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  1. child

    guild page

    Just a suggestion to know who is online, maybe what zone they are in or what character/class they are on. also can add a self motto or note, such as : crafter necromancy.. or ex: gatherer quarrying. not to copy exactly but if anyone has played elder scrolls online will know what i am talking about just for guilds to be able to self organize
  2. ohh. okay haha, thank you. il check the free city now since the temple didnt have much of my wanting to offer
  3. hey all, new player here.. im curious about ek's and how they work? im trying to gear up (solo player atm) will be joining some friends soon though. problem is, all ek's say offline or locked. from what ive seen : a ) they need at least one player in the ek to stay online. basically what im getting at lmao : how do i join an ek to buy/trade gear? if all of them are offline or locked, been checking every hour or two to see if one opens all night but nothing so far. again, sorry for the post, just seeking out advice/help. appreciate you all and thanks < 3
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