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  1. It still feels like there is too much dead space on the map. I would recommend sprinkling in more small wartribe/monster camps/groups into more parcels with a guaranteed Elite/Captain spawn. For example, the burned out village around Stonehaven in SkyPoint should really have something in it.
  2. Leeching Seed is just terrible currently. It needs to have a range of ~30m and cooldown of ~30s. It's a single target ability that is not particularly strong to begin with, but 8m range and 45s cooldown make it practically unusable for a ranged damage/healing class. It's marginally useful as a defensive ability in 1v1 engagements (waaaaay too niche), but even then is out performed by many other abilities. Haunt, for example, is a cone that hits 5 players and has a longer duration, a shorter cooldown, and it reflects, heals and debuffs damage. Archdruid already has a huge lack in single target
  3. When using runegate from lunarium to sky point as Moon faction, I get hit with the Enemy Sanctuary, Stay Out debuff and die before I can walk out of the range of the runegate. It seems to trigger when I step off the runegate platform and head down the stairs.
  4. Coalesce Nature Orbs are draining essence from Druids (Archdruid Promo) while in the life tray instead of granting essence. Is this intended? Tooltip says: "generating resources" when coalesce nature is active, but essence drains. It kinda defeats the purpose of electrogenesis and mystic staff for Archdruids if it is intended.
  5. @Ralathar44, I hope you appreciate that you're arguing the exact same points that I am here. My only driving point is that it is inferior to spread vendors across many player worlds and then expect people to wait through 10, 20, 30 load screens to find one sword. You are arguing for a specific solution in the form of a centralized market explorer. I am not advocating for any particular solution. I did not try to imply that it was mutually exclusive. Free cities are available in campaign world, and outside of them we have God's Reach. What's available to do in God's Reach is: bank, inte
  6. Nothing aggro about it, the statement is an observation about player behaviors in general. So let me put the question to you this way: if the system is annoying for 95% of players and only 5% of the players find it interesting, is it a good design? The only binary thinking here is this: Any system that fractures its economy into N instanced worlds is inferior to a more centralized solution simply by nature of having more wasted time in lobbies and load screens. A market explorer is a more centralized solution. If I have to spin up, load into, and walk through more than 1 EK to find w
  7. I think it's flawed to think that people will care about how much time you put into your EK. They are there to get the stuff they want and leave. They're not going to hang out and tour your personal kingdom. It's possible to get players to care about their EK. It's possible to get players to care about their guild's EK. But I don't see players giving more than a passing thought about someone else's EK. There will be the odd exception, like events hosted in community driven arena EKs. But I think you will see that, in general, players won't spend more time in an EK than it takes to load in
  8. I don't think you can "fix" the QoL issues with EKs when the main QoL issue is the EK system itself, i.e. the fractured set of worlds. EKs work brilliantly for personal/guild housing. But it's a fundamentally flawed solution to fracture your economy, and frankly the only meaningful persistent hub spaces, into that many pieces. It just feels completely counter to building a social MMO world.
  9. I was revisiting this post and wanted to try and offer a slightly different perspective. I do think @McTan is rightly identifying a symptom of the problems plaguing the current loop of temporary campaign worlds, namely: disposable "cities" don't feel like they reward investment, and there's not a satisfying or engaging inter-campaign loop. Temporary worlds can do a good job keeping the Crowfall world from stagnating and feeling stale. Having a competitive world that resets it's state and map regularly really helps drive continued conflict without stagnation, and keeps things int
  10. I'm not terribly worried about this, as long as Shadow, Faction vs. Faction exists and is done properly with population balancing, and some kind of handicapping. Like some kind of underdog buff if one faction is getting steam rolled. Trying to be somewhat optimistic. A faction campaign should provide a lower barrier to entry that is more drop-in, drop-out than Dregs, and can be a playground for players/guilds that don't want to deal with all the baggage of Dregs. I think a good Faction vs. Faction ruleset combined with a Dregs ruleset is probably enough at launch to at least mitigate a lo
  11. I think there are two major elements still missing to make the campaign cycle more complete and engaging. These are: 1) player progression associated with campaign engagement, and 2) adding more "strategy" to the campaign map. 1) Player progression: with the removal of the passive training system and the migration of the bonuses it provided into the disciplines/vessels we lost several things that are really important to MMORPGs: a longer time horizon progression system to drive continued engagement, an account wide progression system, and a branching system of choices that provides greate
  12. A persistent Dregs, like described, with a repeating 4-season Divine Favor cycle to drive conflict and provide rewards used within the same persistent world would potentially be something to make Crowfall more unique and interesting. I think differentiating Dregs and Faction vs. Faction in this way could also help create variety in spaces that appeal to different groups of players. Combined with HD, this would make for a nice array of truly distinct world bands.
