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  1. The game is designed around many easy come and easy go drops especially from low rank mobs. I unfortunately have OCD and hording tendencies where I have to loot and collect everything. Given the large number of mobs we hunt, looting all these items is a pain. Reducing number of items but increasing value of the reduced quantity of trash items will be a welcome change.
  2. Summary of the broadcast?
  3. What tech is the 3D engine using? It's built on Unity. Is it DX12 or Vulkan implementation?
  4. I am wrapping up my current crop of games and will start CF as new player as soon as next patch hits. I don't have many specific. My impression is from Twitch and YouTube. It is possible game feels very different then it looks on video. Generic suggestions are: Tighten up hit box Tone down too much visual aid like ground marking indicating every enemy attack/aoe, visible hp bar on every enemy at any given time, etc. Tone things down that belongs more on a RTS game then on action target MMO. Diversity in spells so it is not just laser with different color. Cost of skills snd spell are felt so they are not spammed but carefully used. Proper resource management.
  5. Honestly this disheartening. Is this because it is pre alpha wip, engine limitations, or CW is doing on purpose? I am not looking for high skill ceiling game like Darkfall, but I also don't want to a snooze fest game. If game can't hold interest for first hour it won't last. We have seen this in retail wow and other watered down MMO that continues to experience decline. With 40 million people playing Overwatch, I think medium skill ceiling games are mainstream and we'll accepted these days. If they think a less skill game is the ticket to mass acceptance this strategy will backfire. I really hope final game will have higher skill ceiling than ESO and GW2.
  6. Which action target MMO has similar skill ceiling? How does it rank compared to mainstream games like ESO, GW2, Tera? I am interested in factors like twitchyness timing positioning environment awareness group coordination situational awareness The videos I am seeing it feels like a 1 or 2 button smashing.
  7. It will be wise to let the patch sit in live server with a short 2 weeks campaign before they open the incremental flood gate. Like the article mentioned public perception and expectation is identical between beta and release.
  8. My knowledge is very limited to what I see in Twitch. Apologize if this is already covered. Will there be any up scaling or down scaling of resources/mobs in EK, GR, Campaign based on active population? How is over abundance / scarcity is being handled in the game world with fluctuations of population?
  9. When looting mobs please close the loot window when all items have been looted. It feels unnatural to manually close the window or to move the char to close the window.
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