see any meaningful progression in just one tree, and months to unlock enough to give themselves any semblance of role specialization. This is especially frustrating given that combat effectiveness is attached to passive skill training, which just furthers the powerlessness new players will feel. Power inequality in competitive games is even more discouraging. I get the need to balance long term progression goals with shorter term advancement, but advancement should be fun and not discouraging. I would agree that EVE's passive training system has several positives. A rough summary of suggestions relevant for Crowfall would be something like: - Allow players to go broader and deeper faster, but only up to ~60% (3/5 pips) - Reduce time required to train most nodes from 1-3, but increase time required to go to 4 and 5 pips. Important unlocks may need to be more costly. - Allow unlock of new trees at closer to 60% - Costs probably would need to scale up (generously though, not punishing) for the deeper skill trees. I believe this would help make passive training, and the game experience as whole, for new players feel better. Unlocks would come quickly at the start, and be a positive reward. Over time, and as players learn more about the game and what they want to do in it, unlocks would come slower and be more costly which will emphasize specialization. On top of that, being able to go broader and deeper faster means that the imbalance doesn't feel too onerous for new players. It shouldn't feel oppressive to get to a point of competency in any one role, even if it's a large time investment to get to competency in all roles.
  10. The most common criticism I see from from people that try out the game is that combat feels 'floaty', 'unimpactful', 'clunky', and 'cartoonish'. Most of these criticisms can be tied back to issues related to polish of animations, sounds, spell effects, etc. I wanted to try and collect some of that feedback. 1. Attack animations, hit effects, sound effects, and damage numbers are not well synced, e.g. rapid fire - the animation seems out of sync with projectile creation, hit effects, sounds, and damage numbers. Visual indications for ricochet shot seem especially bad, as well. 2. Pretty much across the board, hit effects need to be added, improved, and made more pronounced. Melee attacks especially, and extra so for melee cone attacks. Improved video and sound Effects for application of statuses (e.g. bleed) would be very helpful. IMO indication of hits is one of the biggest weakness in how combat feels right now. 3. Projectiles need to track targets; hit effects, sounds, etc. need to be synced with projectile impact; Projectiles could also use trails or other effects making them easier to see (arrows especially). 4. Better visual feedback is needed to indicate what the game thinks the player is currently targeting 5. Many NPC and PC target boxes need to be fixed so that the reticle registers targeting properly when visually placed over the target's body. 6. Many animations feel jerky or cause the player to almost teleport between stances, e.g. knockdowns, retaliation, pulls, leaps, charges (especially for npcs charging far beyond the player). This adds to the 'cartoonish' feel. 7. Indication of whether an enemy is in range of ranged attacks needs to be improved, especially for bows. 8. UI indications for combat could be improved: ability lockouts, animation cooldowns, and insufficient resources could be conveyed to the player better. This would help prevent situations where, for example, the player is trying to use a follow up attack without sufficient resources and doesn't understand why it doesn't trigger. Interaction between retaliate, control effects, and follow up attacks needs to be streamlined in the UI. Perhaps even a visual indication (flash or something) on the character model when the animation cooldown finishes and abilities can be used again. This comment on the crowfall subreddit also captures similar feedback with some examples: comment link IMHO, moving into beta with many of these issues present would give new players an undeserved negative impression of the game.
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