  13. Ya I don't know how to do this without making Dregs some uber hardcore campaign setting where there's no temple services and all banking is done through keep chests. This is interesting, though, for a couple of reasons: you can raid people's stuff (like you mention), and you have to physically move things between locations (like actual trade caravans or supply chains). Doing trade runs to the free city would be a butt clenching experience... Feels kinda like EVE logistics. The export logistics alone would probably be enough to kill it, but this would make for a pretty interesting persistent Gv
  14. This is bizzaro-land strawman stuff. Let me FTFY. These changes were literally done to do just this: "keep people in game and creating content," and not just log in to cap forts and get everything you need. Was it successful? Probably not, but that seems to have more to do with how much people don't actually want to do those activities to begin with. Are there still problems with forts, outposts, and keeps? Are there still problems with activities outside of siege windows? Certainly. But blaming everything on "them gosh dern casuals" or "them easy come easy goers" is ridiculous.
  15. I sincerely doubt this. Most people I talk to don't want to be required to farm mobs on autopilot like it's a job. I also don't see many of them itching to break rocks, punch trees, or get their hands dirty in animal guts. They may do the odd bit of gathering, but most are not going to do it for hours a day just to keep the guild hall fires warm. I don't think I've ever seen someone state out loud, with conviction, that they just wish they could run MORE pigs. There's also a reason Factories are, generally, a popular addition. No one wants to be chained to the forge playing menu whack-a-m
  16. I've argued similar things about the current Dregs. But it seeming more and more unlikely that Divine Favor objectives are holding or will hold people's attention for long. Maybe long enough for them to get something they need to advance their character, but that's a finite windmill. Hot Zones seems to have similar issues; if you don't need something from the activity you stop caring. The only thing that seems likely to hold anyone's interest for long, judging from previous RvR type games, is fighting, and maybe more specifically fighting over land. I think past experience would probably
  17. The other thing to keep in mind, though, is we still only have one campaign setting. Having a "hardcore" campaign is all well and good. But if it's the ONLY place to be during beta, then it's likely to do even more harm to player retention and general impression of the game within the community than the current cliff that most new players are falling off of at 30. To my knowledge this was never removed as a design goal. The essential functionality needed to do campaigns with varying degrees of inventory and gear looting has basically been demonstrated, and, yes, the supporting systems
  18. Disclaimer: This is entirely a daydreamy, fun, "What If" post. So just sit back, and suspend reality with me for a minute... Crowfall has laid the groundwork for what could make a great PvP Throne War, but it hasn't quite figured out how to make that fun, or how to make people care. So, what would people care about? Re-imagining Campaigns: Real Conquest: Delete the conquest system. No great Throne War was ever decided by "points". Winning by out grinding your opponent is boring. What's not boring? Smashing your enemies stuff and kicking them out of the world. What makes win
  19. It sounds like you started in the Infected in the Faction vs. Faction band and not God's Reach in the Starter Worlds band. God's Reach has a lvl 1-18ish tutorial.
  20. I always find these distinctions questionable... EVE has a massive amount of PvE content. Practically all of DAOCs paid expansions added PvE elements, and the first two were literally focused on large group raids.
  21. I'd rather see the final ring not fully close and then do something like slowly tick up PDM and PHM debuffs on both value and cap.
  22. Really though, can we just get rid of pack pigs? Consider replacing with something like the following: Pig spawn locations (camps) become neutral control point objectives. At times when pigs would spawn, wartribe mobs (elite/captain lvl) spawn in camp, and camp becomes open to capture. Players go to camp, kill WT mobs (objective lights up on map), flip objective ownership (should be relatively fast). Players do some nominal harvesting activity, or even just interact with minecart/boxes, to gather building mats. They get on mount and carry where they want. If
  23. I think this is broadly true in games these days. The drive of winning is fun for a little while, but the drive eventually wears off without something else, even if the gameplay is pretty addictive. That something else can be cosmetics, working towards something (progression or ranking), introducing new features, maps, classes, etc. This is the reason BRs have been so successful, they do all of this on top of really fast-paced, addicting gameplay. Crowfall, on the other hand, seems to be struggling on several accounts. Gameplay tends to feel extremely grindy, Dregs is a lot of work, and I
  24. Ya, it's not a single point problem for sure. Keep sieges still have issues, and hopefully handshake will help a little. Forts do drive fights, but it's still mostly just at the end of the window. Outpost POIs rarely lead to anything interesting. All of it likely needs different things to 'fix'. I think you could make some minor changes to the conquest game to help make it a little more interesting and maybe drive a little more conflict: Have only groups of outposts come active on a rolling basis. Have outposts and forts provided more conquest points on a faster tick rate during their act
  25. Reflecting on the recent Q&A, iterating on Events and introducing Hot Zones is a good step towards addressing some of the common, and frequent, criticisms about the available activities in Crowfall. However, I do want to provide some feedback, even prior to seeing a concept in game, to try and avoid what I think are easy traps to fall into. From a player's perspective, what I'm looking for these features to do is the following: Draw players into a specific locations, at specific times to better control density and promote interaction. Provide a specific competitive object
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