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  1. Just wanted to wish the Crowfall community and the Developers of Crowfall a very merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays ❤️ I hope your holiday is as great as the time Ive already got to spend on this wonderful game, and the time I met all the wonderful people who support such an amazing team. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to making more memories with everyone here at Crowfall!
  2. Thank you and I am using the Live Client. Devs are currently trying to help me figure out whats going on. I think it might be an account issue, I will update this thread if I find a solution in case anyone else has experience or will experience this in the future!
  3. Im getting an Internal Server Error code when I try logging in, is the server down? I do not know how to check the server status of Crowfall and this is my first time logging in ever. Ive tried reinstalling multiple times, granting access, taking off my firewall, multitude of different things. Any help would be appreciated thank you UPDATE*********** There was something wrong on MY side, and the developers helped me out and got it working. If anyone else experiences this contact support@crowfall.com to get it straightened out. Thanks CF team ❤️
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