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  1. What's the point of minotaurs? We already have horny, badass deer-people...
  2. I completly agree. Boobplates are impractical and stupid. I don't see why they are such a turn on. If you want to stare at 3D breasts, take of your armour! That way you may actually see some skin, not a boob-shaped metal
  3. Called it! http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/2419-exporting-stuff-after-campaigns/
  4. I think you should separate strategy from game knowledge. It's not the same thing. Game knowledge is about things you can learn, even without playing the game, like builds and stats. It's not entirely static, since good games are constantly evolving. Strategy is more about decision making. Sure, you can learn that when X happens you should do Y, but you can't have contingency plans for every situation (unless you’re Batman). Any decision you make is strategy and requires some skill. It could be simple block or dodge or something more complicated like how to split forces to defend the city and deliver the bloodstone.
  5. The poll is confusing, so I didn't vote. There will be no character levels. There will be skill levels. It's not the same thing. Skills don't increase your stats(I think), so you get better in only 1 thing, like crafting or fighting with a sword. How do you determine someones level? Sum of skills? What if higher level skills rank up slower? How much do skills really give you? Will someone with 100 in polearms deal 3x more damage than someone with 30? That system is too complicated to know "who is stronger" at first glance. Too many variables. I say kill everyone, everywhere! But I wouldn't mind "noob campaigns" for new players (1 month or less in the game). After that everyone's fair game!
  6. Depends on what genre you like. If you could tell us something about yoursel, like what movies/tv series you like, it would be easier to recommend something. HxH was really good until the Ant arc. Then it got worse, but still watchable. Kill la Kill was wierd and full of crazy poorly made socks, so it's not for everyone. At first, I didn't like it, but when I got used to it, it was actually really good. It got better with every episode. Attack on Titan is one of the best animes out there! It has some flaws, like too many whining characters, but it also has a lot of pure awesomness! Titans with their big bodies and scary faces, omnidirectional gear, music, "crazy eyes" and the world with so many unanswered questions. I loved it! Can't wait for more.
  7. I think we do. They say they listen to the community. I wanted to make a poll to see where we stand on this subject...
  8. So, I've been reading these forums and I began to wonder: Are npc really necessary? How much they contribute to the gameplay? Couldn't players take their roles as merchants and quest givers? Let's they a look at typical roles of npc and how could players replace them. 1. Quests. In PvE mmorpg npc give quests and offer exp and other rewards. In Crowfall players could hire other players to "kill 5 boars and bring 5 tusks" or "defend the caravan". To prevent too many exploits, there could be a contract system or a way to mark players as dishonest. 2. Storytelling. This is an area, where npc are the most effective. They can tell us things about the worlds and our purpose in it that players do not know. 3. Merchants. Players could replace them in that area no problem, however they are very convenient. They buy everything and sell simple stuff. If you want to buy a sword, you can either search AH/trade channel or you can go to the merchant that you know is always there and sells the same swords every time. However, this conflicts with the player-driven economy. It should be up to people to buy and sell stuff. Even the simple things. I wouldn't mind npc shop clerks, that you can hire for your shop. 4 .Guards. Maintaining order and protecting cities form enemies. Noble tasks, but it's nothing players can't handle. 5. Civilians. Everyone from farmers to people walking the streets of your city. They make the worlds more lively. They could be the "population limit" in your Eternal Kingdoms. If everyone gets an EK, they may look kind of empty without npc. Unless, most EK will be empty, but there will be some big cities (player-built), that will serve as trading and social hubs. 6. Other. There are probably some things npc can do that I didn't mention I'm all for the limited use of npc. The fewer, the better. They take a lot of work to make and don't bring enough to the gameplay. What are your opinions? Note: This is a multiple choice poll Edit: It seems like I've failed at creating the poll Does anyone know how to fix it?
  9. How would they assign value to items? Why should they decide which item is worth more? Imo that should be up to players, decided by supply and demand. Maybe there will be a big hole into which you can dump resources you want to export and some are lost in the transfer? That way you have to balance short term vs long term reward and can still choose your own rewards.
  10. A game about crazy, overpowered casters could be super fun, but Crowfall is not that game. I'd prefer something simple, yet effective. Something that's easy to use and balance (meaning no puzzles and no overpowered socks) However, I like some of your ideas. Imo, non-combat magic is a must and group casting could work, but would take a lot of tweaking. I'm not sure how I feel about finite magic. It could add more depth and strategy, but it could also be a terrible chore. This game must be fun. If running back to recharge after every fight isn't fun, it shouldn't be in the game. As for spell looting, I don't like it. Spells are something you know. They can't be taken from you, unless someone cuts out a piece of your brain. They can take your staff and some other stuff but they can't take your knowledge!
  11. The goddess Gaea did die after giving birth to Stoneborn(Dwarfs). Somehow it was Kane's fault. Perhaps he seduced her. It's hard to say what Arkon(Sun) thought about his son. D’Orion the Sky Hunter(son) deprived his father of a chance for revenge, but he did die. I don't know Arkon so it's hard for me to say what he felt. He could feel grief for losing a son. He could be irritated at him for taking his place in the trial by combat and dying stupidly, he could feel something else entirely. He is a god. He can feel whatever he wants ;p
  12. @OP, So, you're saying that I can't see you, if I don't look in your direction? I'm sorry, but I don't understand. It sounds kinda obvious... I don't mind 70-90% invisibility. 100% seems very powerful, but it may work. It could be connected to speed debuffs, so it's not overused. Also, I hate names howering above players! I've been playing some War Thunder lately and in tank wars, when a tank with camouflage was hiding in the bushes it was almost invisible from a distance. Or it would be, if it weren't for a big shining name above it! It made hiding redundant. I hope that won't happen in Crowfall. They could display names and their position on the minimap(if there is one) when you spot the enemy. Now, how to determine if you've spotted him or not? I don't know, but I'm sure someone smart will figure it out
  13. No instances. This game will focus on PvP. For now, they shouldn't focus on PvP and keep PvE simple. PvE requires a lot of content and content takes time. I'd rather have well made pvp soon(ish), than a ton of quests, dungeons, and bosses never That being said, I think PvE will have an important role in Crowfall. First of all, players going into the wild for resources will have to fight other players, so pve enables pvp. Secondly, exploration will be an important part of the game and exploration is the very definition of pve. Fighting packs of wolfs and harsh environment while trying to find a gold vein in the undiscovered mountains could be fun. Thirdly, if mobs were migrating based on some conditions it could give people some more strategic options. Lastly, fighting a big boss and other groups of players at the same time surely sounds like fun All of this is based on the assumption that mobs will be powerful.
  14. Like he said. Heavy characters are also bigger and stronger. They are used to moving their big bodies. However, knight is slower than frostweaver, because he is only human and wears heavy armor. Small characters will probably have other advantages, like being hard to hit.
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