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  1. that was my current plan I was just hoping for the best. thank you so much!!!
  2. hey guys is there a way to purchase/acquire more export tokens?
  3. Loving this game so far. super excited to see this come together and develop. A few things worth noting; tanky or sustain characters could really benefit from a taunt whether passive or active. I'm playing a confessor and my fiancé is a cleric but we have also tried a few other classes between us both. The issue we are finding is that even if he initiates combat the second I deal any sort of non basic damage I am immediately hard targeted. We have watched many early game play throughs and commentaries on the game before investing, one mentioned a problem with characters having too many activated buffs and not enough true activated spells. I find this to be both true and also false at the same time. the character you choose absolutely affects this though a lot of them do have a disproportionate buff to spell ratio in my opinion. this being said let me just say the mfing CRAFTING! can we all please just stop to praise the amazing execution of the entire crafting system to this point. im sure I will have hard opposition some where on this but jeeez do I LOVE it! skyrim and eso are some of my all time favorite games and I believe this system for crafting blows those out of the water. the availability of materials is even and doesn't lean on too easy or too hard to find or gather. the fact that the crafting talents are immediately available with out combat opens the game up to an entire group of gamers who many times go overlooked. the idea of needing recipes or talent points to craft is not new but the implementation itself is really great especially at this stage of the game. I'm bouncing around a bit but the enemies right now do have a lot of bugs and they do seem to be able to engage from an incredible distance which is mildly annoying but nothing that cant be adjusted to. a tutorial will really help since some of the system styles are very different from other games. the skill leveling and basic character leveling really light a fire for me though. the ability to use skill points to customize you abilities while also being able to use attributes leaves so much room for customization and character building its hard for me to imagine any one out there not being able to play in a way they can enjoy and that works for them. things im looking forward to seeing: MOUNTS- we invested in one of the larger game packages and I can not wait to see all the items that come with it in game. I'm unsure if this is the final art style that is planned or if its just the rough draft but I'm super excited to see what the mounts and future characters come together regardless. im also looking forward to trying out the pvp which we still haven't quite made it to. with all that in mind and fully understanding that this is a pvp based thrown war game it would seem that a pve focused threat mechanic would work in favor of the player. thanks so much to all the creative minds behind this game and the players who started and have continued the community and best wishes and continued support to the game as it grows.
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