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  1. I have resubbed as well. Honestly if you wanted a more persistent world than what Crowfall is advertising for the short or long term this game could be for you. It's improved since the last time I have played by a good amount, and it would not take a large clan to make a big dent in the war/political climate. It's free for 15 days and only 15 bucks per month. Even if you wanted to jump in for the lols it might be worth it. Only take a month to be competitive to the other players and honestly 15 bucks to bash some skulls is about the same (if not less) investment than you would do for say Rust.
  2. I imagine the assassin abilities being especially visually pleasing and dynamic. The knight was cool and he ain't got no wings!
  3. I kind of like the latest update in regards to testing combat. If you want things to be fun and engaging, testing at the lobby/ BG level might just be a good start. Just enough to test abilities and combos.
  4. It looks like there is plenty of opportunity for conflict over at PfO these days. I am glad the Golgotha folks are having fun.
  5. Idly playing various games and visiting various forum dramas
  6. Glad to see KDS active. Welcome to the madhouse.
  7. Are you taking an extended break from PfO, are you done with it? Oh Hi Guurzak. nice of ya to stop by. Two members in and I am slightly more hopeful we might get some EoX and friends to join us for CF.
  8. Yeah I know, I just needed a reason to look up a shocked face
  9. Being mostly bored with the conversations 'round these parts I looked up the word instead of assuming it as someone+rant. I had no idea we were in danger of being a large diving bird.
  10. Is it late summer yet? Really looking forward to the twitch videos.
  11. Oh Snap, It's Papaver. My favorite VOIP visitor! It's especially good to see you here, even though again it could be likely our organizations might be on opposite sides of the field.
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