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  1. I wasn't taking NW seriously but this raw game play video I finding two thing I am liking that is lacking in Crowfall. Camera Angle : Take a note of the camera angle. It is not too far to have the RTS feeling or too close to be FPS. They may have found the sweet spot. Closer the camera, the more challenging the game play becomes. Difficulty : It is not just mindless button smashing (aka face roll). The hit boxes are tighter than Crowfall. The enemy is more than a punching bag. You don't take living for granted on every pull.
  2. Please give us an option to rotate the map where "North" is pointing to 12 o'clock and it is top down view. Keep the current view for those who likes it. Center on the character and remember the zoom level from last time map was open. While I enjoyed isometric and 90° tilt on games like X-Plane, Populus, City Skylines, and many RTS, I find it a complete torture to switch between Crowfall and other MMO I play that uses standard map. Somethings should be left alone and revolution is not needed. I am afraid map orientation is one of them.
  3. We are talking about looting mobs not player. On the same argument I will say if the it makes it easy for the player that killed the mob to loot than less likely it will get Ninja by another party.
  4. I think this whole "skill based" looting is an overkill. They should make the target hit boxes tighter, combat faster and more skill based combat. What we have is "harder to loot" mechanism, not allowing people from queuing 10 bandage/meatloaf to be crafted one click. All in the name of artificially/superfluous introducing risk where in reality it only contributes to adding frustration/tediousness.
  5. So there are passive training for Primary Track and Secondary track. Lets say my end goal is to become good at Combat and also be a Blacksmith. From day 1 should I and put all points towards attaining Combat and Black smith to reach the end goal as soon as possible? Or as a new player am I better off taking a more diverse training so I can craft some leatherworking, better harvesting tool, mining better quality items etc to get settled. Then after a month or so start specializing on Combat and Blacksmith? Are the drop from mobs and player vendor enough? On an ideal world I will be part of a large guild with many crafter who I can trade but this is just a question from playing solo.
  6. What are the crafting and exploration point everyone can benefit from spending to reduce dependency on commonly used things?
  7. I am a bit lost. Looting impacts 99% of the player base regardless of their play style. Not to mention this will be one of the first impression item. Is the risk associated to extra time player needs to loot? Instead of encouraging "fair" fight in PvP should it be about "sniping" someone as their are struggling to loot a PvE mob? If risk needs to be increased then make mobs harder. Make players inventory full loot when killed by others in PvP. Finally why design a loot system that contribute to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. It is adding medical risk to players well being. This is a big deal for me as I am an older audience and genuinely concern about needless repetitive stress injury.
  8. Full loot is a more organic solution. If that is too hardcore for CF audience, then anything looted at the time of death - 15 min remains lootable by opponent.
  9. Priority or not is different topic. Would apricate if topic at hand are discussed and not derailed.
  10. Forcing players to click doesn't solve any problem. Essentially those with bad intention and tech savvy will just write a mouse script and will auto loot one way or the other. Regular players will be in a disadvantage. Ninja looting, griefing in MMO has been solved by many previous game. I am grateful Crowfall brings many innovation to the genere but not learning from previous MMO is not wise either.
  11. I am talking about PvE loot only. Not PvP.
  12. I came back with this new patch and so far loving a lot of new changes. Getting rid of the survival tray was brilliant idea. However the looting system is still same. It feel very clunky in a action fps oriented game to stop, click so many times to loot from each mobs. I understand the looting system is designed to discourage 'bots' but it ruining the game for me. Please consider adding shift + loot = "auto loot everything" to reduce number of mouse clicks.
  13. Smart heal or "oh sht emergency" heal can be smart heal but with a long cool down. Other heal should require situation awareness and aim. The game in general is not a very high skill based and in danger of becoming unchallenging and being repetitive .
  14. Ideally that is the sandbox philosophy however players needs some hint and direction at the beginning. One example I can think of is when you sell you real world house. The realtor will tell you that a staged house (furnished) sell much easier than an empty house. It helps the buyer picture how the house can be used. I reality when the buyer purchase the house they will rip out the carpet, repaint the wall and arrange the room differently. Sandbox is great but require maturity and build up. Most of the sandbox game never reached that point and goes to decline. Absolutely no issue for me to have introductory lore and quest that will help me know the game, build up the mood, and know the community. Once I have 100+ hours of game play, I will not need lore or quest . The training wheels can come off the bike. I will create my own stories.
  15. I voted yes because I love lore and help me connect with the game world better. However I wish the choices were worded better. https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/5-common-survey-mistakes-ruin-your-data/ It is worded as if saying no is somehow a bad thing.
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